UNITED: Understand Neighbors Integration Though European Dances

Fasano, Italy

16 - 24 of February 2016


We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in the Youth Exchange called UNITED: Understand Neighbors Integration Though European Dances coordinated by organization ASAP Europe.

 The exchange was attended by 40 young people from European 8 countries: Italy (Asap Europe), Lithuania (VsI "Jaunimo epicentras), Poland (Stowarzyszenie Młodzieżowych Inicjatyw Twórczych "CREATOR"), Greece (Interalia e Youth Horizons), Macedonia (Asocijacija za napredok, edukacija i lobiranje -PEL), Croatia (Civilna, edukativna i transparentna platforma - CET), Spain (AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta) and Romania (Asociatia SUPER TINERI -ASIRYS). The age was between 18 and 25 years old and most of them participated for the first time to a project under the Erasmus+ program.

The aim of the project was to support the mutual knowledge and understanding of the young participants about different cultures and the rich heritage of traditional dances existing in Europe. During the week, the participants were involved in group activities, energizers, role play and workshops according to the non-formal education principles, recommended by the European Commission. The focus of the exchange was dance meant as an instrument to break down prejudices and stereotypes and creating relationships among young people.


For more information visit: http://www.asapeurope.eu/en/news-archivie/item/173-youth-exchange-united-understand-neighbors-integration-through-european-dances.html

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    Marek (Monday, 14 March 2016 22:29)

    It was an honor to represent SMIT "CREATOR" during the project UNITED and be a participant of the Polish team. I am particularly happy that I got to meet Basia, our great team leader, and other participants - Adela, Asia and Justyna. Even though we have diverse personalities and we come from different backgrounds, we managed to create strong team which was really important as we had to work together to prepare a workshop and an intercultural evening.

    I would like to also pass my thanks to the organizers from ASAP who prepared a very good project. We spent a great deal of our time in a meeting room in a hotel, where most of the activities took place. Each country was supposed to prepare an intercultural evening and a 90-minute-long workshop. It was fun and educational to participate in intercultural evenings during which we in a way had a chance to taste different cultures through some activities, games and traditional food of the countries. A bigger deal during a project were the workshops. During workshops, we got immersed in different cultures through various ways, mostly dance.

    At this point of my report, I would like to describe briefly what the Polish team prepared. Thanks to good co-operation and creativity in our group, we got to prepare an interesting and captivating workshop. We played two games. In the first game, participants learned about the Polish symbols. In the second game, we took other
    participant to the Polish preschool. Aside from the games, we organized a short course of Polish slang greeting expressions and Polish phonotactics. In addition to that, we impersonated great and infamous characters from Polish history and performed a little drama during which one person was describing historical contexts. The key part of our workshop, nonetheless, was polonaise. We introduced other participants to the notion of Polish nobility and taught them how to how to dance polonaise. The capstone of our workshop was the performance of polonaise by all
    participants. Everything went really well.

    To conclude, I learned a lot about other cultures thanks to the project. I went back home being able to dance some moves of other European dances. I also met some nice people whom I want to stay in touch with. We really got "united" in the course of the project.

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    Justyna (Monday, 14 March 2016 22:31)

    Thanks to SMIT "CREATOR" I had a great opportunity to take part in Youth Exchange "UNITED - Understand Neighbors Integration Through European Dances". From 16 to 24th of February 40 participants from Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Spain and Italy stayed in a beautiful Italian town Fasano, discussing about social inclusion, stereotypes, sense of belonging, discovering our cultures and traditions, sharing national and regional dances. Every day I was looking forward to attend the new workshop and learn more about my European neighbors. The project was an unforgettable experience and occasion to meet inspiring people from different parts of Europe. It will stay in my mind for long.

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    Adela (Monday, 14 March 2016 22:32)

    Project called ,,UNITED” took place between 16th and 24th February 2016 in Fasano, Italy. During these eight days we tried to Understand Neighbors Integration Through the European Dances. Every day five people from one country were teaching us their national dance or dances. There were egiht workshops with dances from: Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Romania, Greece and Poland. Not only we danced, but also learnt each other cultures trough games, singing and, of course, talking in the free time. This project was also a chance to taste national specialities from each country during intercultural evenings. For me, UNITED was a great experience about diversity and chance to meet amazing people from different countries and living in various culture.

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