EVSimprinting: 365 days of community life

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy


SMIT "CREATOR" is happy to announce that our EVS volunteer started her service! “EVS: get inspiration for your future!” it’s a long term service project that take place in Cagliari (Italy) and involve 7 volunteers for 12 months coming from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Georgia and Latvia. Project is co-ordinated by TDM 2000.

EVSimprinting: 365 days of community life t’s a long term service project that take place in Cagliari (Italy) and involve 7 volunteer for 12 months service coming from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Georgia, and Latvia. The project promote ad support the importance of the cultural diversity, solidarity and youth information.

Through the activity ‘Impariamo le culture e la solidarietà’ the volunteers help pupils to understand better the diversity of the communities they are part of and the richness they can have with the discovering of the values and habits of other cultures and also the value of the solidarity being involved in a voluntary work discovering as well which is the profile and the action of voluntary work in Cagliari.

Though the activity ‘International summer week’ the volunteers support the organization to realize one of the most youth intercultural festival of the Mediterranean. The youth festival gather together more then 200 people from all over the world giving a huge impact in the intercultural dialogue among different culture, lifestyle and realities.

Through the activity ‘In-formazione: crea il tuo futuro reloaded' the volunteers support the organization in delivering information to young people about European opportunities in the field of international mobility and education through workshops and radio programmes. The projects aim to promote the developing of non-formal competencies and soft skills useful for the personal and professional future of young people.

With the 3 activities the project give a big impact in the local community and in the EVS volunteers that will get a lot of experience and new skills through the voluntarism and exchange with their peers in the hosting community and growing as a person in multicultural environment. The visibility done with multimedia tools and materials will be created during the project (for example #100volunteerdays account and hashtag) a international impact will be given especially among young people at local and international level.

My name is Milena, I'm 28 :) I live in Poznań and work as a graphic designer. I am creative, cheerful optimist with good taste of humor :)  I love traveling, good design, book and dance :) I'm addicted to music and sun. I am happy that I will soon be living in Italy, the sunny place with friendly people :D

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    Milena Kupś (Thursday, 29 October 2015 18:28)

    After Christmas is time for New Year's Eve! Winter has arrived and is surprisingly cold but still very sunny! During the holidays some of us wasn't here but on New Year's Eve we were again all volunteers together! We organized a little party, each of us prepared a dish from their own country so it was delicious! Carnival in Sardinia is amazing in many places held the traditional events, we went to Mamoiada. The carnival there is very interesting. There is parade with dressed men. They walk and along the city - from fire to fire ( in major parts of the city are big bonfires made specially for this event) dancing around. They are wearing two types of mask. One is Mamuthones with a black mask and clothes with fur and bells hanging in the back.), the other Issohadores (with white masks and red waistcoat they have also laces with which they capture young women as a sign for good luck, they captured also me!
    But besides fun I have also a lot of work.
    My task in this month related mainly to graphic design.
    I designed cover and graphic content for "The booklet on EU voting",
    The poster and logo for the campaign associated with the elections to the EU and the most important we finally finished religious calendar - taking into account the five major religions. Now I know a lot more about other religions and celebrate their holidays! You can download here:http://www.tdminternationallibrary.org/library/believe-in-tolerance-inter-religious-calendar-2014-15/

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    Milena Kupś (Thursday, 29 October 2015 18:29)

    Arrival training!
    This month was focus on the trip to Rimini on the Arrival training. Together with 60 other volunteers working in Italy were accommodation in a beautifully located hotel, by the sea. The trip was very intense, the day was filled with activities from morning to late evening. Every day we had Italian lessons also all the activities held every time in English and Italian. I feel that it helps me a lot with my Italian. During the training we had many various activities in groups about the importance of volunteerism, rules, group work and profits that we can achieve. At the end of each day were held "reflection group" where could we share our feelings and observations. Was also time for rest one day we organized a trip to the San Marino. We used the free afternoon and we went there together. It is beautiful and lovely place! Was a bit colder than in Sardinia and for the first time this year we saw the snow which made a big impression on some of the participants. (My flatmate from Indonesia saw snow for the first time!) Was very nice to see him so exited abou it! It was really nice time and I met so many amazing people! 
    It's not the end of nice events. This month to our group joined two volunteers from Venezuela - David and Walter. They live with me in the apartment. At the beginning we were worried about collaboration and communication because only one of them speaks English but after a few days we found the way to fix it  We already tasted traditional delicacies from Venezuela.
    About work… I took part in organizing youth exchange "Art. For social inclusion" for which I designed the promotional poster.

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    Milena Kupś (Thursday, 29 October 2015 18:30)

    The first two weeks of April I spent in Poland. I waited to back home but to my surprise after 2 weeks was glad to be back again to Sardegna to my second family! I was afraid that I will miss to much things!
    After returning, I started working for the school project. My job was to run the courses in the primary school, I prepared a presentation about Poland. It was a big challenge because all the lessons I ran in Italian. I trieid to show them a little culture, architecture and the season in Poland. Reactions kids were amazing, especially when at the end we tried to dance together Polonez and Krakowiak this part of the lesson brought a lot of smile. It's amazing when at the end of the course the kids come to thank you and cuddle up to you!
    It’s so beautiful here, the weather is wonderful already like during the summer in Poland!
    We started visiting the island, beautiful beaches that are still empty and you can see all their charm without the crowds of tourists. Beach season is already open for us!
    Is beautifully!

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    Milena Kupś (Thursday, 29 October 2015 18:31)

    In this month take place the final event of "School Project". Everybody worked hard to prepare an interesting summary of our previous presentations. Each of us tried to show a piece of his country in a different way: they were quizzes, performances, theater plays, national dances and songs. I decided to dance, of course, with the help of volunteers. Now everyone knows how to dance the Polonez! We also prepared short video about Multiculturalism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLfK8-Dzxss&feature=youtu.be
    EVS is not just a chance for us to get to know new people new culture but frequently is also an incentive for our friends and family to do something. My grandmother always wanted to fly the plane and my stay here has motivated her to finally do it! So in May I had a very nice visit. My grandparents and my mom arrived to visit me! We spent a few days in Sardinia and also we went all together for a small trip to Rome. The family was impressed about my Italian and how I improved my english that I could take care of them and we did not lost in the big Rome! It was one of my better trip!

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    Milena Kupś (Thursday, 29 October 2015 18:32)

    If you live and work with someone for a long period very often this person became not only your friend but also a part of the family. Our family Timavo (name of our street) had to say goodbye to one member, our youngest volunteer Astrid :( It gave us to think that our experience won’t not last forever and that we must use it as much as possible! Before Astrid departure we went together for a camping and sleep on the beach under the open sky (what she always wanted to do ) In Norway it is unfortunately impossible. It was amazing! Only we, the music, sea and lots of laughter! I will never forget as we were laying together looking at the stars ... singing Shimbalaie - our song. There wasn't too much time to be sad because after a few days we welcomed a new colleague Liene from Latvia  As veterans of EVS we tried our best to take care of her, we showed the city and of course we took her to the beach! We had also opportunity to go for very nice trip with fishing boat! Thanks to our friend Pako and http://tripandfeel.com/ ! It was amazing adventure, we saw the sunrise at sea, breathed fresh air and we had the opportunity to see fishermen at work or even help them!
    Life in Sardinia helps you for easy traveling around Italy. In June I decided to go to Sicily where I did my Erasmus and visit my friends, finally after 3 years! It was nice to back to the old memories of that time! I love Italy!
    The next month, once again TDM will organize tranning course: "Easy Transitions - Work in Progress" also now I had the opportunity to help by designing a poster for the event. This time, participants are going to be also from Poland! I can not wait to meet them.

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    Milena Kupś (Thursday, 29 October 2015 18:32)

    Crazy month! I think it was the most intense period here. We started from the TDM 15th birthday which we were celebrating all week! Every day held other activities. At the beginning we organized cleaning day in the areas around the beach. Then there was the day of sport, music, food, art during them we took part in bicycle tour, concert, workshop about Erasmus +, a football match, at the end theater play and final party. Right after that tranning course started. One day took place workshop about Key competences. I led Salsa dance classes (within key Cultural awareness and expression) In the meantime we started intensive preparations for the Summer Week! The biggest event organized for several years by TDM, if you want to know details, visit http://summerweeksardinia.com/ This year I was responsible for graphic design. I designed a logo, the T-shirts and the bags. Soon, all participants will wear my artwork and I am very proud of it. Now we all look forward to the summer Week!

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