I-COACH Intercultural Coaching for Youth Workers

Fasano, Italy



We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in the Training Course project called  I-COACH Intercultural Coaching for Youth Workers co-ordinated by ASAP Europe.

The training course "I-COACH Intercultural Coaching for Youth Workers " was an Erasmus+ - Key Action 1 – Mobility of youth workers project. There were 8 Erasmus Plus programme countries involved (Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Estonia) with 3 participants each.


The training’s main objective was to increase coaching competencies of youth workers who are working with youngsters with fewer opportunities or socially excluded. Active listening, asking the right question, giving and receiving feedback were some among concepts that we explored in our training. The training also aimed to give participants a better understanding of coaching compared with similar helping professions such as counselling, mentoring, advising, psychotherapy.


Objectives of this training were:

- To explore the concept of coaching and the differences with similar helping professions;

 - To provide concrete soft skill for young workers in order to act as multipliers in their organizations or communities;

- To develop young people’s practice in active listening and rephrasing and non-violent communication as a basic skill for a more effective communication;

- Train youth activists, leaders and youth workers how to ask the right questions to foster critical thinking in young people;

- Develop youth workers ability to formulate and receive feedback by managing emotions;

- Train youth workers on brining youth people towards action,  visualizing and setting the right goals;

- Train youth workers to  improve skills such as leadership, communication and decision-making;

 - Train youth workers to apply coaching skills in intercultural environments thought the concept of social inclusion;

- Create a peer group of young motivated and creative people that can act as multipliers in their organizations or communities


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    Alicja (Saturday, 05 March 2016 18:42)

    There is something special about Italy that makes you want to come back to this country over and over again. That’s why I was so happy to be back in September 2015 and visit the beautiful Puglia with a special purpose – taking part in a training course I-COACH about coaching. Even after almost 6 months the memories of it are still in my head.
    The workshops were very well prepared, designed and lead with care. That was my first adventure with coaching in such a professional form so I was trying to learn and observe as much as possible. Special thanks to Chiara for making us feel safe and secure about everything, we felt like we could ask for help whenever we needed it. I found out a lot about feedback, the power of active listening and even about my own personality type. The training made us act, think and analyse things that we haven’t even thought about before. I’ve already applied a lot of what I’ve learned in my everyday work in an NGO and the results are still visible. Masseria Narducci where we were staying is a family run place so we were treated like friends there and that made the project even more special. The organizers put an enormous amount of work and time into the project and we all felt welcome and relaxed. I’m really happy that we had time to visit Lecce and the seaside as well. And of course it wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people from Estonia, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Greece. I still keep in contact with some of them and I hope we’ll meet again sometime in the future.
    This was my very first project and an absolutely amazing experience, I came back home full of new positive energy and motivation that I still feel today looking at the pictures from the project.

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    Natalia (Saturday, 05 March 2016 18:43)

    Delicious cuisine, beautiful views, sandy beach and most of all wonderful people! Each of these things we had to chance to enjoy while being a participant of the training course "I-COACH Intercultural Coaching for Youth Workers". It was a short term youth exchange project taking place in Fasano, Italy. In the event there were participants from 8 countries: Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Estonia.
    Content part of this project was in really high level that’s why we could learn a lot. We’ve got session with experienced coach who prepared for us lots of activities, e.g. we could learn about DISC model, how to give and receive feedback or how to be an active listener. Everything was interactive, involved us to do more and more every day. It is worth to mention that the trainings about coaching are really expensive and here, we didn’t have to paid, just our motivation and open-minded was needed.
    Of course, it’s not just work ;) We’ve got also Tai-Chi session, free day which we could spend it in several ways and also one incredible day about non-formal education. It’s really hard to describe in few words this kind of event, but if you are reading this and want to feel this kind of atmosphere – just apply for another project ;) It’s more and more then you can imagine. You are going somewhere to learn about coaching and when you come back, you can realize that you have new knowledge not just about coaching, but also about people from various countries. You know the place where were you not as usual tourist just as a person who spend 7 incredible days living with these people and dancing as they to traditional music of Apulia. You come back with new friendship, lots of crazy pictures and unforgettable memories. It was definitely worth it ;)

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