Mapping Solidarity: Volunteering across continents


Costa Rica/Nepal/Indonesia


We are happy to announce that 6 of SMIT "CREATOR" members will be participating in the EVS project called Mapping Solidarity: Volunteering across continents co-ordinated by TDM 2000.

  Mapping Solidarity: Volunteering across continents  is a 22 months EVS project that involves 27 young volunteers from 6 Countries: Italy, Poland, Spain, Costa Rica, Nepal and Indonesia.

This project aims to enlarge the borders of solidarity and to reach 3 continents and 6 communities that will be positively affect by the exchange of volunteers bearers of different values. The close cooperation among volunteers and hosting organization through the implemented activities in the mentioned countries will empower the sense of solidarity in the volunteers and in the hosting communities. The wider cooperation among the project partners will increase and empower the capability of the non profit organization to build a global network of solidarity and common projects.

Environmental education, children support, multicultural awareness, cultural understanding, social communication are the themes and topic that links people, continents, volunteers, organizations.    

Our volunteers:

EVS volunteer in Costa Rica

Joanna says...


Hey there! My name is Asia and I am spontaneous, full of energy and always smiling girl from Opole. I have many passions. I like music, hiking, literature, science, sport but first of all I love travelling. Getting to know new cultures and traditions taught me a lot and made me even more open, tolerant and curious about world. As a psychologist I like to spend time with people and in future I would want to work with them in schools, hospitals or different types of organizations. Just right now one of my dream is coming true – I am going to Costa Rica as a volunteer. I am sure it will be time of my life!

EVS volunteer in Indonesia

Emilia says...


Hi guys !

My name is Emilia, im 23 y/o and i come from Wroclaw, Poland. Professionaly i work as a flight attendant but my real life is dance. I started dancing since i was 7 y/o and i been doin it until now. Its something more than a hobby or passion, its my life now. Besides im interested in travels, photography, cooking, and fashion :)

EVS volunteer in Indonesia

Natalia says...


My name is Natalia. I was born in Kepno, studied in Wroclaw and now I live in Warsaw. I love travelling, dogs sun and great food. When it comes to travel s - the father the better.  I value my free time and people with devoted to their passion. I fascinated by art - especially the one that involves important social issues. I love diving and other sports.

EVS volunteer in Nepal

Katarzyna says...


My name is Katarzyna, I live in Poland and I'm 25 years old. I come from very small village in Polish mountains, maybe that’s why I love hiking, spending time in the nature and after too much time in a big city I feel sick. Despite that, I survived in one of the biggest one in Poland for over six years, where I graduated from landscape architecture and I'm on my way to finish first degree of cultural studies. 
I'm vegetarian for a few years already and I do care about animals' rights. I'm mad about meeting new people and going to new places. I'd like to learn many languages, now the first on my list are French and Russian. I love theatre, books, listening to music. I value easy-going, reliable, simple, genuine, direct people who can enjoy life, talk and listen, these who I can learn from, who doesn't care about unimportant things and I try to be that way.

EVS volunteer in Nepal

Joanna says...


My name is Joanna, I was born in Gdynia, north of Poland. I’ve just finished my studies-piano, and  decided to look for some new challenges. That’s why I applied for theEuropean voluntary service.  Luckily I’ve been chosen to be a member of project called “Mapping Solidarity: Volunteering across continents” and now I hope that I’ll be able to be involved  in creating something meaningful. I’m passionate about music and I would like to share it. That’s why I want to organize some music activities for children who don’t have this opportunity. I’m also in love with travelling and getting  know new cultures.  A chance to be in new incredible country almost a year, makes me feel really happy and gives me a possibility to meet new people and new traditions. 

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Comments: 142
  • #1

    czasnawnetrza (Wednesday, 17 September 2014 15:48)

    Świetna inicjatywa!

  • #2

    Emilia Cendrowska (Monday, 17 November 2014 12:30)

    First month in Bali behind me !
    Travelin and sharing my passion is what i love the most. I had amazing opportunity to go for and EVS to Bali – Indonesia. This beautiful island charmed me since the day ONE... and now i let the adventure goin !!
    First week we had „ On arrival trening”. Getting to know eachother, all important informations about the culture, about health care, insurance, emergency calls, conflicts managment etc.. With the Jet Lag it was not that easy adapt but after 1 week everthing was just fine. Our HO took us for a Bali Day trip, which was so much fun !! We went to Ubut to the monkey forset, we went to see the rice fields, Gunung Kawi and Tirta Empul Temples. I saw so many amazing ans beautifull landscapes that before i could see only on TV or Interent. Since then i get amazed about this place.
    Time pass and the life gets more „ normal” but i dont think that there will be a day when i wont be suprised of something hehe. 2nd weekend there was big dance event called Raw Materials, this is when i meet a lot if people, and local dancers. The energy was so dope that i cant even explain that. I was a lil bit like a stranger and i feel like those people just let me in to their community, this feels really good. The week 3 i started to delivering my own project. I want to share my passion with the local kids. At the beggining this thing was so normal n random to me. Like in Europe everybody can join the dance school and everybody can basicly do what they want. But not here. After few weeks i started realising that teaching dancing is not the only thing i will do here. 'What's dope about hip hop, is that you can literally carry it with you anywhere and give it to others, passing on to them an energy and vibe, literally giving them a new way to express parts of themselves maybe they were not able to express before. Giving them a new language with which to speak'. So i hope to share with them my life n my passion.
    Feelin like on the mission here hehe... we'll see how it will go ;)

  • #3

    Joanna Jadczyk (Monday, 17 November 2014 12:57)

    One month ago I came to beautiful and full of harmony place - Playa Junquillal. It is located in north part of Costa Rica, in Guanacaste region. I am volunteer in Verdiazul Organization, within turtle conservation project. Thanks to work here I experienced a lot of incredible and unforgettable things. During night patrols I had occasion to see many different types of turtles. However the most exciting moment was when for the first time I met enormous leatherback turtle which can weight even more than 500 kilos. This species unfortunately is threatened with extinction, that's why protection of it is so important! Also the release of small turtles into the ocean is beautiful experience. We (me and other volunteers) always wish them good luck and hope that one day they will come back to Junquillal beach to make their nest.

    Since I have come here my life is full of harmony and good energy. Every day I meet new animals and I really feel like I am part of nature. In my leisure time I explore beautiful Guanacaste region. Last time I discovered amazing river in the middle of mango wood. It is ideal place to spend lazy hot Sunday afternoon. I also enjoy incredible sunsets. Walking on the beach in this time always makes me feel that I am in right moment in right place.

  • #4

    Maja Różyło (Sunday, 23 November 2014 20:10)

    Hi everybody! My first month in Costa Rica is over and is was definitely a month full of adventures. After arrival I had a week of training connected with an intensive Spanish language course. It was also the time when I met other EVS volunteers from Italy and France and tried to fight jet lag. After the week of preparation my actual work in ACI Costa Rica started. ACI is an NGO sending and receiving volunteers from all over the world and I work there as an outgoing coordinator’s assistant, which means I help volunteers from Costa Rica to travel abroad. Of course life is not all about work and I also managed to do some cool stuff here – I met a lot of really nice people, visited beautiful Samara beach and went white water rafting.

  • #5

    Natalia Wyrwińska (Tuesday, 25 November 2014)

    First month in Indonesia was really intensive. We all had to get used to the heat, crazy traffic, food, new people etc. It was all about getting to know the new environment where in which we going to live for next nine months.
    At the beginning of our stay in Indonesia, we had a llot of organisational meeting and activities. We vistied a lot o places where we going to organize some activities.
    When it comes to food, everyone was warning us that rice might be boring after a while. But you know what? It is not. I dont miss any of "my" food and even after a month of eating a rice everyday, it's still very ok. Although there was a lot of organisational job, we also tried to travel and explore as much as is possible. We went to Nusa Lembongan, Ubud, we visited amazing Hindu temple and what is more, we all are about and willing to see even more. I have my top list of Indonesian food like lotek, gado - gado, mie goreng, nasi campur and of course - pisang goreng The best place to eat this, is local "warung". And it is also a great place to practice Indonesian as people always ask where are from, what your name and where do you live. People here are great - they are all very interested in you and your history, very open and helpful. We also recieving a lot of support from Act Global and thanks to local volunteerssome situations - like renting a scooter - were a way easier.

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