Selfie jobs

Vavatsinia, Cyprus  


We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in the Youth Exchange project called Selfie jobs co-ordinated by One Terrene International.

Many young people are studying or just finished their studies and are now finding that there is no employment opportunities for them. Many young people start leaving their countries to go work in other countries but this is also becoming very competitive and employment opportunities are are becoming fewer. Our project will examine the job market in the various countries of the partnership and will also examine the education paths that young people follow to see how we can create jobs for ourselves, selfie Jobs. We will look at self employment and also different job opportunities and how young people can use their education and skills to get a a job. We will look at opportunities for young people to start their own businesses and also look at the risks involved in starting your own business. We will look at the different job markets to see which ones are looking for employees and how young people can develop their skills and their education or even modify their study paths to allow them to get these jobs. We hope that will cooperation we can help each other as young people to overcome the youth unemployment problems in out countries and to give the young people the knowledge on how to create their own job opportunities. If we can understand the different job market needs and use our education properly we can reduce youth unemployment in our countries. We will give more attention to helping young people star their own business and understand the risks involved in starting their own business. We will help to build entrepreneurial skills so that young people can be more successful in starting their own business.

Project presentation by Michał Wilgosz
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Project review by Hania Kasprowiak
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    Piotr Krauze (Sunday, 02 August 2015 20:23)

    The project took place in the beautiful mountains in central Cyprus from 5 to 13 May 2015 year. 8 participants, 4 women and 4 men between the ages of 18-30 years in time with the leader of several European countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Cyprus) came to teach each other. We discussed trends in science and the current market demand in our countries. Except to the many activities and games group we spent a lot of time talking about the emigration of its causes and consequences. Every day we had a chance to know the culture and traditions of another country. Common dances, games and traditional food led to deeper understanding. Interesting differences observed between things placed in your CV in different countries. Despite weak living conditions and nutrition,these few days I will be well remembered, and certainly I will use the knowledge gained there.

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    Katarzyna Wysocka (Sunday, 02 August 2015 20:26)

    I had a pleasure to be a participant of the project Selfie Jobs in Vavatsinia, in Cyprus. It took place on 5/05/2015-13/05/2015. It was a great experience to me. Not only was I happy because I visit new country, but also I learnt a lot. It was my first project and I cannot imagine better one.

    Each day we had a lot of training. We played team building games which were very
    challengeable. We realized who is the leader in our group. We noticed also that if the group too numerous, it is difficult to cooperate. There are so many ideas and it’s so difficult whose idea and solution is the best. I got to know about the platform EURES which is very helpful for people especially young to find a job or gain some experience. I didn’t know that there are so many possibilities which are offered to young people. People who are interested in entrepreneurship or set out their own business have a possibility to take part in program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. I believe that I will take advantage of this programme. In addition, the conditions were good. We slept together with 20 people in the room.
    We created a rules which each of the participant had to follow not to woke other people up when they come back later. There were many energizers which were very funny and energetic. We worked in groups most of time. One of the tasks was to create a film. My group had to record proper and improperly behaved situations during interview in the company. It was great experience! Each participant had to act in the film. Each person had their responsibilities and it showed that each person had other character and paid attention to other things.

    What’s more, I think that Cultural nights were awesome. Each country was involved
    and could presents their typical habits, traditions, cuisine and wonderful dances. We had five cultural night: Hungarian, Greek, Polish, Cyprus and Romanian. I found out a lot of from each night. I would like to visit especially Greece and Romania. There are so many interesting places to visit.
    For sure, I will go to another project organized by OTI. It was a great time and I want
    to repeat it! :)

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    Michal Wilgosz (Sunday, 02 August 2015 20:27)

    Project "Selfie Jobs" took place in Cyprus, Vavatsinia, on 05/05/2015 - 13/05/2015. We gather in the venue with people from Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Hungary. It was organized by OTI, on erasmus+ rules.
    The main topic of the project was entrepreneurship and about iniciative among young people. We were working everyday. Teamworking, teambuilding, self-paced activities, reflexion groups and energizers. We've examined europen markets, our chances to find a decent jobs, how to create competetive CV and simulate real-life business situations. It was all based on communication skills, listening to each other and expresion of asertive opinions. We've learned a lot about our cultures during the Cultural Nigths. Every country prepared food, presentations, dances and quizes about their countries. It was very interesting and inpiring for future travels.
    The project was great opportunity to practice English skills. Most participants were fluent, so talking ang chatting was very common and easy. But we've learned a lot of foreign words too!
    Our venue was in the mountain, so we spent a lot of our spare time on hiking. It was awesome, we were closer with friends after this adventures.
    The project was one of the best experiences I've had. We've learned a lot and had tons of fun. Perfect combination!

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    jobs in Nigeria (Thursday, 02 November 2017 15:18)

    Please share more like that.

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