It is mine

Vavatsinia, Cyprus  


We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in the Youth Exchange project called It is mine co-ordinated by One Terrene International.

Culture takes up many forms, but the most important element of any culture is how it defines us as people.  We often forget what our culture is or even how it has influenced our lives, in many cases we even adopt other cultures into our lives and make them our own.   Culture has often been the bases of stereotype creations or even conflicts.  We often hear discriminating comments based on cultural differences or because of some customs or traditions we saw in another country.  Our project will explore the roots of our different cultures and even those of other countries not involved in our project and discover what makes up our culture.  We will learn from each other and we will share our culture with our friends in every form possible from food to art and through this sharing we will discover just how much we have in common and how understanding and sharing can result in a more unified EU.  The project will look at the effects of globalisation on our cultures and how we as youth are influenced by different cultural aspects.  How young people preserve their culture and we will question why our culture is important to us and why it is important for Europe to respect the individual cultures of its member states and its people.  We believe that by analysing our cultures and especially the roots of our cultures we will learn how our cultures were influenced by each other and although we have differences, our similarities are much greater than our differences. 

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    Gabriela Wieliczko (Monday, 15 June 2015 11:21)

    "Is it mine?" , Erasmus+ youth exchange, took place in Cyprus, Vavatsinia between 15th and 23rd of April. Seven countries(Poland, Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Croatia) participated in exchange. The main idea of the project was to see the similarities and differences between cultures and also to find out how we can learn from each other. During the project we took part in variety of activities such as simulations, meeting games, work in groups, which made us more aware of our indentities. All of the participating countires had a chance to present their own culture during cultural nights . We also did some sightseeing of Cyprus.
    The main advantage of this exchange for me is that I'm more aware of my own culture and i learned some ways to promote it.

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    Agnieszka Schwabe (Monday, 15 June 2015 11:23)

    Between 15th and 23th April I took part as a participant in Erasmus + youth exchange called "Is it mine?" which was organized in Vavatsinia, Cyprus by Terrene International. Participants came from seven countries: Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Greece. Main aim of that exchange was to explore our own cultures, see the similarities between them and try to find how it
    defines us.

    During that youth exchange we were using non-formal education, which was mostly workshops, role playing simulations and many more.
    We had a chance to explore beautiful mountainious part of Cyprus as well as the seaside, taste delicious cuisine and see their traditions.

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    Agata Konopka (Monday, 15 June 2015 11:24)

    Between 15th and 23th of April I took part in Erasmus + youth exchange, called "Is it mine?", organized by One Terrene International in Vavatsinia, Cyprus. The project gathered participants and leaders from seven countries: Poland, Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Croatia.
    Main objectives of this exchange were to explore the roots of our culture and try to explain how it defines us as people. We were trying to compare elements of our cultures, discover from where it came to our countries and find some similarities in our customs and traditions.
    During this youth exchange we were using mostly non-formal methods of education, including simulations, group workshops, role-playing, debates and a lot of outdoor activities. We also had a chance to explore Cyprus a little bit, see its culture and amazing cuisine.

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    Justyna Majchrowicz (Monday, 15 June 2015 11:26)

    ‘Is it mine?’ was a Erasmus + Project organized by OTI International, which took place in Cyprus, Vavatsinia. During this event participants from european countries: Poland, Cyprys, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Hungary had to discuss some aspects connected with culture and the way that each of them understands and perceives it.
    The main point of tasks was the attempt to find similarities and differences between tradition of participant’s countries.
    During the project we had a chance to get to know, how our national cultural aspects are perceived in other european countries. We had the opportunity to compare the two points of view and make some interesting conclusions.
    Throughout tasks connected with inventing the international product we had a chance to come to know get to know the things that participants are proud of in their own countries.

    Thanks to the tasks held in bigger groups we had an opportunity to improve our abilities to communicate with other people in order to reach our common aim.

    I was amazed by the cutural evenings, in which every participant country had to prepare a short presentation about their culture, tradition and history. In the end everyone ha had an opportunity to taste specialities from traditional cuisine of every country.
    What engraved on my memory so much were the people that I got to know during the project and breathtaking views in Cyprus mountains.

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    Maciej Niezgoda (Saturday, 20 June 2015 00:48)

    There is not better way to find out that not everything what is mine is the best than taking part in international youth exchange. When many people from different countries gather together to disscuss about cultural topics you get to know lots of things that you would know if you stay at home. It's not only about knowing new people and having fun together, it's also about making your mind more open and your eyes seeing more. That's way everybody should take part in such exchange!