Put it on the map

Metlika, Slovenia


We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in the Youth Exchange project called  Put it on the map co-ordinated by Kulturno umetniško društvo Plac, KUD Plac.

Put it on the map is a multilateral, international youth exchange held between 11-19 April 2015 in Metlika, Slovenia. 36 youngsters with fewer opportunities, creative artists, designers, painters, youth workers, unemployed young people from Portugal, Poland, Romania, Former Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia will have a great chance to create a unique artistic city map, and point out local companies and their products with the main goal of raising the awareness of local producers, farmers and small self - sustainable communities. This youth exchange is responding to youth needs due to difficult economic conditions in the participating countries and their will to improve self employment with developing skills and competences.

Main objectives of the project is to raise awareness about a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship that helps to increase peoples' possiblities for employment in the competitive labor market. To underline those entrepreneurial skills can also help young people adapt to other career paths and to inter-cultural working environment, especially with nowadays high migration rate in Europe. With creating this unique map, participants will increase awareness of inter-cultural dialogue and a free exchange of European values among youth.

During a whole week various and challenging activities of non-formal education methods and tools will be used. 36 youth workers and volunteers coming from 6 different European countries will learn how to launch their own business ideas by getting different entrepreneurial skills and practical knowledge. As an example of a "start-up" participants will learn how to make by themselves a city map using different materials, techniques, design methods which are going to be used in the creation of the city map, which will point out local craft-makers and their products. With creating this map they will gain very valuable and appreciated knowledge on how to start up their own business, step by step, as they will have to communicate with local producers, farmers and business owners.


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    Natasza Nowakowska (Tuesday, 14 July 2015 12:39)

    What brought 36 youth leaders, volunteers and trainers from Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia and Portugal to small, however picturesque town Metlika? We just arrived and we „Put on the map”. The project was about puting on the map local products of Slovenia to make them recognizable and easy to find for tourists. Together we spent 8 amazing days working, knowing each other, tasting local specialities and mainly working on promotion of the project.
    It was obvious from the beginning what outcome we can expect, however we didn't know that results would be that amazing. During the first day we played team-building games, tried to remember each other names and general get to know other people. On the second day we got familiar with producers of local specialties, getting to know the neighborhood, felt how it is to live in Metlika. From the third day we separated into teams: photo team, commercial team, data searching team, promo team, presentation team and graphic team. Even though from the beginning it seemed like we don’t have any ideas, suddenly after brain-storm we came up with many of them. I worked in commercial team with Agnieszka and Bogdan. I was heading towards a new challenge, because I’ve never tried to shoot commercial before. We planned everything from the scratch, filmed it, shoot it and edited it. The final outcome was unforgettable. On the last day we had our results presented in front of Metlika authorities.
    I can definitely say that I’ve learnt a lot during this project and I know that results of my work will still remain in Metlika way longer than I thought.

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    Iga Sobańska (Tuesday, 14 July 2015 12:40)

    SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a ,,Put it on the map’’ project coordinated by Rudi from KUD PLAC and held in a small, but very picturesque village, Metlika in Slovenia.
    Project "Put it on the map" was an 9 days youth exchange held in Metlika, Slovenia. Project gathered almost 40 young people, youth workers and leaders from 6 European countries: Macedonia, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Portugal. The main objects of the project were to raise awareness about a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship that helps to increase peoples' possibilities for employment in the competitive labor market. Our goal was also to create an unique city map, point out local companies and their products with the idea of raising awareness of local producers. All activities were conducted with usage of non-formal education methods and tools.

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    Joanna Wasik (Tuesday, 14 July 2015 12:40)

    Project „Put it on the map” placed in a small city in Slovenia- Metlika was a great chance to create something as well useful and fun for the city. Groups of young people from Poland, Romania, Portugal, Serbia, Macedonia and Slovenia for more than a week were making a map to help promote local producers and Metlika itself. After meeting each other and dividing ourselves in groups, we worked, laughed and helped each other to bring this project to life. Everything was well organized, we actually met local producers and tried the products, it was very helpful to see the meaning of the project. Exchange in Metlika helped to start something great, this map, which can be updating all the time. What is great about this particular project that it didn’t end after we left Slovenia. It will be a long, non stopping process which can be very useful for the city and its citizens.

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    Łukasz Starakiewicz (Tuesday, 14 July 2015 12:41)

    Exchange in Metlika, SLovenia has been amazing and one of a kind experience - I have never before seen so many various personalities and cultures in one place, working and living together, focusing on a revolutionary idea, tackling various problems and more importantly – creating something very practical and useful for local community. Once trying to solve those issues, we’ve learned even more about ourselves, both in terms of career and personal development. I have experienced huge boost in IT skills, teamwork, cultural awareness, widely understood soft skills and moreover it has let me put my life path in wider perspective, find and see another exciting possibilities that it offers. It hasn’t been just a next step in my career. It has been a huge leap forward, with stunning progress in almost all aspects of life. I have been lucky to enjoy this purest and the most genuine form of non-formal education.

    We have been learning not only by attending fascinating, diversified workshops, excursions to cities and countryside of Slovenia, but also during exciting cultural evening taking everyone on a magical trips through a handful of different countries across Europe and their customs.