Crossing Paths On The Road To Employability


Cagliari, Italy/Kraków, Poland


We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR"  our project of Youth Mobility Workers called Crossing Paths On The Road To Employability has been approved.

In today’s Europe youth struggle with many problems. One of them is unemployment, what have considered the most important one. According to Eurostat youth unemployment rate in the EU-27 was more than double the overall unemployment rate in 2012. At 22.8 %, more than one out of every five young persons in the labor force was not employed, but looking and available for a job. Therefore with the project “Crossing paths on the road to employability” we have enhanced youth entrepreneurial competences and face youth unemployment by increasing capacities of SMIT “CREATOR” and TDM 2000. We aimed at addressing the youth unemployment issue both in Italy and Poland by developing innovative youth led initiatives within non-formal education methodology that could help strengthening the entrepreneurial competences of the young people thus ensuring the sustainable future perspectives for the young people involved and strengthening the capacities of the organizations and the youth workers involved in addressing more effectively the needs of the unemployed young people. An exchange have last 6 months and involved youth worker from Poland and Italy where together with local staff members they have implemented several activities. The project was organized on 2 levels: learning new competences, experience sharing and best practice exchange among the youth workers in (1) the office based setting and (2) directly in the field, while implementing the activities foreseen in the framework of this project. With the project we intended to have a compelling outreach, grasping a sound number of young people, both in Italy and in Poland. The outcomes include: an enriched profile for the involved youth workers; the development of new youth projects and initiatives; the successful incorporation of youth issues in local and international youth policies; a new set of partnerships for international youth work last but not least a larger involvement of young people in public life.

Youth worker from Italy

Gianluca Massimiliano Frongia

He is president and founder of Associazione TDM 2000, he developed local and international activities within European, National and Regional Programmes, together with the board and the group of local volunteers of the organization.

Nowadays he’s expert in the field of entrepreneurship and social responsibility, project writing and management, financial management, mobility programmes and youth participation, non-formal education and recognition of non-formal competencies.

Youth worker from Poland

Anna Pieczątkowska


As president and founder of SMIT "CREATOR", she develops local and international activities within European, National and Regional Programmes, together with the board and the group of local volunteers of the organization. She have been working with and for youth since 2003, she is organizational psychologist, working as non-formal education trainer, mentor and coach for youth. She is expert in the field of entrepreneurship, mobility programmes, NGO and cross culture management.

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