Your Body and Spirit are the corner stones of European Society

Bant, Netherlands 



We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in the Training Course project called Your Body and Spirit are the corner stones of European Society co-ordinated  Rock Solid Organization. 

This is a training course we wrote before and  after some discussions with NA we agreed i would apply again for the first deadline of Erasmus+ as a training course, it will be held in The Netherlands in Bant. There will be 12 partner promoters from programme countries with each 3 participants and two trainers and one facilitator, so in total 39, the number of program days will be 9. the participating countries are the Netherlands, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

We decided to prepare a training course “Your Body and Spirit...”  to introduce youth leaders and youth workers to different types of non formal learning connected to sports and a healthy life style. because you can not carry out The whole training course by just "doing sports" together. We will play different types of activities and after each activity we will find out the methods, when it is good to use it, why to use it, who is the appropriate target group, etc.  So we can help the participants to discover the possibilities in teaching youngsters about how to live a healthy life. Next to that its very important to stress out to the partners that its very important to try to include all kind of vulnerable groups and youngsters, and if you give it a little more attention it is in reality not that difficult to do it.

We think that game and leisure or doing sports should always be part of our life, to underline the importance of the leisure in combination with leading a healthy lifestyle in everyday life and in the learning. In preparing this training course, we found ourselves in some little stress, while deciding which activities (games) would be appropriate in this for us new kind of training course with topics we did not address before (besides the EU citizenship and inclusion of course) . Results of training course will be prepared in brochure form which will include different types of activities and methodology which you could use specifically maybe in sport clubs and competitions. The brochure will be distributed to all the participants in English. A version will be given to each partner in electronic support. The aim of this electronic format is t give to each partner the possibility to translate the book in their own language so that it could be used also at local level. The brochure will be available also to other organizations and all those will be interested from our and from our partners web sites. if it is what we like it to be we will also present this to salto and Erasmus+.

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    Aleksandra Pawlak (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 16:00)

    "Your Body and Spirit are the cornerstones of the European society” TC project, conducted in the Dutch province of Bant, was a wonderful multicultural experience. A great combination of educational and recreational activities allowed us not only to obtain practical knowledge and skills but also helped us to get to know each other well. Thanks to national and cultural differences we were able to learn about needs and backgrounds of others, what helped us during our activities. 12 European countries participated in the project: Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Turkey.
    Educational workshops, cultural evenings and other group activities were well-prepared and interesting. During our workshops we were able to learn how to prepare and successfully conduct youth projects. Highly experienced Dutch organization inspired us and helped us to understand the spirit of youth work.
    I am glad I was able to participate in this project. Thanks to this experience I got the possibility to understand what and how important the youth work is. I have also met many wonderful people, whom I am sure I will never forget.

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    Damian Bednarczyk (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 16:00)

    The number of participants of training course was 39 in total from 12 country in Europe , including 2 trainers. There was 4 intercultural evenings: in that evening 2 countries was present their organisation and their country, but also taught us something interactive, like a song or a dance and a table with some drinks and food. Each day one country cooked a special meal of their country. Every country prepared a small presentation about their organisation and their wishes for cooperation for the future. The participants also prepared a short presentation/description of the situation in their country concerning Sports and healthy life style in their country. The organizer take us to the Amsterdam what was a really nice surprise for us. We spend in Netherland 10 days with group of awesome people. But we also have a contact after the training course.
    I enjoyed being part of of international non-formal learning experience

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    Agata Papież (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 16:02)

    Between September 5th and 15th in Bant (Netherlands) Training Course titled „Your body and spirit are the corner stones of European society” took place. 36 people from 12 European countries had very nice time at beautiful countryside. We exchanged our experience during workshops and discussions. We saw that There are many diffrences in our cultures but when we talked about sport and healthy life style we are fairly similiar. Apart from talking about main subject we were able to sightsee, so we spent one wonderful day in Amsterdam and another in Giethoorn. This small willage is called The Dutch Venice and we felt there like in fairytale.
    That was my first project with Erasmus+ so I feel very lucky that I met such awesome people and I spent two weeks in such beautiful and friendly country as Netherlands. And I am sure that it was not my last time.