One 4 All – All 4 One

SMIT "CREATOR" is happy to announce that our second EVS volunteer started her service! “One 4 All – All 4 One” it’s a long term service project that take place in Jelgava (Latvia) and involve 2 volunteers for 12 months coming from Georgia and Poland. Project is co-ordinated by Junda.

Project is realized in Jelgava city (64 000 inhabitants; located 45 km from the capital of Latvia). It is a project of an individual EVS program for each participant, based on the participant`s profile and interests. Project takes place from September 2013 till September 2014 at Jelgava city children and youth centre “Junda”.


The aim of the project is to introduce Jelgava city youngsters with non-formal education activities by informing them about EU offered opportunities and creating acquisitive project environment with EVS project participants. Two volunteers are hosted simultaneously. One from Youth Association “Droni” (Georgia) and the other from Stowarzyszenie Młodzieżowych Inicjatyw Twórczych "CREATOR" (Poland).


Volunteers work in our centre closely with the workshop teachers by assisting the activities in studios of automodelism, creative and paper workshops. They will participate in the daily routine of our summer camp “Lediņi”, which takes place for 3 months during summer.

Volunteers provide interactive workshops at schools of Jelgava, with the focus on self initiated activities about own culture, EU opportunities and non-formal education.


Methods of work in the project “One 4 All – All 4 One”:

- workshops;

- brainstorming;

- outdoor activities;

- discussions;

- mentoring/coaching (self directed learning);

- culture sessions (narrative approach);

- socializing activities;


- initiatives/projects (strengths based leadership).


Anna says...


Silesian, profession: surveyor, passion: to organize trips - usually on her own - oriented to the mountains and locals flavors. She is fascinated by Kusturica's movies, doesn't despise the good literature - especially adventure and reportage. For her 'love' of caraway she decided to spend part of her life in Latvia within the EVS program. What and where will be next - time will tell.

Anna Zemanek and her EVS experience in Latvia. For more details please check her blog:

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    Anna Zemanek (Monday, 03 February 2014 16:04)

    The first month here in Jelgava passed very quickly I can even said that too quick. I’m here to participate in project “One 4 All – All 4 One” in Youth Centre Junda. Junda is a place where children meet after school and can spend their free time doing developing them things – like singing, dancing, playing instruments or making something useful of different materials. During my first week I tried most of them – I made a toy of wood, ceramics flower, picture of glass. My job here is to assist teachers during classes. I chose two of them: paper and creativity workshop. My second task is presentations at schools about EVS and Erasmus+ with second volunteer – Beqa from Georgia. During breaks we show movies about Erasmus+ and our countries, make competitions and, of course, talk about our program. But last week we had a ‘big’ presentation on this topic for about 35 pupils. It was a little stressful for me but we made it! Also I took part in the celebration Grandparents Day with Polish community here in Jelgava. Time will show how we can cooperate!

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    Anna Zemanek (Thursday, 27 February 2014 14:50)

    Next month almost passed. On Friday I start my on-arrival training. But first – what happened during February. We had less presentations but there were for bigger audience. We were even in countryside in Zebrene to show our cultures. We spent amazing time there. They were very interested in and weren’t afraid of taking part in presentation and games. Since this month I live in students dormitory on the floor with Erasmus students – so another possibility to cultural exchanges J. This month I also travelled a little around – I was by the sea (or even on the sea – because sea was frozen) and in the Ethnographic Open-air Museum of Latvia where was an event called ‘Meteņi’ – the ancient Latvians celebrate the passing of winter and start preparing of the coming of spring. People wear masks, sing, dance, wish well and start to awake the earth. In Junda we also celebrated Valentine’s Day – children collected letters (J,U,N,D,A) by doing things in different classes: bookmarks, butterflies with lollipop, hairbands – of course everything with hearts and red colour. They also took a photo in heart frame. And in this way I spent next month...

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    Anna Zemanek (Monday, 31 March 2014 13:06)

    I’m after my on-arrival training (finally;) ) – it was amazing! Another volunteers, trainers, exercises – all together made our time unforgettable! I hope that we made a really good friendships. But, of course, during this time we also learnt more about our EVS – how this machine works, youthpass and built stronger relationship with mentor J. It was also quite ‘busy’ month – spring break in schools, small event for women’s day and my trips. Youth Club for Women’s Day made some tulips and then boys were spreading them around Junda. Spring break in Junda called ‘Brīblaika akcija!’ – time when computer is turned off and phone silent. I participated only in two days – excursion to Jelgavas Tipogrāfija (print house) and Smurfit Kappa Baltic (paper boxes factory) and experimental day in Lediņi. For children the best was ‘contact with science and chemistry’. For me also – see fire on hand it was pretty cool. Also with Youth Club I took part in a kind of ‘exchange’ - youngsters from Ieceva come to Lediņi – we played in orientation game, presented our Clubs and spent nice time together. I also travelled – almost each weekend something happend – Tallin, Helsinki, Tukums or only one-day-trip in Riga. I feel really good here! J

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    Anna Zemanek (Tuesday, 06 May 2014 19:17)

    It’s almost impossible how quick time is going! And finally we have spring in Latvia! Everything is getting green and blooming. I try to use my time as good as possible. So in April were: NeKonference, ‘open-doors’ in Junda, trip to Vilnus, Rēzekne, folk dances’ show, Easter time, Flying Fish Festival in Kuldīga. During NeKonference with Beqa we presented, like always, our countries but more important were practical information about EVS. All topics where related with professions, high education or talents. In the same time in Junda there were ‘open-doors’ – an event when parents can see what children make during whole year there. In each class was voting for the best work – and in the end of day these works got prizes. I also met with tradition – folk dances presented by few groups (dances and dresses were amazing!), Latvian way to celebrate Easter (painting eggs, rolling competitions, traditional market) and Flying Fish Festival (sea stories, songs and fish soup). And I have to mention about my Latvian – I really try to do my best and I can say that I start to understand it J But now is time to big break (5! days)…

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    Anna Zemanek (Sunday, 01 June 2014 11:32)

    May just went away – here in Latvia wasn’t so busy month at the beginning... 1st - 5th May were free days so I spend this time on trip by the sea shore. Whole month took place normal workshops but we have also some extra activities for example - presentation during celebration European Day – with other EVS around Jelgava. The most important events took place at the end of month. In Jelgava there were like City Days – some festivals, parade. We participated in ‘Sarmas ielas svētki’, the Jelgavas walk, parade. By the first we – Beqa and me - had a tent where children could write their names in Georgian and made puzzles with polish cartoon. In the second – we – Junda – wearing in dress code style, hats and special balloons in hands – were Junda’s fans. Also the end of May is the end of school year – so on the last Saturday we made ‘closing’ and ‘opening’ in one time event – closing of school year – opening of summer camp. With Beqa we had a ‘check-point’ during orientation game. Now another free week is coming ;)!

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    Anna Zemanek (Monday, 30 June 2014 09:01)

    June... in most countries on the north part of earth is summer but not here... everyone is waiting for better weather. In Junda we have summer camp-we provide some activities for children (6-12years old from 9am till 6pm) in Lediņi. In the first part of the day we organize workshops,later some sports competitions and we give also possibility to do what kids want in free time. But in June I had 2 free weeks-so I visit Sigulda, Rēzekne and Estonian islands-Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. We also celebrate the shortest night (Līgo) in very traditional way-it was amazing! With youngsters from Lithuania, Croatia and Turkey, I spent one day countryside - we learnt how to make bread, we played traditional latvian games and their ones. Now I'm waiting for my midterm training!

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    Anna Zemanek (Tuesday, 29 July 2014 19:36)

    It was really busy month – each work day I was in our camp, each weekend I tried to spend active, I had my mid-term meeting and this week (28th July – 3rd August) I went to Dzirnieki for another camp. I started the month of mid-term meeting – it was really nice to meet one more time some volunteers from on-arrival training and new ones. We spent good time to solve our problems, re-motivated ourselves and just have fun. In the camp in Lediņi not many things has changed – only new kids, new teachers and new ideas in workshops. We had also the famous policists – Inspectors Cat and Beaver. And my ‘new’ camp seems to be a little different then that in Junda but I can also say that already I like it. Here we will be talking and doing exercises associated with travelling to countries – also to Poland. Finally I managed to visit Rundale Palace! It’s so beautiful (inside and outside) that I’m not surprised it was many people there. And still I’m discovering new places in Riga which are really worth to see. And now let’s start the last month of my EVS!

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    Anna Zemanek (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 16:57)

    Last month – last two weeks of the camp, last few days in Latvia... Probably the weather is also crying that we (many volunteers) are leaving this country – it’s getting cold and rainy... But what I’ve done during that time: with one girl we provided main activities in the camp by the last week (we are the best fans of Lediņi – this was the topic of the week), I’ve been in Tartu (town of good thoughts) and Tallinn (once again – but more for relax than for sightseeing) and I took part in camp with my friend from Georgia (camp was organized by her host organization - Klubs "Maja" from Riga) – where we promoted EVS idea and our countries. Now the last week I make my final reports, say “see you” to friends and start to pack to home...