Volunteering worth spreading

Agros, Cyprus

28.05 -3.06.2014

We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in the Youth Exchange project called Volunteering worth spreading  co-ordinated by YEU Cyprus.

The project “Volunteering worth spreading!” is a training course which will involve 21 participants from 7 European countries; Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Greece. The training course will take place in Cyprus, Agros Village. It aims to empower youth workers to spreadvolunteering as a means of social cohesion and access to labour market.


Europe is currently shaking because of the high rate of unemployment, especially among youth. Unemployment, in combination with financial crisis, inevitably leads to social instability, human rights violation and discrimination. In this context the sense of volunteering is worth to be spread as a means to support social cohesion, inclusion and sustainability. Volunteering is also worth to be spread because it is a self-development process in which volunteersacquire competences that eventually facilitate their transition to labour market. Non-governmental organizations and particularly youth workers can play a significant role in this process by underlining to youth they work with, the importance of volunteering and by motivating them to become volunteers. The training course “Volunteering worth spreading!” will provide youth workers with tools which develop young people’s self –awareness and self-development, an important element before choosing a voluntary program. It will also equip them with methods to motivate youth to become volunteers. It is expected that by empowering the youth workers the idea of volunteering will be promoted among youth and thus, the impact on social cohesion and personal/proffessional development of the youth will be strong



The specific objectives of the training are:


To underline the importance of volunteering as a means for social cohesion and transition to labour market

To provide youth workers with tools with which they can develop self -awareness/self-development of the youth

To equip youth workers with instruments that will motivate youth to become volunteers.

Become active citizens and think wider than themselves

Experience a multi-cultural and diverse environment

Become multipliers of the outcomes of this training course and use it as a means of promoting active citizenship

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    Magdalena Szykor (Monday, 11 August 2014 13:40)

    At the turn of May and June I took part in training course in Pedoulas, Cyprus, called: ‘Volunteering worth spreading’. The neighborhood of the highest mountain in Cyprus was a perfect place for training. Together with youth workers from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia and Greece we were expanding our knowledge about volunteering.

    Through many different activities, we were working on achieving common goals that were to get to know tools with which we can develop self awareness and awareness of youth about volunteering, to get to know instruments that will motivate youth to become volunteers and to share good practices from our experience.

    During training we had a lot of discussions about volunteering, , and different perspectives of it, workshops about creativity and breaking stereotypes, we had a chance to experience the world like never before (simulation with blindfolds) and also we tasted volunteering while helping local community. On the last day we also had a opportunity to perform our own activities and to take part in activities of others during Open Space.

    This training was a great opportunity to learn new things about projects and also about myself. I could share my experience with others and also other participants inspired me to develop and to stay active I the field of youth projects. I met a lot of creative people, established many new friendships and I hope it’s a beginning of a very fruitful partnership :)