Empowering Active Citizenship

25.02.2014 - 05.03.2014

Bakuriani, Georgia


We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in the Youth Exchange called  Empowering Active Citizenshiip co-ordinated by Youth Center of Georgia and held in Georgia, Bakuriani.

The EY “Empowering Active Citizenship” aims at young people’s participation in public life and in society and the development of European cooperation activities in the youth field. The theme of the YE is the European awareness and youth linked to media, developing effective communication, as the most basic need of the human race is to communicate, to the promotion of young people’s active citizenship in society, to increase social awareness in Youth and develop their concern towards society. During the project participants will exchange best practices and will have the opportunity to share their experience at European level, show previous campaigns they have participate and try to organize an international campaign on chosen issue by making a short movie that will be uploaded on Youtube and Facebook. The first day will hold a conference where participants will openly declare their concerns about the issue and will discuss possible solutions. A presentation will be given by the representative of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia and Children and Youth Development Fund who precisely focus on reviving active citizenship.

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    Mateusz Szoturma (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:42)

    I had always dreamt about visiting Georgia so when I heard about the youth exchange, which topic was connected with social activity, what I'm interested in, I was amazed and I applied on the project at once. Despite I felt that the project will probably be a great opportunity and that I will spend a great time there, I didn't know that it will be such an amazing adventure.
    First thing I should mention about is the fact that I met there a lot of amazing, original and active people. I had an opportunity to learn a lot about different countries and international politics - we spent much time on talking with Ukrainians about current situation in their country and with Georgians about the war they had few years ago with Russians. It is the main advantage of Youth Exchanges - this is an amazing way to broaden your horizons and knowledge about different nations. During the project we took part in various interesting activities, for instance spending time and playing with kids in children's home - it was very eye-opening experience. There was also time for entertainment like skiing, snowboarding or sledging. After the project we had one day for travelling before the flight back to Poland, so we went to the Caucasus what was an amazing adventure. After all we came back home with backpack full of memories.

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    Łukasz Majchrowicz (Tuesday, 15 April 2014)

    When I got the information from the SMIT-team that I have qualified to the project in Bakuriani, I was really excited, because it was supposed to be my first trip over the Black Sea. The facts that I knew about Georgian culture, habits and their citizens were very limited. Here and there could you have heard about Georgian hospitability and breathtaking Caucasian views. For the first time I have taken part in a youth exchange, when from all of participating countries Poland was the westernmost.
    As it occurred, it was the best one that I had ever participated in. The hosting organization (Youth center of Georgia) did their best to make us feel like home. The contact between the coordinators and participants was excellent, they were listening to any requests, advices and suggestions. The time for each activities and tasks was balanced really good. Thanks to well-though-out ‘team-building’ and ‘ice-breaking’ activities most of the people were integrated before the end of the first day. The atmosphere amongst participants was very friendly and open. From all of the activities, I especially liked the visit in the childhood shelter, where we have spent few hour on dancing, singing and playing various ‘energizers’. That visit was truly inspiring not only for those children, but also for me personally.
    The aspect that I would also like to point out, was the presence of the Ukrainian team. During our Youth in Action project the situation on the Ukraine kept getting worse and more difficult. The information that they were sharing with us were very important and significantly differed from the ones given by media. We have met the point of view of our peers; young people longing for freedom.
    The key-point of the project was creating a blog-entrance about the current problems concerning our countries and societies. That gave us a wide review of issues that we should be aware of in our everyday life. It also made me appreciate what do we have and look up to the future with courage and willing-to-act head.
    To sum up, the Georgian exchange fulfilled me with a lot of warm and positive energy, mostly thanks to a group of amazing and open-hearted people.

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    Szymon Powroźnik (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:43)

    The project titled„Empowering active citizenship” was a Youth Exchange undertaken within 1.1 of Youth in action Program. During the meeting in Bakuriani (Georgia), a group of 47 heavily involved young people coming from seven European countries: Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania, Moldova and Azerbaijan, created a platform of international communication. The subject of this project was closely related to the activities that all of us share. Majority of participants are members and volunteers in non-governmental organizations in their countries. One of the common aims during the project was to share our experiences and wonder how to encourage all citizens to be active in their society. We believe that this project can also accelerate the activity of young people because we have strong impact for them as a peer. In our mind it is high time for people to realize that there are so many options of spending free time productively. They should be given the opportunity to make choices. And all we wanted to do was to show them endless possibilities given for example by EU actions.
    Apart from workshops based on non-formal education we had also time for intercultural integration. On every evening we had an occasion to explore culture of each country. Our Polish team set other groups a target of excellence after we prepared for Polish culture evening something about sixty donuts and one hundred dumplings and many other goodies. For us it was great fun and we enjoyed that food competition.

    .....Even though I was a participant of many Youth in Action projects but this one was special and unique for me. I have never thought that it is possible to spend one of the best moments in my life with people that I met first time at the Airport before we set up from Poland. Now I know that SMIT CREATOR assemble people with positive energy !

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    Renata Cisek (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:44)

    Georgia - taking into consideration the rest of european countries,was the undisovered and secret land for me. Luckily now after spending there some time during the project I can sincerely say that I have never felt so much like at home and that georgian culture is absolutely amazing.
    All of this created just perfect atmosphere for cooperation and dialogue between participants. We faced not only with arranged tasks but also with current, real-life and serious situation in Ukraine. All of us, we were affected by this. Moreover we had an occasion to have clear desciption of events given by Ukrainian participants. We were trying to support them somehow - even though by words of consolation, understanding and willingness to listen to them. It was interesting to get to know how people there are trying to change their future. That was a real proof of active citizenship. At the same time, we showed that we can really do something good, that we have a power to create better world with tolerance and peace, where everyone is able to create space for themselves and in line with others.
    Project was full of different activities and me, personally really liked activity associated with visits in orphanage home and in local school. That was a good example how thanks to small steps we can change someone’s future. It was really inspiring, Normally we are not thinking about that, but I am more than sure that if actions like this would be organised more often then hope and support offered to them - would bear benefit in the future for them, for society, for the world.
    What is more that was interesting to see different key problems in each country. Again, it proved that although we have so much in common still there is still need to take particular care in order to understand specific cases.
    To sum up, this project gave me a lot of positive energy and willingess to do something, to change something - to be active. Georgia and people who I met there will always stay in my heart.

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    Ewa Kardasińska (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:44)

    From 25th of February to 5th of March I’ve participated in Youth exchange " Empowering Active Citizenship " in Bakuriani – Georgian moutain village. Participants came from Poland, Romania , Ukraine, Moldova , Azerbaijan, Turkey , Lithuania and Georgia of course . During first days we discussed about how we understand and what for us is the active citizenship and what problems in this field are in different countries. We were wondering what it means to be an active citizen , what characteristics should have the active citizen . What's more , each of us was able to present an idea how to encourage other young people to take active action . We considered why young people who have a lot of possibilities and paths informal education and personal development , don’t use it. In addition to group work and discussion, we also had time to integrate - intercultural and international. Every day took place a cultural evening where we could find out many interesting facts and try traditional food from other countries. Despite cultural differences we could feel the unity among the project participants , not only European unity , but also common goals , aspirations , dreams and so on.
    Another possibility , which offered exchange were tours around surroundings. We visited Borjomi - famous for excellent mineral waters and Rabati palace that was renovated two years ago.
    One day we had a chance to try Georgian ski slopes , for some it was the first time on skis , so for all of us it was an interesting experience .
    Very valuable was visit in children's home . During this visit we gave them toys and spent a nice afternoon with them .
    I’m sure that after this time spent together with such wonderful people, I came back with many experiences and with a lot of good memories . It was a great time , and I’m looking forward to my next visit to Georgia!

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