DEMOCRACY for the People by the People

22.03.2014 - 30.03.2014

Mazotos, Larnaca, Cyprus


We are happy to announce that SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in the Youth Democraticy project called Democracy for the People by the People co-ordinated by Nautilus Sar and held in Cyprus.

Democracy and especially European Democracy is a term thrown around so often today but how many people really understand the democratic process? In our experience with youth exchanges we see that young people know the term democracy but know very little about what it really means and worse, they understand almost nothing of how it works. The young people who have designed tis project have decided to create a simulation of the democratic system to demonstrate exactly how a democratic Europe works. We will look at European citizenship what it means to be a European citizen. We will look at how each individual plays a vital role in the democratic system of each country and also how they can make a difference in a democratic Europe. The young people participating in this project will act as the citizens who elect the candidates that represent them locally, nationally and on a European level. The citizens of the project will present issues to their elected policy makers who will bring these issues to our European Parliament who are elected by our participants and ultimately the outcomes of our project will be delivered to real policy makers. The main themes of the project will be youth unemployment and EU Democracy. This project will have 12 partners from six different EU countries.

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    Ilona Karamon (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:20)

    I participated in a project titled „Democracy for the People by the People” held on Cyprus in Mazatos from 22.03.2014 to 30.03.2014. People from Poland, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Latvia and Cyprus took part in the project.
    The main topics we were discussing were the unemployment problem and our understanding of democracy system. During the project we also created a policy, gave a speech at the Cypriot Parliament and voted there, therefore we could see how really looks a parliamentary session. We had also a chance to speak with local people and ask them about their opinions connected with problem of unemployment in European Union. I think, that the whole program was an eye-opening and interesting experience for each participant.
    Participation in the project gave me an opportunity to develop my opinions and helped me to better understand the concept of democracy in Europe. I spent a nice time learning new things as well as resting a lot there. I met a lot of amazing people and spend a great time with them. We had cultural nights, during which were presenting countries. We had a lot of fun playing games, singing, dancing and eating delights. Moreover, I had a chance to see a few places in Cyprus including the Parliament in Nicosia. Thanks to it, I could get to know a local culture and tried Cypriot dishes which was an amazing experience. Cyprus is like a paradise, where everybody can forget about reality and just enjoy their life.
    I am very happy that I took part in this project and I want to apply for other in the future. Participation in the project gives unforgettable memories for a lifetime and new experiences.

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    Magdalena Skowrońska (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:22)

    I had always dreamt about visiting Cyprus. And my dream has come true! I participated, with 4 other people from SMIT "CREATOR", in the project "Democracy for the People by the People" performed by Nautilus Sar and held in Cyprus. First moments in Cyprus were wonderful! Sunny weather, friendly people, great atmosphere. We arrived at the place as the first group, we waited impatiently for the other project participants to meet them. I had a opportunity to meet young people from Cypry, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Hungary and Poland. I enjoyed the time we spent together, but most of all I appreciated the opportunity of non-formal learning which allowed us to better understand what democracy is, how youth can strengthen it, how youth can create active citizenship. We were working on following issues: the quality of education and the problem of unemployment. We developed proposals, which were proclaimed in parliament in Nicosia. We had a chance to vote on proposals and feel how the politicians work is. Very important was also the movie making, we were all tired but the final effect is great. The movies give message to all youth - your vote is important, so let's vote!
    We were integrating during cultural evenings , where we ate regional food and danced to regional music. I had an opportunity to learn a lot about different countries and international problems concerning unemployment and education. During the project I made contacts with organizations from other countries, and I hope that this will result in co-operation during the next projects for young people.

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    Aleksandra Augustyniak (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:39)

    At the end of March of 2014 I had a chance to participate in a project called Democracy for the People by the People. It took place in a little village in Mazotos near Larnaca. The coutries that took part in that project was Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Spain, Latvia and obviously Poland. It was my first project and I have to admit – as a fresh participant I couldn't end up better.
    The topic of a project was unemployment within young people from Europe. For the nine days we were working on the policy proposals which one of was to create a central database which combines datas from Ministries od Education, Chambers of Commerce, Ministries of Emplyment to build an awareness about needs of the market in young people minds.
    People responsible for the project did really good job if it comes to organisation and contact with participants.
    Just to sum up, we had a really good chance to bond and do some good job with our new friends from other countries.

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    Anna Żurawska (Wednesday, 16 April 2014 13:11)

    In March April I’ve participated in Youth in Action project “ Democracy- for the people by the people“. There are no words on this world, which could describe this wonderful time! Project took place in beautiful country – Cyprus! Thanks to YIA I’ve visited this country for the first tome in my life, but one thing is certain – it was the first, but NOT the last time! =) Of course place wouldn’t be so amazing without people! There were about 45 young people from countries like: Spain, Latvia, Greece, Poland and Hungary. With people from all these countries I’ve spent a lot of time for knowing: each other, their cultures, personalities, and their crazy CREATIVE minds..! All project was based on idea of discussing environmental problems by using a lot of creativity. This project was full of great fun and positive energy, but also realized me how important the political problems are. As I mentioned above – there is no words to describe how much I’ve learned on this project.. not only about cultures, environment, people, but about myself and life. After that project I’m coming back to my life with a pile of great memories, my mind overflow by ideas, knowledge and positive energy and a lot of new friends!

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    GetActivefollowers (Tuesday, 27 January 2015 18:17)

    Thanks for info