On the Move: The Challenges of Young Migrants

17- 25.02.2013



SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a training course titled On the Move: The Challenges of Young Migrants co-ordinated by TDM 2000 International and held in Bansko,Bulgaria


This project, to be held in Bansko, Bulgaria, is funded by the Youth in Action Programme and will bring together young people from 10 different countries to explore and discuss issues related to migration, and analyze the diverse manners how the related subjects are treated in our countries and in the European space in general.

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    Aleksandra Gonder (Monday, 11 March 2013 22:47)

    The main topic of Training Course "On The move" in Bansko, Bulgaria was migration. During 9 days in this popular skiing resort, somewhere in the end of the world, we learned how to deal with the problem of youth leaving their home countries and what are the advantages and disadvantages of migration in general. Thank many clever methaphors we discovered how hard it can be to find yourself in a other country and other society, which really often has different culture, language and habits. During one day we had a meeting with a local bulgarian NGO, which took place next to the ski slope, so we all could not only meet people from all around the globe, but also go sledging with them :). The project itself made us play many roles to feel the situation better- once we were the members of European Parliment, the other time, we were asylum seekers runing from Narnistan or police officers stopping them from doing so. The grup was perfect together and I think we all still wonder, how could it happen that we integrated so well. Merci, Банско !

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    Katarzyna Szeremeta (Tuesday, 12 March 2013 13:25)

    „On the move : The Challenges of Young Migrants” project which took place in Bansko, Bulgaria was a priceless experience for me (Kasia), Ola and Adam, as participants sent by SMIT “Creator” organization. We spend there almost 9 days from 17th to 26th of February 2013 with people from 10 countries: Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. During the project we were accomodated in a popular ski resort in fully-equipped hotel with acces to sauna and swimming pool.
    The aim of the project was to broaden our knowladge about issues related to migration by anylizing diverse manners how migration is treated in our countries and in the Eurpean space in general. We had the opportunity to learn useing non-formal methods of education such as playing games, doing performances, simulations and working in multicultural groups with people from differen backgrounds with various experiences and ideologies. Day by day we were gaining more theoretical and practical knowladge about the topic and getting to know each other better.
    The schedule of the training was very well-organized as we had time and energy for active participation in all activities and there was also some energy left for intercultural evenings when we had opportunities to try some tipical snacks of foreign countries. I think everyone reminisces about that day we spent with one local NGO in the mountains. We had a lot of fun going downhill in sledes, doing barbacue and talking with people from Mexico or Nepal.
    It was the first YiA training course I participated in and I didn’t exactly know what to expect but right now I have to admit that it gave my a lot of inspiration and positive motivaton to work in NGOs field. I would like to take part in more training courses like this one not only as a participant but also from the organizational side.

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    Adam Robinson (Tuesday, 12 March 2013 23:20)

    Thanks to SMIT Creator I spent an amazing week in Bansko, Bulgaria in February 2013. The subject of the training course was migration which, although not particularly close to my heart, I found extremely interesting and was impressed by the event organisers' ability to convey complex ideas in a simple manner through metaphors.

    The training was set out in three different stages. In the individual stage, we learnt about how it can feel to find yourself in the situation of a migrant. It's not easy to imagine what it's like to be an asylum seeker crossing a national border guarded by men with guns, or moving into a situation where you don't know the rules and are unable to communicate, being outside on a cold winter's afternoon in snowy Bansko without a jacket, it suddenly became very easy to imagine!

    At the national level, we learnt a lot about how legislation is used and exploited by migrants in order to get permanent residency or citizenship in a country. We also learnt how, even if people have acted completely within the law, national governments can retrospectively change laws for their own protection.
    In the third and final stage, we had an extreme amount of fun in recreating the European courts' system of law and legislation building from the highest level and trying to understand the trials and tribulations that politicians have to go through in passing laws.

    Overall, my experience in Bansko was extremely positive. The organisation of the event, the facilities, the activities and even the location were perfect. I'm very glad I decided that my first experience of a training course was with SMIT and I hope it is the first of many!

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