EUROVISION – Youth Performance

26.10.2013 - 02.11.2013


Daugavpils, Latvia  


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a YE titled EUROVISION – Youth Performance co-ordinated by Mācību centrs “ERFOLG“ and held in Daugavpils, Latvia.

Society “Erfolg” arrange different courses, non-formal education events, youth projects, cultural and social activities for different age and for different social level groups.

The youth exchange project „EUROVISION – Youth Performance” run in Daugavpils 149 days (05.08.2013. - 31.12.2013.).  Trainings in Latvian city Daugavpils will run from 26.10.2013 - 02.11.2013. Project themes are: European Citizenship, EU's growth strategy Europe 2020, art and culture, performances and happenings.

Project activities are planned for 8 days activities for 20 youth aged from 16 till 30 years old . As the working methods will be used workshops, team activities, ice-breaking activities, discussions, work in pairs, interviews of project participant, practical exercises.

During the project activities the youth will have an opportunity to get to know about European Citizenship, EU's growth strategy, learn and practice making performances and happenings.

During project youth will make video about project themes and goals.

Realizing the planned activities in the project, there was promoted the development of the international dialog, the improvement of the youth communication and social skills, the broadening of the outlook, awareness of the belonging to the European youth community 

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    Partycja Icek (Monday, 20 January 2014 20:01)

    Between 26.10-02.11.2013 I stayed on the project titled " Eurovision - Youth Performance" , which was realized in the second largest city of Latvia - Daugavpils . It was my first trip to a nearby country.
    On the spot I had the opportunity to meet other participants - from Turkey, Estonia , the Polish and of course from Latvia. It turned out that almost all " Latvians " , which we met in Daugavpils are really the Russians, the language most often used in this city is Russian, and Latvians are a minority here in relation to Russians. Everybody were staying in the hotel for athletes, close to bus and train station , city center and the place where our classes were held - center of promoting German culture Erflog . The place was in my expectation quite ok - the biggest drawback was one shared bathroom with three showers for the entire corridor that is approximately 30 people. The meals were rather monothematic , as lunch and dinner looked the same, but delightful cooking ladies, speaking only Russian made the atmosphere nicer.
    Our main task in the project was to create a happening and performance on the main street of the city , and the inspiration was the EU 2020 strategy , which was presented to us on a very general class. I had the impression that our coach knew about it not so much as I did. To facilitate the task of creating happening in the performance, Milena visited us - the girl who is working in the theater in Daugavpils. She made us realize what is the difference between happenings and performance art, showed us some exercises how to move and how to express movement that was understandable to all. In addition, we visited the theater , which is located in Daugavpils . In the meantime, we have been invited to the City Hall to meet with a representative of the city authorities. He explained to us what are the development plans of a city through multimedia presentation and gave us little gifts .
    The next day we were taken on a trip to the fortress on the outskirts of the city.
    We walked together with a guide, who told us the history of the place in Russian, which was not understandable to almost everyone. Our coach has promised that everything will be explained to us, but unfortunately it was not. The buildings in the fort was abandoned, however, there are plans for the renovation. In one of these buildings is now an arts center Mark Rothko, who was a resident of Daugavpils, but we did not have the opportunity to go inside because the tickets were too expensive. Last night we were taken to dinner at a pizzeria, where we were awarded certificates of participation in the project, and small souvenirs. The place was ok, but I was hoping to have dinner at a traditional restaurant where I could order the dishes of Latvian cousine. The evening ran so sympathetically that instead of returning to the hotel, we went to the pub to spend more time together before saying goodbye.
    Summing up the project, I think it could be better achieved. It was clearly visible gaps in the knowledge of our trainer (it was her first project as a coach) who does not devote enough time to prepare. She was lacked of initiative, mobilization and a sense of humor and distance to herself. No energizers meant that the group at the beginning did not have so much energy to wrok for whole day.

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    Justyna Badaszko (Monday, 20 January 2014 20:02)

    Project „Eurovision – Youth perfomance” took place from 26 of October till 2 of November 2013 in Daugavpils in Latvia.
    Main aims of this project were that all the participants should get more knowledge about: European Citizenship, EU's growth strategy Europe 2020, art and culture, performances and happenings.
    The implementation of assigned tasks was a small extent. Our main coordinator didn’t have good knowledge about the topic in schedule, especially the main like strategy EU 2020. She had problems to motivate group to work together. Later on Polish group took the initiative and almost till the end of whole project were realizing all the ideas and games to do. If anybody decide to be a leader of event like this one or any other, definitely shouldn’t tell the group that something what is included in official schedule is boring or that this person don’t know something. Just try to pretend.
    City have a lot of interesting infrastructure , for example Mark Rothko Art center which one we didn’t visit because of “expensive” ( 10e) tickets. For sure the most interesting things were the participants initiatives for example : very interesting cultural evening trips to the city and happening which took place on Daugavpils streets.
    Accommodation and alimentation were good quality, all of our request were listen and they made changes to make it better for Us.

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    Anita Latuszek (Monday, 20 January 2014 20:04)

    I was one of five members of the Polish team that participated in the „EUROVISION – youth performance” project. The project was organized by ERFOLG – organization based in Daugavpils, Latvia. Young people from four countries (Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Turkey) spent together seven days on discovering the advantages of European Citizenship, importance of EU 2020 Strategy and making happenings and performances. It aimed to advise us about several opportunities for youth created by EU. The practical part (performances and happenings) taught us how useful different form of expression could be and provided significant information about art of speaking. Not only we have acquired new knowledge, but also have met many interesting people.

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    Ewa Bednarczyk (Thursday, 27 February 2014 14:14)

    I had a chance to be a member of the Polish team during the project „EUROVISION – youth performance” organized by ERFOLG in the city Daugavpils. During this project together with other teams from Latvia, Turkey and Estonia we got the opportunity to share our ideas, opinion and experience. Young people got knowledge about EU 2020 Strategy, European citizenship. What is more during this amazing 7 day together we had a chance to learned about the theatre art form of
    expression and also organized happenings and performance. We also created our own happening and performance in the middle of the biggest city in Daugavpils . In Latvia we had a wonderful time. We had a chance to meet new people from other country.

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    Joanna Bajerlein (Thursday, 27 February 2014 14:21)

    Youth Exchange Project „Eurovision – Youth Performance” took place in 26.10-
    02.11.2013 in Daugavpils, Latvia. It was my second time in that kind of an exchange project. I had an opportunity to get to know people from Latvia, Estonia and Turkey. Besides learn about Latvia and its culture. Our adventure started when we arrived to Daugavpils bus station from where we were picked up and taken to the hotel, where we stayed. Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia but most of its habitants speak Russian and Latvians are a minority there. However we had a chance to listen to Latvian language during our visit in Daugavpils Municipality. We could feel there almost like councillors while we were listening to the presentation about Daugavpils. Our trainings took place in the head office of the ERFOLG Organisation. The organization’s main object is to promote German language. One
    of our tasks was to create a happening and a performance on the streets of Daugavpils inspired by the EU 2020 strategy. We generally talked about strategy not so much. Later on we had a couple of workshops with a girl who works in a theatre. She was of Polish descent and could speak Polish. The workshops were about movement and how to express what we want to say, what is the difference between happening and performance. She also helped us to prepare our performance and happening. During the project we visited the local theatre where you could see plays in three languages: Latvian, Russian and Latgalian. We also had a guided tour to the fortress. A lot of buildings were ruined there are waiting for renovation. There is also a newly opened Mark Rothko Art Centre, unfortunately we did not visit. One of the days we went for a walk with Daugavpils project participants and they showed us a few places and one of them was a place where four churches were situated close to each other: Old Believers, Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran. During trips in trams you can meet people who sell tickets and in buses they have even their own special places to sit. Everyday we had cultural nights, which were really interesting. Each of the participants wanted to present their country in the best way possible. It was an opportunity to spend great time together and try local specialities from each country. Last evening we spent in pizzeria to sum up the project. We received Europass document and souvenirs from Daugavpils.

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