Action Bridge


Galyatető, Hungary. 


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a YE titled Action Bridge

 co-ordinated byAcademy of Experience  and held in Galyatető, Hungary. 

Action Bridge is a 10-day outdoor youth exchange for youth aged 15-25.The aim of this project is empowering youth from rural and city areas to make own project ideas in own community come true, and so have a positive impact in their community. The exchange involves unemployed youth and fosters understanding of EU offered opportunities. Our objective is that during the program the participants discover their own importance and usefulness in society and their environment. The participants deepen their knowledge and understanding about EU supported possibilities. With the development and realisation of an own project, they realise that they can be active members in their community and can take positive steps towards a role model behaviour. The organisers give methods, tools and resources that help to develop and realise action plans in the local communities. The project uses the tools of experiential education, by actively involving the participants, creating situations which help to understand ones responsibility and capability for change and also gives own experience.

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    Krzysztof Cabała (Monday, 20 January 2014 17:49)

    Between 21.07.2013 and 30.08.2013 I had the pleasure to participate in youth exchange in Galyateto, Hungary. Project named "Action Bridge" was organized by the Association Elmenyakademia (Academy of Experience).The project was aimed at helping participants to develop and implement their own initiatives for the local community. The organizers pass on their knowledge to us not only from the theoretical by lectures and talks, but also through group work, discussion and testing skills in practice. The classes were interspersed with lots of various types of games which gave us positive energy and enthusiasm to work and integrate ourselves.
    The original planed activities frightened many of the participants. After our suggestion organizers changed it a little bit by removing some of the classes and entering on their place new forms of activity, more suitable for the needs of the project participants.
    I would like to focus on two days dedicated for mountain expedition. The organizers provided us great physical activity and carefully selected tasks which helped to get some skills. The first day we were divided into two groups, each of which tried to reach the common aim by a different way. The task was not too easy, because we got only fragments of maps, where was marked the path for the another group. This task improved our communication and navigation skills. After spending the night under the stars, we got a list of tasks that we had to do during the way to the hotel where instructors were waiting for us
    Next days we spent on activities related to the preparation and implementation of projects. Most of the participants came to the exchange with their own ideas, which they would like to realize after they come back to their own countries. Some of them had to serve the local community. After a few sessions of theoretical knowledge, part of us started to work on their own ideas. With the help of the instructors, by the end of the exchange, we had our projects ready for implementation.
    Working on the project was not the only aim of the exchange. Not the least important was the international integration. The Galyateto teams came from: Hungary, Polish, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Turkey. We were spending the free time together, so we had a chance to learn about people from other countries, their culture and traditions. In my view, relationship made at that time will help in better cooperation in future and will lead to new common projects.
    In conclusion, I consider the time spent on the exchange was well spent. Personally I have a lot of good memories from Galyateto, and I am looking forward for the next opportunity to take part in this type of project.

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    Ania Wcislo (Monday, 20 January 2014 17:50)

    Between 21 and 30.08 I have participated in youth exchange "Action Bridge" which was a part of EU programme "Youth in Action". The project was organized in a small Hungarian village - Galyateto. The aim of the project was to gain theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the participants to develop their own ideas and realize them in a local environment. Numerous workshops and practical exercises let participants understand how to create a project. Many games and activities that were conducted outside were included in the program. A number of group classes allowed the participants to get to know each other better. The organizers were open to suggestions and they were always listening to the participants. They had great knowledge and experience, which they shared with the participants. Moreover, they tried to make each participant happy. In case of any problem, they were able to solve it. In my opinion they did a really good job. Their work allowed young people from Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia and Italy to practice and deepen their understanding of acquired valuable knowledge. The exchange program was well-built and well-balanced. The participants had a good amount of free time which allowed them to make new friends. One of the advantages of this project was the voluntary nature of the activities which allowed participants to choose the level of intensity in participating in classes according to their needs and abilities. Galyateto is a small town, famous of its clean environment, mountain climate and rich flora and fauna. It is a great place to relax being away from the city and fast lifestyle. In the project participated six countries, which gave a possibility to share experiences, learn about other cultures and habits. Those ten days spent in Hungary let young people form relationships which may be used in the future to create good projects and ideas.

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    Mateusz Winczura (Monday, 20 January 2014 17:51)

    Between 21.08 and 30.08 I have participated in youth exchange "Action Bridge", which was organised in small town of Galyateto (Hungary), by Elmenyakademia association (Academy of Experience)
    The main aim of the project was meritorical preparation for all the participants in order to let them realise their initiatives after coming back to their local communities. Not only did the organisers share their experiences and knowlegde, but also did their best to help us solve the problems we came across by ourselves. The fact, that was very important to me, is that after theoretical part we always had a chance to examine our skills in practise. Moreover, after some suggestions from participants, the program was enriched with interesting outdoor activities and team - building games. The work of organisers was well-coordinated, their ideas were bright and they were able to react to problems if necessary.
    To my mind, program was well-balanced. Just after two days we had our first, big challange - expedition to the wild. During its first day, we have limited access to maps, thanks to which we could upgrade our navigation and communication skills. During the comeback, after night spent outdoors, we had to fulfill a number of challanges, linked to the project's topic. Next days gave us a mixture of outdoor activities, brainstorms with discussions and theory about project management. I think that the amount of time given for every part, as well as the fact that theoretical activities were not compulsory, let each and every participant to customize hiss effort put into his/her project.
    Given the fact that in this project 6 countries have been participating (Hungary, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey), it shouldn't come as a surprise that there was a proper international atmosphere and intercultural integration. Spare time let everybody make new frienships and break some stereotypes (i.a. that Italians don't usually speak English very well). Concerning all of that, I have to consider "Action Bridge" project as very successful,

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    Jacek Dudzik (Monday, 20 January 2014 17:54)

    From 21.08 till 31.08 I was participating in Youth Exchange project which took place in Galyateto, Hungary. Participants were from 6 different countries: Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria and Poland. During the project we had a lot of activities which demanded from us working as a team and helped us to make new friendships with each other. On the second day of this project we went for a two-day trip into the forest. To make it more complicated we were divided into two groups and acquire only a part of a map showing the second team's track and one-hour phone call.
    That also build a cooperation between members of one team as well as communicators of both teams. During the rest days of the exchange we were working on our own projects, getting teoretical knowledge and testing it in practice.
    What I really appreciate about this project were teambuilding activities in the picturesque village and the hotel itself. We were provided with a place
    where we could stay in at any time and get to know each other.The only drawback I can think of about the place where we stayed was the amount of food served to us, which was too little for most participants.

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    Daniel Budacz (Monday, 20 January 2014 18:10)

    Between 21.08-30.08.2013 as a group leader I took part in the exchange organized by Elmenyakademia (Academy of Experience) in Galyateto (Hungary), which was a part of Youth in Action program.
    Except Poland there were five other countries that took part in the project: Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Hungary. The program was prepared very scrupulous and included the best elements of informal education. Each day of the exchange began with the energizer, than the participants could expect a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities.
    Above all I must mention the two days expedition into the wilderness, for which the participants had to prepare in special task groups. During the expedition we were divided into two teams, which had to navigate themselves from long distance using partial maps. We spent the night under the sky, using only basic recourses. Thanks to this kind of activity our group was able to integrate rapidly, and its members could approve themselves with best skills like leadership, tracking and friendship.
    The rest of the time we spent in the place of accommodation. Here we took part in discussions, filed games and meetings (for example with the group of activists working with Gypsies in the town of Bag). The main aim of the exchange was to prepare own project, with the use of knowledge gained during the special workshops. Thanks to them I was able to come up with an idea of revitalization of local libraries in small communities with the use of board games.
    Free time activities were focused around social meetings and cultural evenings, which helped the quick integration.
    The Project "Action Bridge" in Galyateto was in my opinion very successful both in essential and social aspects. I hope that all the friendships I made there will help me in my future projects.

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    tokaj (Thursday, 24 April 2014 14:12)