Project Sea of Solidarity: Baltic

Darłówek, Poland

13. - 20.07.2013



SMIT "CREATOR" is happy to announce that our TC was approved! The Training will be held in Darłówek, Poland from 13 to 20 July 2013, and will bring together 20 young leaders, organization leaders and volunteersfrom Lithuania and Poland.

The Project Sea of Solidarity: Baltic was created as an answer to visible potential of Polish-Lithuanian cooperation for development of relations and joint and several collaboration of all Baltic countries. Its main goal is to build the grounds for future actions by shaping and training youth leaders.

The Project Sea of Solidarity: Baltic is a Training Course held in Darłowo between 13 - 20 July 2013. It is a bilateral, Polish- Lithuanian co-operation project focused mainly on issues involving Baltic countries. Various topics will be discussed, with emphasis placed upon creating intercultural and multiethnical dialogue. What is more: anti-discrimination and anti-xenophobia issues in the Baltic area. Together with it, other subjects will be brought up, such as: a need of initiating creative and innovative actions for young people of the region, promoting democracy, ecological and European awareness and citizenship or human rights. The Project Sea of Solidarity: Baltic brings together 20 experienced youth leaders, trainers, youth workers, project managers, and volunteers from Poland and Lithuania. All activities will be carried on by experienced specialists, and they stay inside of the borders of non-formal education methods. Training aims at transferring knowledge, expanding skills, shaping positive attitudes of the current and future trainers and building stronger net of connections and mutual understanding between the two countries, despite their historical and cultural differences in order to raise awareness for the regional cooperation, protection of human rights and personal dignity. Together with increasing of human potential by providing learning opportunities to develop personal skills and professional competencies.

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