Social Active Youth 2.0


Nurri, Sardinia, Italy


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a YE titled Social Active Youth 2.0

 co-ordinated by Associazione TDM 2000  and held in Nurri, Sardinia.

“Social Active Youth 2.0 is a Youth Exchange (YE) that will gather 42 participants from Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Croatia and Italy in Nurri, a village in Sardinia nearby Cagliari, the main city of Sardinia (Italy).  Main aim of this YE is to equip the participants with the knowledge, critical thinking ability, and practical skills they need to meet the personal, professional, and civic challenges posed by social media. From the 10th to 17th of July participants will become familiar with a range of online communication tools, analyze their uses and implications, explore how social media can  help non-governmental organizations to increase active participation and citizenship of young people, to foster inclusion, to achieve organizational goals and promote their causes. All the activities will be done through the use of Non-formal education, such as Energizers, Ice breakers, Team building, Role playing, Brain storming and group discussions. The knowledge acquired will be immediately applied as participants will develop a concrete social media strategy for the improvement of their own societies at the end of the YE.”

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    Piotr Miśkiewicz (Monday, 12 August 2013 13:05)

    Once upon a time there was a project In Nurri..
    At the beginning I am so glad, that I was accepted for this project, that I just want to thank you Ania! and of course people from H.O., Marina, Antonio and the whole crew of TDM 2000. You made my life! ☺
    As always begins are the hardest, and this time, wasn’t an exception, almost everyone left some festivals, concerts, etc.., for instance I was on a wedding of my best friend from primary school, so at first I was a bit dizzy at the airport, where our Polish Team finally met for the first time. Probably because of that I have just skip the moment of take off, that’s way for me the travel was not much longer then blink. And this is how we came..
    After no more than 10 minutes Dominika’s team leader team was tested by a machine, specifically ticket machine where everything was written in Italian. First stage, war against machines, 1:0 for us.
    Then we spent 2 additional days in Cagliari, but this is not exactly topic of report so I will omit it or..ok, I cannot omit the part when we were on sightseeing trip around Cagliari with Ania and her friend from TDM, and they show us the most interesting “view” of the city from the hill, amazing. To sum up, two days we spent in house of Italian journalist (real bro and our accommodation, extraordinary), who was aimed on couchsurfing by Dominika ( again, our team leader, not think so).
    The place was mesmerizing, and suddenly you are ready to believe that miracles happens. But the sweet dream never continues forever, and it happened also this time. We got really quick introduction to the main topic of project, presentation of participants, and well..we were thinking outside of the box, for the whole week, so it would not be surprise if I tell that we figured out a arrival party, as our first activity. Of course apart of all, what happened next, it was a great idea, because we got an opportunity to know ourselves better, perfect ice-breaker. Then during the first we got down to business..facilitators introduces the main idea of the project, and after a while we had roll up sleeves and we were totally absorbed by task of finding out the new conception of “social media” channel. For me the topic itself was highly interested because, I am dealing with various types of social media communities, starting from Facebook to end up on Instagram (ok, ok, haha,
    Hipstagram, I know, I know, but it is very useful tool, which can transform your mobile phone’s camera into studio, and you can feel for the sec. like a professional photographer). Now time for honesty, I spent every possible coffee break, free time, the swimming-pool, guilty.
    Day after day, organisators tried to prepare the best form of activity in order to achieve the main goal. Besides we organized a lot of very interesting discussion about influence of social media into our every-day life, how we can be easily manipulated by them, all in all, we considered pros and
    cons. Final conclusion was not surprise, we cannot live without them anymore. For me every minute was worth to be there, I met fantastic people, who inspired me with new ideas, sometimes changed my perspective about some aspect I was really prejudice, like for example: difficult situation on a Balkans, I learned how it looks like from their perspective. Personally it was a great experience, because I got a possibility to encounter my theoretic knowledge with some practical issues I am dealing in real work. For instance I increased my on-line security, I created also an account on LinkedIn and several different web pages which looks to be interesting.
    Broadly speaking, I want to strongly recommend Youth in Action project, my first one, but for sure, not the last one. Right now I am in progress of buying ticket to Croatia in order to visit guys from that project, so..expanding friends network, checked.

    Once again thank you! Baci!

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    Dominika Słowik (Monday, 12 August 2013 13:07)

    The Youth in Action program that I had a chance to take part in was held in Nurri, a little village situated at the beautiful Italian island, Sardinia. During seven days the participants from six different countries discussed a complex phenomenon of social media. Applying different techniques of individual and group working we tried to reach better understanding of social media environment and learn how to use efficiently the important tool that every day is growing to be more essential in the life of the modern society.
    What is more, we enjoyed the possibility of the cultural exchange which turned out to be a really thorough and unforgettable experience. At the bank of the beautiful lake Flumindosa we shared our countries' culture, traditions, history, our individual points of view but, most importantly, we had great time together and loads of fun. Those seven days that we spent in Italy will surely have a great impact on how we perceive not only the impressive diversity of other cultures but also our place in the world so rich in the uniqueness.

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    Filip Radwański (Monday, 12 August 2013 13:10)

    Project SAY 2.0 was held, according to the previous assingnment, between 10th July and 17th July 2013. Over fourty young people from six different countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Lithuania, Poland and Italy) took part in it. The main objectives of the project were increasing participants' knowledge about social media and preparing ready-to-use programs of using those media for non-governmental organisations purposes. For completion of those aims organizers held a series of activities based on non-formal education methods, which used e.g. teamwork, debates, brainstorming and also practical use of tools conected with the project – social media.

    The efects of the participants' work were inter alia social media profiles that were reporting in the most important sites like e.g. Facebook, Wordpress, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube about the activities taking place during project. In the first stage of the project mainly the best possible knowledge about the available tools of taking action, creating and sharing information on the Internet was emphasized. Subsequent activities lead to building a complete strategy of using social media in achieving non-governmetal organisations, which contained e.g. ways of increasing the number of people involved in NGO actions and also promoting events implementing the ideas of those organisations.

    The unquestionable advantage of a meeting of young people from six EU countries is a possibility of an exchange of the their experience and information as well as the comparison of often totally different ways of using the same social media services, predictions related to their developement in the future. Apart from sharing konw-how about the main topic of the project, it was also a great opportunity to learn a lot about each other's european neighbours. It was successful especially during the cultural evening which programme consisted of presentations about the countries of the participants.

    The organizational site of the project as it was well prepared it ran without noticable problems, and few difficulties were solved immediately in an effective way. For issues such as transport and accommodation the organisers deserve complete aproval. The place chosen by them (hotel Istellas in Nurri) turned out to be a very friendly environment for the participants.

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    Asia Frontczak (Monday, 12 August 2013 13:11)

    From 10th to 17th of July I was S.A.Y project in Nurri in Sardinia. The main topic of this project was social media. It was my first time in this kind of youth exchange. I didn't know what to expect and I was a little bit anxious. However when I saw other participants I had the feeling that it is going to be great experience for me. In total there were 42 participants from 7 countries : Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania and Hungary.
    After arrival we were divided into small groups in which we would be living in hotel rooms. I lived not with my friend from Poland but with girls form Spain and Croatia. Our room was cosy, comfortable and spacious. I would like to mention the fact that we had heart- shaped swimming pool.
    Food was excelent. I really enjoyed meals in the hotel canteen. The most delicious for me were dinners, I had a chance to taste a frenzy of kind of pasta. I can admit that I am real fun of italian cousine.
    We had a great coordinators who gave us some energy when we were too tired to go to activities.
    Thanks to this project now I am more self confident when I am speaking with different language. Now I think my english it's much better, I learned a lot of new words in spanish and italian languages. Now I know how forgein languages are important because I decided to start learning spanish language.

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    Karolina Pacon (Monday, 12 August 2013 13:12)

    I had a wonderful possibility of participating in a project in Nurri, Sardinia in July 2013. It was held in amazing venue, by the beautiful lake. I have to admit that it was one of the best international experiences I have ever had. The project „Social Active Youth 2.0” gathered young people from following countries: Poland, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Italy. We enjoyed taking part in activities such as creating a movie, blog, role playing and many more. Moreover, during the free time we had a chance to get to know participants from other countries, overcoming language difficulties and discussing fascinating topics. This event was a great opportunity to exchange experience, not only in the field of the subject matter, but also a wide range of topics and observations between cultures. To sum up, the week I’ve spend in Nurri was great - I’ve met amazing people and learned a lot and I would love to participate in the project like this again in the future!

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    Ola Połetek (Monday, 12 August 2013 13:14)

    Since it was my first project with the title "Youth in Action" can not be entirely objective in my report. A lot of things I learned not only the place but the whole trip less I definitely was a success! But at a time.


    No claims of any sort when it comes to organizing travel, also giving back money for the tickets was a lot faster than I expected which of course is a big plus. Warm greetings to the person in charge of this part of the project for such a quick reimbursment.


    Hotel where we had the pleasure of staying in Nurri was very nice, clean. clean bathrooms, size of the rooms was also suitable. If I had to be picky the only thang wrong were uncomfortable beds but it's really light detail. Common room and dining place without reservations, pool clean, Appropriate size of training room, as it was not too hot I give it a big plus! Overall, everything was possitive.


    As for me, the biggest plus of the project. Subjectively judge but it's probably because of my passion for food and Italian cuisine. Sometimes, unfortunately, we waited for the food but it's probably a matter of the Italian approach to life in general which shoulden't have been an objection.


    Opportunity to meet people from other countries is always exciting, so it was this time. Unfortunately, not all could speak English which made quite a big problem in communication. Hard it is to teach or work in groups, if not all participants have the opportunity to fully engage.


    Great respect for the coordinators who were able to grasp the whole project. At some point, you might have the impression that the participants were treated a little patronizingly but it could have been caused by tiredness.


    In conclusion, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the project. I am certainly confident about the way it enrich me. I would defienetely have gone again!

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    Iga Liszkowska (Wednesday, 14 August 2013 00:01)

    From 10th till 17th of July in Nurri, Sardinia there was an international project ‘Social Active Youth 2.0’ created by the programme Youth in Action. The mentioned project gathered people from Lithuania, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria and Poland. Representatives of these countries met in Nurri in order to discuss and broaden knowledge about social media. Moreover, the participants focused on development of critical thinking ability and practical skills which may be useful in personal development and career. Apart from workshops connected to social media participants took part in activities improving socialization.
    During the project participants gathered each morning in order to warm up, increase creative thinking and socialize. After some physical activities participants discussed the role and influence of the following social media: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and much more. Representatives of each country presented different types of social media typical for their countries and exchanged ideas how to benefit from usage of social media. Our tasks were as presented: to create and promote your own social medium, to create blog, to create online photo album and to direct and record a short movie. After each completed task the mentors of the project evaluated our projects. Besides described activities an International Night took place during which traditional cuisine and national heritage of each country were presented.
    In the end of the project there was organized an official farewell party in Cagliari during which all participants gathered for the last time to celebrate and evaluate the project.

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