Addressing European mobility


Plymouth, UK


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a TC titled Addressing European Mobility all co-ordinated by Amber Initiatves and held in Plymouth, UK.

This training is an opportunity to find out more migration, diversity issues and inclusive strategy to engage with migrant community, with specific focus on Roma community.
There will be participants attending from United Kingdom, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Greece and Poland, so it is a good opportunity to meet other people who are working in the same area or establish new contacts.

Summary of the project:
A migrant community is a hard-to-reach community. We have worked in this field for 8 years and managed to build strong links with local migrant communities and are proud of this achievement.
This course will reflect strongly on anti-racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia as this, unfortunately, still is prevalent all over the world. Raising awareness of economic and social conditions throughout Europe, and how they affect young migrant people, opens the door to a discussion of Anti Oppressive Practice, and we intend to undergo specific activities based on tackling such social obstacles.
We are offering a training course that will not only raise awareness regarding migration , diversity and Anti-Oppressive Practice (AOP) to tackle discrimination, but particularly concerning minority groups such as Romani Gypsy people.
This training will enable the sharing of experiences and knowledge, give opportunity to create new tools and methods that enable youth workers and leaders, who work with young people, to promote cohesion and social inclusion between young people.
The joint work of this six day long course, sharing and exchanging experiences, as well as creating a network between organisations working on this matter and seeking for subjects that would raise interest for further cooperation, are the main purposes of this training course.
The project will be based on best practice in the YiA field, where we are very experienced, and will use tools and methods from our extensive resource base. We have also planned the involvement of local young people and community representatives to give their points of view on the work.
Target group are Youth workers and youth leaders. No age limit.
The working language is English.

Methodology will mix theoretical and practical learning sessions. Working methods will be interactive and participants’ active involvement will be stimulated by trainer/facilitators throughout the course. Questions, groups and individual works, sharing and brainstorming activities will be used to reassure better concepts’ understanding and assimilation.

More specifically, the methodology will consist of:
1) Enriched lectures
2) Group discussions and reflections
3) Action methods (workshop teaching mode)
4) Peer exchange of good practices
5) Interactive sessions

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    Dmitriy Kanunnikov (Monday, 22 July 2013 16:10)

    During the period between 5th and 11th July 2013, I took part in an international youth exchange program in a project called "Addressing European Mobility", which had place in the UK, Plymouth. In total were 15 participants of us from such countries as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Spain.
    During the project we've got theoretical knowledge - very useful indeed, which before the project I had no idea. But also practical, different kinds of work in a team few times a day, from concept, to finished project - it also allowed us to practice while working under time pressure.
    Subject matter which was discussed during the training is primarily a migration, migrants, their fate and work with them. Have been presented statistics, law, examples and their near future forecasts. In addition, we had guests from the police, who in the play presented us "drunk googles", allowing to experience alcohol in the blood, while its absence and the conscious brain. : D It was funny.
    No less important part, of course, was the conclusion of new friendship, in a week's time, each of us has gained new friends and I hope they will keep in touch with them, and the meeting in Plymouth was not the last one.

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    Marta Nowak (Thursday, 25 July 2013 16:30)

    I spent 5 days in Plymouth in training titled: "addressing European Mobility". It was pretty cool, because we dealt with great variety of issues concerning economic migration - it's advantages and disadvantages, as well as dominant issues appearing while changing place of living. We participated in many lectures with experts that introduced us to the problem of migrants, and asylum seekers, we gained lots of theoretical knowledge but also spoke to people who devote their whole life to support isolated communities. Heated discussions and bouncing off ideas contributed greatly to the general outcome of this project. It was definitely an inspiring and rich experience. Being involved in many group activities we were all able to understand the problems, and find in ourselves tools to resolve them. I’ve also learnt a lot about youth in action programs and the values they promote. it was a reeeally good experience. Oh, and the weather in Plymouth was awesome!! And the 15 participants from 5 countries... they made the experience so much more fun, and more practical in a sense that we were able to learn about similar situations taking place in different European countries. Good training, wonderful people, fantastic experience!

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    Marlena Kalmuk (Tuesday, 27 August 2013 18:42)

    Since 5th July till 11th July 2013 I participated in an international youth training course which was called “Addressing European Mobility”, held in Plymouth, England. There were 15 participants from European countries such as Romania, Hungary and Spain.
    Before the project I didn’t know much about problems faced by immigrants in Plymouth, but not only in Plymouth - in every city where they decided to stay. Amounts of the immigrants from Poland really surprised me.
    All of the practical exercises were a good opportunity to improve our team working skills and our knowledge about problems in the area of mobility - for instance unemployment, domestic violence and alcoholism.
    Law and statistics have been presented for us, we also met with the director of Amber Initatives who as well works in a English Red Cross. It was a good opportunity to see his point of view on the problems of asylum seekers, refugees and illegal migrants whom he was working with.
    The biggest fun for us was visiting Plymouth and see this beautiful town from the boat with other participants who were great people :) It was a great pleasure to spend time with them and getting to know each other.
    Definitely, because of the positive vibes and new useful knowledge it was the best project I have participated in.