Un Chien Andalou

02 - 10.07.2013
Setubal, Portugal


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a YE titled Un Chien Andalou all co-ordinated by Experimentáculo Associação Cultural  and held in Setubal, Portugal.

Cinema and films are one of the best ways to put us to think, to ask ourselves (and the world around us) and show us clues and ideas. It is an art form that relates to the social context like no other, combining thinking with entertainment.
The exchange "Un Chien Andalou" will be held in Setubal, Portugal, and will join 30 youngsters from 6 different countries of the European Union, between 2 and 10 of July 2013. Through the films they will reflect on their own European citizenship and will be stimulated to a bigger participation in their societies as active citizens; they will reflect about the environmental challenges and climate changes that threaten a sustainable future; they will stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurship, becoming more fit personally and professionally; and they will fight all forms of social segregation, which urges eradicate.

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    Karolina (Monday, 22 July 2013 18:08)

    Youth Exchange "Un Chien Andalou" was an amazing experience. The aim of the project was todiscuss problems of modern world through movies. It was great possibility to meet amazing people from countries such as Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Macedonia, Serbia, to share our points of view in disscusions, and to exchange opinions. It was also opportunity to learn more about their cultures, traditions and problems of our countries. Every night we were taken to a different country.
    Working togheter helped us to learn more about ourselves and how we can act to prevent social exclusion and discrimination. What is more I had a chance to practice my language skills. I'm grateful to the organizers for their hospitality and for possibility to see so many beautiful places. I hope I will be able to come back again someday. It was an unforgettable adventure and great lesson for me, I'm glad I had the opportunity to take part in this project.

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    Dominik (Monday, 22 July 2013 18:09)

    Youth exchange project "Un Chien Andalou", organized by the Associação Experimentáculo was my first youth exchange in the framework of the Youth in Action. The location selected for the project was Setubal - having a large harbor, industrial city in the past, where people mainly engaged in catching fish. Today, the local authorities are trying to change Setubal in the tourist city – in a greater or lesser effect.
    For me it was a great experience to know a new culture, meet with people from other countries and improve my English. Daily workshops provided an opportunity to exchange views on current social issues. Between classes we got to know the city in the fun of a treasure hunting, touring the surrounding sights and relaxing in the Portuguese sun. I will never forget the last two weeks.

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    Martyna (Monday, 22 July 2013 18:10)

    In the beginning of this summer I, as a member of Polish NGO - SMIT Creator -was participating in Youth Exchange titled “Un Chien Andalou” held in Setubal, in the centre of Portugal. The project was founded by Youth in Action programme and gathered people from 6 different European countries (Poland, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal).
    During ten days participants were taking part in quite interesting activities, however more important were movies touching Youth in Action priorities for 2013.
    Every day we had a movie session and then a short workshop connected to the main aspect of the movie as: social exclusion and discrimination, entrepreneurship and youth participation. Using methods as role playing, team work, and others we were trying to reflect on problems which we all as European citizens face in everyday life.
    Movie chosen by Polish group was an Israeli movie titled Eyes wide open describing problem of social exclusion of homosexual couple in the orthodox Jewish community.
    Every night we had also meetings in the Culture Centre of Setubal for the intercultural evenings trying the local food, watching interesting videos about different regions of our countries and dancing national dances. Thanks to the organizer we had also a chance to visit Arrabida Mountains and local vineyard and participate in the street dance classes.
    Ten days in Setubal- that was really fantastic time, spent in a great company!
    We got to know other cultures, we made a new friendships and also we had a chance to present our country in the best way we could. If I only could come back one day to Portugal for a such great project I would be really happy!

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    Maciej (Monday, 22 July 2013 18:11)

    Thanks to SMIT Creator we were able to attend “Un Chien Andalou” youth exchange organised by Experimentaculo Assosiation in Setubal, Portugal. Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and Poland were countries participating in this exchange. During ten days we spent there we had a wide variety of activities, but the main theme of this exchange were movies touching main Youth in Action goals for 2013. After each movie session we had a workshop organised by each country. The problems raised in movies were mainly regarding social exclusion and discrimination, but we’ve seen movies about entrepreneurship and youth participation as well. Movie we chose was an israeli one, titled “Eyes wide open”. It presented a story about homosexual members of society excluded by the orthodox religious environment. We put a lot of effort to organise a workshop that all of the participants would enjoy and I think we managed to do so.
    Every night we met in the Culture Centre of Setubal to celebrate the “country nights”. Each country tried its best to present itself. We tried local food, watched videos about the most attractive touristic regions and danced national dances. Moreover, we also had some group-integrating activities and took a trip to Arabida Mountains to explore the breathtaking views from the top of it.
    I cannot omit the role of EVS volunteers hosted by Experimentaculo. Both of them, Ruta from Lithuania and Saul from Spain were really helpful and made the time we spent in Portugal even better.
    Those ten days was a really short time to get to know each other, but I believe that we acquired some new contacts for the future.

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    Marta (Monday, 22 July 2013 18:12)

    At the beginning of July in Portugal took place youth exchange "Un Chien Andalou", organized by the Association Experimentaculo in Setubal - a picturesque village on the coast. Name of the project is a mysterious, namely is the title of a surreal movie from the late 30's. The project referred to the current priorities of the 'Youth in Action' program and discuss them in a little unusual way, namely through the movies. Each day was dedicated to a different film prepared by a group of individual countries (Portugal, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia). Apart the session, after which the activities were organized on the image, there were organized cultural evenings. Great fun, delicious tasting food from different countries and showcase the culture and traditions of the member enrich our evenings.
    In our spare time, we delighted the scorching sun and the ocean. We had a tour of the area, during which extraordinary views were breathtaking.
    Another successful project that allowed me to know the wonderful people and visit beautiful places. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a great trip.