Eco Calls

Vilnius, Lithuania



 SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a YE titled EcoCalls all co-ordinated by In Actio and held in Vilnus, Lithuania. 

Youth exchange "EcoCalls" is international initiative of Culture centre "In Actio"(LT),Center for Sustainable CommunityDevelopment (RO), Stowarzyszenie Mlodzieżowych Inicjatyw Tworczych “CREATOR” (PL), Mladinski center Zagorjeob Savi (SL), Radosa apvieniba “Siltumnica” (LV) which aims to unite environment with entrepreneurship and in thisway to strength youth motivation to become responsible users and members of society. During different activities of theproject young people will be encouraged to think why it is important and how to give "Second Life" for things they arenot using.During youth exchange youngsters will be motivated to search new methods and techniques for giving "Second Life" forthings are not used anymore, share their experiences and knowledge, get in touch with intercultural dialogue, prepare"Second Life " market. All activities will be based on nonformal education methodology, principles of democracy,tolerance and respect to each other.

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    Estera Kozłowska (Thursday, 27 June 2013)

    The project EcoCalls went beyond my all expectations. I though, that there will be some boring lectures about Ecology and probably limited water under shower, in order to save environment. I couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the aim of the project wasn’t about changing us to eco-freaks. It’s was about giving us knowledge, how to see in apparently useless things a possibility to re-use it and change it to something very special. In short, it was about bringing new life to old things. All week we were developing our creativity by making rabbits from old socks, coffee pads from old papers, notebooks from old posters, piggy-banks from old plastic bottles… Sounds ridiculously but actually it brought a lot of irreplaceable kind of fun, which was very conducive to integration between participations. The extraordinary hostel, which we stayed in, was also conducive to our creativity. Amazing, artistic design of that place is unforgettable. But apart from the main aim of the project, the greatest thing that this trip gave me, is meeting amazing people. I have some new friends and I will always remember those special adventures and moments that I had in Vilnius with them.

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    Jakub Polasik (Thursday, 27 June 2013 18:42)

    Exchange Project Eco Calls was greeted with a lot of curiosity and interest by from the side of polish group, sent by SMIT Creator.
    The topic covered wide aspects of recycling and re-using old and used things and items, giving them a new life and therefore protecting natural environment.
    Trainings and panels were prepared and organised by professional trainers in a very interesting and practical way - giving not only new knowledge, but what is more important, new skills and new abilities.
    Additional features was a picturesque city of Vilnus and multinational group of participants from Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia
    Time spent on the project was not only very creative but what is even more important very interesting and full of joy.
    I definitely recommend participating in Youth exchanges from YiA programme, especially with SMIT Creator,

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    Kristina Litvin (Sunday, 30 June 2013 09:42)

    Youth Exchange "EcoCall's" in Vilnius was project focused on the ecology. It consisted of the first part of the integration and the second principal part, which aim was to create a useful things from unused, so giving them a "new life." We spent a lot of time working in groups and individually practicing our language skills and raising awareness of caring of the environment and recycling programs in each country. In my view, the integration was not at the maximum level, but despite this project gave us opportunities to make friendship with people from different countries, to learn about their culture, outlook on life and way of thinking. It was short but unforgettable episode of my lifetime

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    Paweł Szegiera (Monday, 12 August 2013 12:03)

    In May this year, we were pleased to be participants in the project EcoCalls.
    As the name suggests, the theme of the project was ecology. We spent eight days in sunny Vilnius on creating new objects from unused things. A very important part of the project was to meet new people from all over Europe, getting to know the culture of new countries and practice a foreign language, not just English.
    Very big plus was the location of our hostel in the city center. Because in spare time, we were able discover Vilnius, learn the history of the city and meet local people.

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    Ziomek Aleksandra (Monday, 12 August 2013 12:49)

    Between 28.05.-05.06.2013r. young people from the Polish, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia and Latvia took part in the Youth Exchange project "EcoCallS", which took place in the capital of Lithuania-Vilnius. In the first day we had a integration activities, which helped us to got knew to each other. In my opinion it was wonderful. While we were staying in Vilnius we restored useless things for reuse. For example we made a bunny out of old sock, a paper box, a keychain out of a pottery sherds, photo albums, coasters and pigs from the bottle, jewelary from plastic and strings. I think this activities were educational because we learned respect useless things, which we can use it again. To my mind the trip was a chance saw the sights Vilnius- the city is undoubtedly fascinating and charming- also the trip gave us opportunity to made new friends.

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    Mateusz Górecki (Wednesday, 21 August 2013 15:17)

    EcoCalls project in which I had the opportunity to attend was a remarkable organizational success. Subject recycling and ecology in general gave the participants an extra incentive to work, especially on the basis of atypical forms of teaching, including the issues of non-formal education and a variety of activities proposed to us by the organizers. We were able to attend workshops to raise our overall environmental awareness, get to know the people around intercultural and lay the groundwork for future projects.