Aylesbury, UK

4-10 Maj 2013

SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a TC titled One Step ahead all co-ordinated by Momentum World and held in Aylesbury, UK.

The aim of the project is to train and develop younger staff or volunteers in youth organisations on how to organise and lead successful international youth exchange projects. Participants on the course will be more confident about leading groups, and reach higher standards of professionalism. The course will cover:

  • ·         Rules and regulations
  • ·         Planning and organisation
  • ·         Risk assessment and risk management
  • ·         Selecting and preparing participants
  • ·        
  • ·         Inclusion and special needs
  • ·         Professional standards and personal behaviour
  • ·         Intercultural and religious issues
  • ·         Anticipating and dealing with problems
  • ·         Documentation and reporting
  • ·         Evaluation and capturing / measuring learning outcomes
  • ·         Follow up activities

This is a practical, hands-on course. Each participant will have the chance to act as group leader for at least one session. Activities will include team building, interactive discussions, outdoor education, team challenges and intercultural evenings. There will be review and reflection sessions every day and plenty of time free for informal discussions and thinking about future partnership projects.

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    Ania Kowalska (Thursday, 27 June 2013 18:33)

    In the week of 4.05- 10.05 I took part in a youth exchange “One step ahead” in UK, organised by Momentum world organisation.
    The exchange took place in Green Park, student residential area where all the workshop were conducted.
    The topic of the exchange “one step ahead” was a symbolic meaning of a good leader’s attitude.
    During the project a lot of important areas of conducting a youth exchange has been studied.
    The workshops concerned topics like: leader’s role in the project, problem solving process, planning, organising, managing people in the group, group dynamics and risk assessment.
    During the workshops, as a participant I had the occasion not only to gain theoretical knowledge but also I put in practise all the lessons learnt.
    Apart from all professional trainings, the youth programme was a great opportunity to meet very interesting people from all over the Europe, exchange cultural similarities and differences, share ideas and get new connections for future youth’s projects.
    I am very satisfied with the project, after which I feel I gained a lot of important knowledge, experience and amazing friendships

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    Ania Kaszczak (Thursday, 27 June 2013 18:33)

    At the beginning of May, I took part in a project “One Step Ahead” in Aylesbury, Great Britain. It is a picturesque town one hour away from the capital – London. The project was a group leader course organized by Momentum Team.
    When I reached the place where I was going to spend the next week, I was simply amazed by the beautiful landscapes that surrounded me. The project took place in Green Park Training & Conference Centre which is situated in greenery quite far away from busy streets and traffic jams in city centres.
    During the first day, we had some ice-breakers so that participants could get to know one another. There was a welcome meeting and general introduction to what we are going to do during the program. The next day, just after breakfast we participated in zumba exercises and it was a wonderful 15-minute energizer that “awaked” us. Then, we had some discussion about our expectations from the course. Our first exercise was a team building one. We were supposed to prepare in small groups a short movie of imaginary youth exchange which aim is to promote healthy lifestyle. After lunch we presented our efforts and exchanged views. We also disputed about what a truly successful youth exchange looks like. Later, we shared experience from our own organizations, project experience and case studies. During the next two evenings we took part in Intercultural Evenings. Participants from Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania and England contributed to an evening of entertainment exploring each other’s culture and traditions. During the next days, we had some discussions about professional standards and flexibility, what makes a good leader. We had a deep insight into the leaders in the world and in youth work. I was also able to learn a lot about risk assessment and management, finance and administration of the projects, planning and evaluating them, the do’s and don’ts of Youth in Action. There was also some sessions about different aspects of the group leader role, and compile learning into “chapters” of a shared code of practice. Quite interesting turned out to be the presentation about 2020 Education issue.
    As Aylesbury is situated close to London, we went there and took part in a game called “London Challenge”. Being given some questions about this city, we had to find out the answers. We had to prepare a movie about risks in London and do some funny pictures, e.g. kiss a stranger in front of Buckingham Palace or stand on your head in front of Big Ben.
    The end of the project and the necessity to say “goodbye” was the worst experience because all of us had a fantastic time during the program and made a lot of wonderful friendships there… I'm so glad that I had the chance to participate in that course which for me was a really useful life experience

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    Krzysiek Gałka (Thursday, 27 June 2013 18:34)

    Between 4th and 10th of May I took part in international youth exchange called “One Step Ahead”.
    Together with other participants from Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey and England I was getting to know what features should have a good leader of international exchange.
    The program was settled in the scenic place Green Park resort near London. The organizer this event was the co-organization “Momentum World”. Workshops were including both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises in groups. During the project we also had the opportunity to verify the skills we earned during the “London Challenge” – divided in groups we paced the capital city of Great Britain and tried to accomplish as many tasks as we were able to. Everything went under professional supervision, however, in friendly atmosphere. During the evenings we integrated ourselves in a traditional British pub, also we got to know the cultures of the other participants countries during the “cultural evenings”.
    The trip gave me the opportunity to earn new skills and gain useful knowledge. I also made many friends and had an outrageous time!