I am an EU citizen

29.04 - 04.05.2013
Limassol, Cyprus



SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a YE titled I am an EU citizen all co-ordinated by Dorea and held in Limassol, Cyprus. 


The sense of citizenship is one of the most important issues/concepts which the people of an EU member country should be aware of. The project “I am an EU Citizen” aims to encourage youths from different EU countries to be proud of saying “I am an EU Citizen”, motivate them in paying attention to main EU issues and ensure that they know what it means to be an EU citizen and what are the rights as well as the obligations of an EU citizen. The main aim of “I am an EU Citizen” project is to share the experience of being EU citizen 
and encourage others to act as a responsible EU citizen. The main task is to develop the meaning of citizenship for the EU youths of today. The participants will be from five different countries which have been chosen carefully to serve the purpose of the proposed project. More specifically, the countries have been chosen based on their accession date to the European Union (EU) and have a right balance between 'new' and 'old' EU countries. 
The 'old age' EU. This country is an EU member state for more than 30 years; the participants from this country can advice and share their vast experience in being at EU and what it means to them. The 'middle age' EU. This country(ies) has joined EU more than 7 years before but less than 30. It means that participants have experienced how their country has changed after the accession to EU. 
The 'new age' EU. This country(ies) is among the youngest members in EU. The people/participants are the most excited of all about EU; they can share their experience on how they felt when they became citizens of EU and how that changed their ordinary life.

Each participant has to share knowledge about citizenship in EU: the good practices, the 
opportunities, the challenges as well as the difficulties of being an EU citizen.

Promote the EU citizenship among young people from different EU countries;
Encourage the youth to follow the example of EU citizen;
Find out which issues the EU youth face today and possible solutions on how to solve them using participants’ experience;
Exchange the experience of being EU citizen: advice, encouragement, motivation and inspiration to each other;
Encourage participants to disseminate the EU citizenship idea at their closest environment and to their peers. 

The participants have to understand and analyze the importance of EU citizenship. The activities performed by participants during the project are oriented and focused on participants’ self-assessment, creative self-expression, presentation and sharing of experience with other participants and self-evaluation. Participants will be engaged to workshops, group games and tasks, seminars, sharing good practices and their experience 
living in various EU countries. Moreover, there will be outdoor activities and meetings/discussions with EURES organization, environmental friendly company representatives, social-cultural excursions, among others. These activities demand creativity and sharing of knowledge about EU citizenship. In this way, all the participants will be actively involved in the various activities. 

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    Adriana Kapała (Tuesday, 07 May 2013 14:11)

    I participated in a project that took place in Limassol, Cyprus. For a week we had lectures, panels, and exercise of our citizenship in the European Union. Each country presented a topic about its membership of the EU. Our group presented the advantages and disadvantages of accession to the community. The most interesting part of the project were the meetings with experts. For example with representatives from Entrepreneurship Development Board who shared with us experiences and knowledge on labor market across the Europe. With Janice King who is a trainer in Dorea Educational Institute we were creating our CV and cover letters. We also made personal SWOT analysis. We had also multicultural evening and we presented traditional food and drinks. Last day before leaving we created logo of project and drowned it on t-shirts together with YIA logo. After this project I feel more open-mined and aware of my chances and possibilities in European Union. Now I know how many things i can do with support from organizations which cooperate with the European institutions in my country. I also enjoy new relations with people from other countries and i hope that i will meet them in the future, maybe in the next amazing project.

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    Jacek Bisiński (Thursday, 09 May 2013 17:37)

    In general, projects related to Youth In Action programme are the best things that happened in my life. I have participated in 5 projects and from the very beginning it has huge influence on my life. I became an open-minded person, I changed my attitude to life, I decided that working in international, multicultural environment is a great experience and has many benefits. Secondly, I realized how important languages are and after my first project I focused on them. I strongly recommend everyone to participate in that kind of projects because they will undoubtedly change your life and you will start to discern new possibilities opportunities and, most importantly, meet amazing people.

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    Marlena Strużak (Sunday, 19 May 2013 00:15)

    I had a chance to take part in a project held in Limassol, Cyprus. The topic of a project was "I am an EU citizen" and our goal we wanted to achieve was to share our experiences of being an European Union citizen, to get to know what kind of opportunities and services EU offers us and also to learn how to be a better citizen and person. The countries which took part in the project have been selected very carefully- every country have joined the Union in other time. It was supposed to make our discussion more diverse and to let us exchange our for sure different experiences and opinions. The most interesting part of this project was meeting with some young enterpreneurs who shared with us their own experiences and observations on labor market- I found this lecture very noteworthy and inspiring. There were some organisational issues which could be improved, but still project was very interesting and I learned some new things about EU. I met many new good people and had a pretty nice time. I fell in love with Cyprus and I would really like to go back there someday!

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    Kamila Nowak (Tuesday, 11 June 2013 12:14)

    I participated in a project that took place in Limassol, Cyprus. The topic of a project was “I am an EU citizen”. Our aim was to share our experiences and expectations about being in EU. During the project we had possibility to get to know what opportunities European Union gives us and also how people from different parts of Europe are looking at the current problems. From my point of view the most valuable exercises were with experts. We had possibility to make CV or to talk with Cypriot businessmen. The most funny and creative was making our T-shirts with YIA logo. After this project I feel more open for my chances and possibilities in European Union.

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    Mateusz Wojtyna (Wednesday, 12 June 2013 16:26)

    SMIT Creator enabled me to spend an amazing week in Limassol, Cyprus in May 2013 where I enjoyed one of the best international experiences I have ever had so far.
    I was a participant of “I am an EU citizen” project as a part of a “Youth in Action” EU initiative. The project was attended by participants from Italy, Cyprus, Estonia, Romania and Poland.
    The project was a great platform for the exchange of experience, not only in the field of the subject matter, but also a wide range of facilities and services between cultures. We spent an amazing time in there, visiting, talking and enjoying our company.
    It was the first time I took part in that kind of project. The atmosphere of the project was full of mutual understanding, acceptance and tolerance. I am really happy, that I could participate in it. I have learned a lot and I am looking forward to meeting those people again.
    Overall, my experience in Limassol was extremely positive. The organization of the event, the facilities, the activities and even the location were perfect. I recommend SMIT Creator & „Youth in Action” from all my heart!

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    Michael Prokopowicz Domański (Friday, 14 June 2013 17:21)

    I had a wonderful possibility of participating in a project which was held on Cyprus in Limassol. For nearly a week I was a participant of “I am an EU citizen” project as a part of a larger “Youth in Action” initiative. In Limassol we, the Poles, were cooperating with Italians, Estonians, Cyprians and Romanians in a numerous panel discussions, exercises and tasks planned and then delivered in an interesting and comfortable way. By creating a map of migration, by having a discussion on advantages and disadvantages of European Union, by delivering a mute but vivid theatrical scenes on the issue of citizen laws and responsibilities or maybe simply by being gentle and polite to each other we were climbing up to the essence of the truth of being a EU citizen conscious of its rights and duties. An inspiring event was the meeting with young entrepreneurs from Cyprus who shared with us their knowledge and vital experience on labor market in Europe. The meeting was followed by career boosting panel with Mrs. Janice King, a trainer from Dorea Educational Institute. With Mrs. King we were preparing our own S.W.O.T. analysis and then, basing on our strengths, creating our own CV. Once we had a intercultural night with traditional food and drinks from each participant European states. I had an opportunity to try delicious regional Halloumi cheese and to fell in love with Cyprian culture, food and the people itself. Definitely, one of the biggest advantages of the project was surely mixing the nations what made our points of view diversified and it allowed us to exchange the most different opinions and experiences. Thanks to this project I got to know what kind of services and opportunities EU has to offer to the students, but also I learned how to be a better person and a EU citizen. Now, when I am back in Poland, I enjoy new relations with most interesting people from other countries, especially from Italy, and I hope that in future I will leave for a next brilliant European project.

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