Socially Employed

22 - 02.03.2013

Agia Napa, Cyprus


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a youth exchange titled Socially Employed co-ordinated by Nautilos Search and Rescue Team and held in Agia Napa, Cyprus. 

Social media has become an integral part of our every day lives, it's almost surprising the see the reaction of young people if they are somewhere without internet access. This project will take a deeper look at social media and see how young people can use it to find employment, advance their careers and for entrepreneurial activities. Besides the advantages social media can offer there are also some dangers that could arrive from the usage of social media.  We are already hearing of cases of cyber bullying and even discrimination.  We will look at the different dangers and precautions young people should be aware of when using social media and ways that they can take advantage of the opportunities and advances social media have to offer.

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    Jan Talaga (Tuesday, 05 March 2013 22:19)

    Although nowadays intercultural communication and interactions seem fundamental for European Union and a role of social media in everyday life has been constantly growing, still there are undiscovered topic.

    Every form of discussion about these problems is extremely needed and required. This is a report of an international project “Socially Employed”, which took in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

    In the end of February I had an incredible opportunity to participate in a nine day long project which was organized in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Although groups of participants came from ten countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Malta, Latvia, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Romania and France, altogether eleven counties were represented (in addition: Lithuania and Netherlands). It gave us a great spectrum of discussed issues in different countries among Europe.

    In general we were focused on topic how to use social media to find job in a normal life and how they can support us in current, cruel reality of job seekers. All of us found the topic of creating CV and Cover Letter on social media, like video CV, Youtube channels, Twitter etc. very interesting.
    We all realize that items once uploaded to social media, stay there forever, although we do not want them anymore. Our social media profile can be really distractive and disturbing while we are looking for a job.

    We also have learnt how to use social media for seeking for job, promoting our business and others activities, not only if they are focused on online marketing.

    Many different points of view were represented. All participants agreed that social media have a great influence into everyday life and have a huge impact for job seekers.

    During the project we proved we can respect each other even if we are parts of different societies. We succeeded our goals via dialogue and games. Group discussion confirmed we all have different point of view and taught us to tolerate each other.

    Another event I found really interesting was sightseeing of Larnaca and Cape Grekho. These two places have been having a great history and experience for more than 20 centuries and many different religions. It is really exiting to discover multicultural background of Cyprian culture. That’s why Cyprus seems to be a perfect place for hosting projects like that.
    “Socially employed” was a well-organized and effective project. I am absolutely sure every participant enjoyed his/her time in Cyprus and took many benefits. In my opinion we built really stable fundament for further cooperation.

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    Łukasz Starakiewicz (Wednesday, 13 March 2013 15:48)

    Exchange in Cyprus has been amazing and one of a kind experience - I have never before seen so many various personalities and cultures in one place, working and living together, focusing on revolutionary ideas and tackling problems of global scale. Once trying to solve those issues, we’ve learned even more about ourselves, both in terms of career and personal development. I have experienced huge boost in job finding skills, social media understanding, cultural awareness, widely understood soft skills and moreover it has let me put my life path in wider perspective, find and see another exciting possibilities that it offers. It hasn’t been just a next step in my career. It has been a huge leap forward, with stunning progress in almost all aspects of life. I have been lucky to enjoy this purest and the most genuine form of non-formal education. We have been learning not only by attending fascinating, diversified workshops, excursions to cities and countryside of Cyprus, but also during exciting cultural evenings taking everyone on a magical trips that make exploring numerous, far countries and customs in less than 9 days possible. In detail, we’ve focused on internet and social networks as tools of finding and acquiring a job, we’ve covered delicate subjects of self promotion in the web, compared ideas of people connecting and making friends online as well as realizing wide range of threats provoked by creating own internet alter ego. We’ve not only exchanged tools for social networking, but also come up with innovative, visionary and sometimes even revolutionary ideas of using them which certainly will be helpful if not crucial while applying for a position. Naturally it has been a great opportunity to make some international, hopefully lifelong lasting friendships with outstanding, uncanny and bursting with energy people from Latvia, Belgium, France, Romania, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Malta and last, but not least, Poland, which, as a group, modestly speaking, has done a splendid job while presenting own land in simply ravishing competition-like game and has just amazed everyone with creativity and ideas. I will never forget this exchange!

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    Helena Koziec (Wednesday, 13 March 2013 20:03)

    Thanks to the association Smit Creator I had an opportunity to take part in the very interesting project called ‘Socially employed’ organized in Ayia Napa on Cyprus. The aim of the project was to present participants the way of functioning of social media and its role in looking for a job.
    On Cyprus met participants from 10 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Malta, Latvia, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Romania and France and during 9 days they had an opportunity to present their ideas and opinions about using social media and to learn during workshops and activities.
    During discussions and works hops we had an opportunity to learn how to look for a job in the internet, how to use social media as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube to promote yourself and your business and how to create the social network to make it more accessible and helpful for everyone. Nowadays people from trades, not only related to online marketing, could use social media to attract more clients, employees and collaborators. Tips about writing a good CV and attractive cover letter were very helpful. We paid a lot of attention to the topic of dangers connected with sharing your data in the internet. I think that still many people are unconscious how much people judge us by information written for example on Facebook.
    Many discussions and activities gave us a chance to share our thoughts and create new ideas. Working in international groups let us to see some things from different points of view and find for some problems new resolutions, which could be used by citizens from many countries. I guess that we learnt a lot from each other and we trained our organizational and presentation skills.
    The part of the program were also culture nights, at which we could learn a lot about cultures of participants and about youth organizations in which work young people. I’m impressed how much initiative show young people nowadays and how much they want to change the world for better. On the trips to Larnaka and Grekho we could learn more about Cypriot culture and nature, to get convinced that Cyprus is worth visiting.
    ‘Socially employed’ was a project full of new experience. I believe that it was a beginning of further cooperation with many organizations.

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    Inga Brzozowska (Friday, 15 March 2013 15:30)

    Project 'Socially Employed' was my first experience in such kind of exchanges. I did not know what to expect. When it came to integration on the first day in Cyprus, I was totally engrossed in things which were happening around me. I met about sixty wonderful people from different countries in about one hour. I mention it, because I find social component of this project expecially successful. Besides other advantages, human factor has influenced our exchange majorly.

    As the programme is concerned, it reflected our needs completely. It was directly connected with current problems which young European people struggle. As a student, I found out about opportunities I had not known earlier. We were sharing our points of view, attitude to essantial problems and simply knowledge. Let's imagine 60 people adding something important to one difficult issue - in this way, we got 60 possibilities to handle it.
    There were solely practical tips - so dissimilar with educiation we are accustomed in university. What has suprised me is, that even though unemployment is a complex problem, we had no difficulties finding suitable remedy to it.

    So a reinforcing fact it was, that I came up with the idea of working with young people in future. European Union gives as a great opportunity to develop ourselves. Now, I do believe that united we stand, divided we fall. That project mad me aware of advantages of cooperating, sharing experiences and will.

    Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and this project also did. But now I know, I will strongly recommend 'Socially Empoyed' to my friends and every young person who wants to broaden their mind in a clever way and have a great time during it!

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    Natalia Fraś (Friday, 15 March 2013 22:53)

    70 participants, 11 countries, 9 days. Development, amazing people, beautiful Cyprus! These two sentences give general overview of what happened in Ayia Napa. However, if you think it was a holiday - you're wrong. If you think then, we didn't have fun, you're wrong even more! Youth exchange in Cyprus was probably one of the best adventures I have had in my life :)

    “Socially Employed” project was exactly what young people need while searching for a job. During our workshops we were discussing issues that connect job, social media, experience and cultural diversity. Especially interesting were workshops about creating a creative CV and cover letter to rise up a chance for employment. What is more, we took up topic of promoting ourselves and our businesses – how to use social media as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to advertise the stuff we do.

    Every evening we had a great opportunity to get to know culture and traditions (and delicious food!) of all participants’ countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania. As a Polish team we also prepared cultural night, having encouraged participants into interactive quiz, and having served traditional polish food.
    During the project there was a chance to talk about stereotypes. Finally, we realized that in some ways we are totally different, but at the same time so similar.

    To sum up, I must say it was an amazing time! I met wonderful people and that is probably the main advantage of the project. Because you can learn social media, you can read about culture, and taste various food. But without people it doesn’t make any sense.

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    Karolina Kubala (Sunday, 17 March 2013 22:38)

    Between February 23rd and March 2nd I had an amazing opportunity to be a part of an international project ‘Socially Employed’, which took place in Agia Napa in Cyprus. The theme of a project was very close to me, thus my expectations were high. I wanted to broaden my knowledge in the area of social media, get to know opinions of other young people and see what are the chances and threats waiting in the Internet for young Europeans searching for a job. Luckily my expectations came true and I can honestly say, that the time spent on Cyprus wasn’t time wasted. Just after arriving on place it turned out that a project group including nearly 70 persons were very open, eager to enter discussion and exchanging of ideas people.During the project we discussed subject of unemployment of young people which is a big problem in present world. We were looking for innovative ways of creating CV, that could help us stand out from the crowd and we discussed stereotypes and learned how to cooperate and seek for solutions to even the hardest problems. The project changed my point of view on many important subjects. I realised how many opportunities do young people using social media have, but at the same time I noticed how important it is to protect your own privacy. Thanks to ‘Socially Employed’ I widened my horizons, met amazing people that I can still keep in touch with and that inspired me to grow as a person, mostly thanks to confronting my opinions with opinions of others. I am convinced that learning through discussion and exchange of experiences enriches us and allows us to look at particular problems from a wider point of view. I would definately recommend project “Socially Employed” to my friends.

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