The Earth Art. Design your Environment

22 - 30.04.2013
Fafe, Portugal


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a YE titled The Earth Art. Design your Environment co-ordinated by SYnergia  and held in Fafe, Portugal


The venue of the project will be in Braga, the city which was nominated as European Youth Capital 2012. We have chosen this city of Portugal as a strategical place to reach youngsters from different backgrounds,moreover this city has many green zones,which will be a good environment to express ideas of the Earth Art. In the end of the project we will organise an exhibition in the centre of Braga and involve locals to join the idea of the project on friendly environment.

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    Katarzyna Cholewa (Tuesday, 07 May 2013 00:00)

    In 22.04 - 30.04. 2013 six nationalities - people from Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Spain and Portugal met themselves to work on project The Earth Art. Design your Envrironment.

    Surrounded by beautiful landscapes of Portugeuse province we tried to know each other, our cultures, and problems connecting with envrionment. Several workshops, games, and trips organized during the exchange helped us to better understand the topic of the project but also gave us a lot of fun. The most interesting part of the exchange were trips to Braval (Recycle Center), Braga (European youth capital of 2012) and Guimarães ( Capital of Culture in 2012 and European Capital of Sport in 2013). During these trips we could observe how environmental problems are treated in Portugal, but also learn about life and attitudes of people from this country. Last three days of the exchange we spent for preparation of the project. We were devided into four groups, each group was preparing their own art project using natural materials such as rocks, stones, leaves, flowers etc. At the end we were presenting our projects to students from high school in Guimarães.

    The exchange was enriching and interesting experience, the uncomparable possibility to meet and know people from diffrent countries. This project developed not only my knowledge about environment protection but also improved several useful skills such as intercultural communication, team working and creative thinking.

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    Anna Żurawska (Tuesday, 07 May 2013 11:01)

    Two last weeks of April I’ve participated in Youth in Action project “ The Earth Art. Design Your Environment. “. There are no words on this world, which could describe this wonderful time! Project took place in beautiful country – Portugal! Thanks to YIA I’ve visited this country for the first tome in my life, but one thing is certain – it was the first, but NOT the last time! Of course place wouldn’t be so amazing without people! There were about 35 young people from countries like: Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Italy.. and Sardinia ;d. With people from all these countries I’ve spent a lot of time for knowing: each other, their cultures, personalities, and their crazy CREATIVE minds..! All project was based on idea of discussing environmental problems by using a lot of creativity. This project was full of great fun and positive energy, but also realized me how important the environmental problems are – more than I could thought. As I mentioned above – there is no words to describe how much I’ve learned on this project.. not only about cultures, environment, people, but about myself and life. After that project I’m coming back to my life with a pile of great memories, my mind overflow by ideas, knowledge and positive energy and a lot of new friends!

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    Aleksandra Molendowska (Tuesday, 07 May 2013 22:19)

    From 22.04 to 30.04.2013 I have been participating in Youth Exchange titled Earth Art Design. Project Your Environment, held in Fafe, Portugal. In this project I have been working with students from Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Portugal and Italy. First of all, what I have learned there was how to take care about our environment. During whole week: workshops, presentations and discussion improved my knowledge about recycling and problems which occur in different countries connected with protecting environment. As a result of many activities participants have discussed solutions possible to be bring in their countries. Secondly, I’m sure that my soft skills have developed a lot. For example : communicating in foreign language, cooperation, negotiating, empathy and the most important one -building relationships of trust, respect and productive interactions. Thirdly, our main target was preparation of exhibition, which have to present ideas of how to protect Earth environment but made only out of trash collected before in the countryside. Divided in groups we have prepared and then presented many different, creative works in secondary school in Guimarães, Portugal. What’s more students from this school were really interested in our exhibition, easily understand ideas and make a lot of detailed questions.
    To sum up, I would like to say that this project give me a lot of satisfaction, improve my self-assertion and encourage to further active participation in such projects.

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    Aleksandra Pawlak (Thursday, 23 May 2013 16:42)

    During the project called „The Earth Art. Design Your Environment”, conducted in Portuguese small town Fafe, we had an ability to learn and discover environmental threats and solutions for a better life. The project concerned ecology, healthy lifestyle and everyday life – what we can do to make our surrounding better, cleaner, prettier? The group of over 30 people, including countries like Poland, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Estonia and Portugal, was able to work together, share ideas and knowledge about the situation in Europe, and try to think about solutions. Our activities engaged every single person, were well-prepared and interesting. Not only getting and sharing knowledge was important. We could also integrate, get to know others and discover, how interesting other European countries and customs could be. I am sure that this project was a great experience not only for me, but also for the entire group. I recommend such kind of activities to everyone.

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    Łukasz Ubogi (Thursday, 23 May 2013 17:33)

    The name of the project was „The Earth Art. Design your Environment” and it was made from 22 – 30 April 2013. There were around 30 participants from the countries like Italy, Spain, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.
    During the project we were in many cities around the place where we stayed, like garbage sorting place and we got to know the culture of our neighbors from other countries. There were many evenings during which every country was obliged to present their culture, their food and specialties. During the project there were many different games, energizers and tasks that were supposed to prepare ourselves to the project that we were going to do. The project was supposed to be made from the garbage that we found in our neighborhood. My project group created the garbage dragon, which was ment to symbolize the evilness of the garbage and its destructive influence on the environment. We wanted to show that people should start fighting with the garbage as they started to fight with our dragon, because if not, it was going to destroy our planet.
    In my opinion that project was a great opportunity to improve our skills, make ourselves more creative and meet a lot of people from different European countries, get to know their culture and also make many new friends. I would recommend that kind of project to everybody, especially to people who likes to travel, meet new people and improve their personality in many fields.