Caring Gaia

Casas del Río, Temple Zen Luz Serena, Spain


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a PBA titled Caring Gaia co-ordinated by Soto Zen Buddhist Community and held in Temple Zen Luz Serena, Spain. 


Caring Gaia is a PBA within Action 4.3 that will be implemented in Casas del Río in the Temple Zen Luz Serena.  The topic of the PBA will be global challenges and the protection of nature as well as to promote the sustainable development, rasing awareness of Young people through the preparation of YiA projects.  The seminar will last for 7 working days and and 8 nights and its objectives will be:

1. To facilitate the Exchange of experiences among partners in the Project about the type of youth work at European level that they develop on natural protection and sustainable development.

2. Discuss and confront different experiences about effective YiA projects to fight against the destruction of nature as well as to raise awareness about this topic among Young people.

3. To inform and to develop the partners’ knowledge and skills about key factors that contribute to a successful YiA Project.

4. To create the conditions and to promote the realization of YiA projects that Foster European cooperation among the partners in a environmental protection framework.

There will be 30 participants coming from EU member States and neighbouring countries. The activities and methods planes will be: conferences about environmental protection and sustainable development through YiA 1Projects, working groups for the exchange of good practices. Workshops about projects formulation in YiA Programme and case studies about successful vs bad projects.


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    Grzegorz Gustaw (Sunday, 19 May 2013 00:13)

    Together with Ms. Anna Pieczatkowska – the President of SMIT CREATOR – I have had an unique opportunity to participate in the project „Caring Gaia”. It was held at the Temple of Spanish Zen Luz Serena which is situated in the picturesque region of Casas del Rio. Global challenges, the protection of nature and the promotion of the sustainable development were the major issues on the agenda. Activities included: training sessions, the preparation of “Youth in Action” (YiA) projects, the exploring of the Buddhist philosophy as well as the meditation practice and such a “simple thing” as hiking as well. It was a very profound and deeply instructive experience for me. I highly recommend anyone to participate in the similar projects

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