Creative leadership

14 - 20.04.2013

Judaberg, Norway


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a TC titled Creative leadership co-ordinated by Nordisk Institutt for Trening og Internasjonal Nettverk held in Judaberg, Norway.


Creative leadership” is a 6 days training course to be held in Judaberg, Norway in 2013 aims to create adaptable, motivational and successful young leaders in a contemporary multicultural society. The training will bring together 24 participants from Norway, Portugal, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia in a team building process to motivate potential leaders, promote exchange of best practices between two different regions: Eastern and Western Europe. The training will be based on non-formal education methodologies and it will give tools to develop leadership competencies and unlock potential skills of young leaders to workcreatively with heterogeneous teams and intercultural environments. The participants will be encourage to develop a new tool kit forleadership using non-formal methodologies that allow to identify and contribute to the improvement of an effective leader.

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    Mateusz Górecki (Tuesday, 07 May 2013 19:50)

    On April 14-20 took part in an amazing project on a small Norwegian island, in Judaberg. Topic of the project was "creative leadership". During his lifetime, along with the other 23 people in Norway, Portugal, Polish, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia have worked on the role of young people in the creation of new forms of leadership, motivation, success, and actions in a diverse, ever-growing civil society. Through workshops, training and cross-cultural evenings (held by each of the countries participating in the exchange), we were able to expand our range of opportunities for the understanding and integration. In addition, through the use of tools in the field of non-formal education got more possibilities to extend our expertise and unlocking potential "internal champions". The project itself also resulted in establishing a number of knowledge and the exchange of ideas for a special, and the same place in which it was carried out (isolation from civilization) gave us the opportunity to better understand and focus on the project.

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    Natalia Szatko (Wednesday, 08 May 2013 23:02)

    The training „Creative Leadership” was conducted in Judaberg, Norway from 14th to 21st of April. Participants was from Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia. It was organised by…

    On Sunday, after arrival and accommodation in our rooms we had time to meet each other, parley in front of fireplace and walk through the neighbourhood. In the evening we were playing in team building activities. The second day of training was devoted to specify our expectations, our impact to the project and learn how to work together. In groups, we had done different tasks, and then we presented the results of it to the rest of us. There was also presentation about types of leading. Then, in the evening, there was International Evening. Each group of participants from the same country prepared stand and short quiz about their homeland. Next day we focused on solving problem how to care about human laws in some country which we got description of. We were supposed to choose the best option according to us and justify our choice. In succeeding task we personated in owner of several flats. Our aim was to decide to who from the list we were going to rent a flat. In the first step we chose it only by ourselves, then in the group of 3 and in the end 12. After long discussion we finally found some compromise and made a list of winners. On Wednesday we started with presentation concerned programme Youth in Action and other European programmes. In the afternoon the part of us went for a trip to Preikestolen, the second one to Stavanger. On Thursday and Friday we had opportunity to check our skills and wrote our project. After each step there were consultation with our trainers to verify and complete our work. In the and each group presented their project to the rest. On Saturday – last day there were summary of whole training, accumulation of materials and taking photos, congratulations and departures.

    The organization of training was good. Accommodation, nourishment, localization were perfect. The participants had chance to extend their knowledge and check themselves. For me, it is unforgettable, enriching experience, meeting interesting people and seeing a marvelous country – Norway

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