Trash for Cash

05 - 13.04.2013

Agia Napa, Cyprus


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a TC titled Trash for Cash co-ordinated by Nautilos Search and Rescue Team and held in Agia Napa, Cyprus


Our training course will look at the subject of up cycling, a process that converts trash into saleable items.  The course will look at methods that organizations can get youth people actively involved in their youth centers and also in their community and have an impact on the environmental issues of our countries.  Through the activities foreseen in this training the participants will learn about up cycling and the differences between up cycling and recycling.  We will look at methods to use up cycling for raising funds for organizations and also ways to use up cycling to create job opportunities for young people. The training course will consist of trainers and young people so that we can get an even perspective of opinions and knowledge exchange. In addition to the up cycling aspect and the entrepreneurial theme we will also take into consideration the environment and see methods that we can keep young people involved and active in the field of environmental conservation.  We will look at methods to keep youth informed about environmental issues and also too be active in their community.

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    Malwina Janik (Thursday, 09 May 2013 11:06)

    SMIT Creator enabled me to enjoy one of the best international experience I have ever had so far. Between 5-13th of April I partook in the project “Trash for Cash”, which was held in Agia Napa, Cyprus and was coordinated by Nautilos Search and Rescue Team. What was so special about our “Trash for Cash”?
    PEOPLE – more than 40 persons from 13 coutries, a group in which you could find everything – amazing diversity of experiences, ideas, ways of making a living and ages  Nevertheless, straight from the beginning we were highly motivated and engaged in our activities. Regardless of the nature of the activity – focusing on conceptual work, practical handcraft workshops or collecting “materials” among Cyprus trash – nobody ever said “stop”. In was an extraordinary experience to form and strengthen the bonds of our wonderful group – sharing experience, exchanging opinions and ideas, finding the solutions of problems we concentrated on and simply the time we have spent together will stay in my mind for a very long time.
    PROGRAM – Trash for Cash was a bull’s eye to my passions, so I immersed into all the activities very smoothly. But thanks to the wonderful program, so diverse and interesting in form, nobody from the group had any objections to engage in any of the sessions. And I have to admit that each of them was unique. We had some theoretical ones – focusing of the environmental issues and the ways to solve some problems with upcycling, recycling and other processes we have learnt about. There were also some strictly practical sessions – amazing handcraft workshops which showed our potential in “doing something out of nothing”. There were also some very abstractive parts, located in the imaginary town Honeypot, which citizens we were during the project. Each of those sessions makes me smile now 
    PLACE – Cyprus in an exceptional island – cozy, friendly, open to newcomers. Thanks to Nautilos we had a chance, apart from the fantastic program, to explore the most beautiful places on the island. Thanks to them we could visit some archeological sites, taste the delicious Cyprus cuisine and admire beautiful Mediterranean landscapes. Agia Napa was a great choice of location and I am really happy I could partake in the project over there.
    If you are wondering about applying for the next Youth in Action project, don’t! Do it without hesitation! I am confident that it is the best way of learning new things, meeting extraordinary people and visiting new interesting places! I recommend it from all my heart!

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    Damian Pszonak (Thursday, 09 May 2013 20:05)

    -2 degree when you get outside, cold wind during trip to university and hot coat on you... now think about opportunity to change it! not only change the weather outside to 30, but also make incredibly great experience with new meet people and also, with huge dose of knowledge about environmental staff. For me it appears like my dream came true!
    From 5-13 of April I took part in one of the project organized by Smit "CREATOR" with cooperation of Nautilos team. "Trash for Cash" Project took place in one of the most famous city in Cyprus, Aiya Napa. For 8 days we were talking about problem we all need to face, increscent of pollution and lack of knowledge in minds of hundreds thousands people. It Was amazing to meet with other people from all over Europe and talk about problems in ours countries. Thanks For great program prepared for us, we have been able to share experience, take part in workshops, works in groups, put up our pro environmental companies and what is more, believe that all we are talking about can actually came true! I need to admit that even me with firstly was tempted by great weather (30 degree) was fascinated by organized sessions and people who led them. I was also amazed that everyone was taking part in handcraft workshops, even i have made an bracelet and necklace. Thanks for amazing almost 50 people group there was no time for being bored. After time in workshops, organizers provide us great time, like cliff jumping and city tours (like roman ruins), not forget about Cyprus cuisine (For me to much bean xD)
    Thanks to organization like Smit "CREATOR" all of you can feel the spirit of Youth In Action projects. Just connect your passion with program you will find and as a result you have great time with great people, something you will never forget. Do not hesitate anymore, just apply for the best adventure of your life!

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