Join the Green Youth Side

Mostar, Bosnia&Herzegovina



SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a PBA titled Join the Youth Green Side all co-ordinated by Narenta and held in Mostar, Bosnia&Herzegovina


The project brings together 30 youth leaders, trainers, youth workers, project managers, and volunteers from 5 EU (Poland, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Slovenia) countries, 2 EECA (Ukraine, Belarus) and 3 SEE (Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). “Join the Youth Green Side” is a partnership building activity held in Sarajevo between 6th and 11th November 2012. The aim is to raise visibility and awareness of the Youth in Action programme opportunities for trans-national co-operation in order to promote strong pro-ecological behaviors, create solutions for current ecological situation and support the European strategies in that matter.The project will include workshops, visits and simulations giving the possibility to all 30 participants to work together in the areas of: youth projects, European awersess and Youth in Action.This PBA is intended to strengthen the ties between Partners involved in the Project and to develop further actions under the Youth in Action Programme. Moreover it is a perfect possibility to exchange experience, good practice, improve quality through the provision of new tools as well as working methods and contacts necessary for networking and partner-finding.

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    Basia Pieczątkowska (Monday, 06 May 2013 19:47)

    In the end of March I’ve participated in a PBA “Join the youth Green Side” which was, to say it shortly - amazing! It took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, exactly in the "capital" of Herzegovina – Mostar. There were about 30 people from 10 different countries and together we were healing our planet with our creativity, engagement and will to change something. This project thought me a lot about environment and ecological behaviors in my and others countries. The aim of this project was to write our own project what we’ve made in groups. I think that now all of participants knows how to save our planet. Beside only the subject of the project, people gathered there where…I don’t have any words to describe them, of course not in the bad way We spend an amazing time in there, visiting, talking and being aware of our differences. This intercultural environment that we’ve been a part of gave us a breath of tolerance, similarities and understanding. We were free of all the prejudices, we were a real group of friends that take care of each other’s. Mostar, a city of extreme, look on the right, genius bridge, beautiful view, on the left war. But the city is slowly going back to its beauty from years ago. I can’t wait to be a part of the next projects. Well I will keep in my mind this great experience and knowledge, and of course all the friendships that I gain in a wonderful city of Mostar.

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    Renata Cisek (Monday, 06 May 2013 19:50)

    Many people bielieves that complaining is all what we can do for the Europe. Fortunately there also exist other part of society which do trust that building a prominent future starts in our own home and environment. The year 2013 is acclaimed by the European Union to be a year if being an active citizen. Here is an imperative to understand that it stands not only being an active in EU but more being active in cooperation with other countries. It is a key to understand that present world really needs our commitment and we cannot just stand next to things which are important for us. We need to “MAKE” it. By saying “make” we can understand: building, creating,adjusting, converting, cooperating, changing. So, as we can see all of us we have quite wide range of tools how to influence on the future. And do not think that is complicated to put those words into real life. You can start by taking part in YiA programms, gaining experience and wonderful memories and then just by implementing.
    Talking about being an active, about trying to do something and then bear fruits of labour. In this case there is no better idea than taking part in Partnership Building Activity (PBA). I was lucky enough to participate in this kind of youth exchange and Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina- was my host city for whole week from 17 up to 22 of March. Even the topic of the exchange reads like in
    this way: "Join the Youth Green Side" - I got much more than knowledge and ideas connected with different activities, also connected with environmental issues, driven by young people. Poland, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro - those are the countries which took part. As it is easy to notice - important differences do really exist between our cultural backgrounds, mentalities, religions, habits. Nevertheless, thank to activities aimed at building a trust and bonds we created fantastic team. What is more, now I am more aware when it comes to issues in relevance with YiA, how to take part in, how to write own project and then transfer into life. Of course things like working in multicultural environment and international dimension of team-work cannot be also omitted. I think it was a challenging idea which put me to the test my language skills and I am happy that I coped with it.I am glad that created there a friendships, which hopefully would be long-lasting. Moreover, the destination of the project is
    highly important to mention - Mostar and general former Yugoslavia is a territorywhere scars of war are still visible. It was so stirring to see whole building with wholes made by buletts. The possibility of seeing this with own eyes, indused everyone to thoughts that war is not only a story which happend 300 years ago, but, unfortunately, still is something what can meet everyone. We need to
    keep it in our mind and for dear life try to avoide it and save world fromdestruction.
    Just to conclude I am a fully convinced that decision of taking part in this project was one of the best and withut any doubts I would do it once again. Now, I know that being an active member of own society is good, but being an active european citizen in line with all contradictions(for
    example cultural etc) is even more important. Only thanks to it we are able to build rich in experience, cultures, friendliness, tolerance world, where everyone will have equal rights.It was impressive to see how much we can do and is not difficult to realize. The first step is only the
    willingness to do something, then you will be only surprised and happy with making a right
    Do not hesitate! „Youth in Action” is a place for everyone.

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    Maciej Duda (Monday, 06 May 2013 21:40)

    The "Join the youth green side" which took place in Mostar was the first in which I had the pleasure
    to participate. Shortly after my arrival in Bosnia and Harcegowiny felt that people here are very
    friendly and open. However, the yoke of not long ago finished war has left its mark on them.
    It's hard to forget when worn around full of bullets and holes in buildings. I was surprised after
    entrance to the Students hotel where we had stay, everything inside looked like a different story.
    The appearance of the premises which is not worthy of many a western country. Residents were
    extremely talented, great English speaking, as if what has happened 20 years ago, they didn’t relate
    at all. But to the point. It is time for first class design. I was apprehensive about boring classes, but
    I was surprised to very positive atmosphere. Each participant of unforced smile on his face was
    printed inscription: come and get to know me, to be honest I used it all the time During the week
    I met a lot of amazing people, got extensive knowledge about ecology, I learned how to work in a
    group, how to create my own designs and I visited the amazing, multi-cultural city of Mostar. After
    completing the first project my appetite is sharpened, so left only a couple of days and I'm leaving on
    the next project;)

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