Bielsko - Biała, Poland

13 - 20.03.2013


SMIT "CREATOR" is happy to announce that our project "CoexEast" was approved!The Project CoexEast is a Training Course held in Bielsko-Biała between 13 - 20 March 2013.



It is a transnational co-operationproject focused mainly on anti-discrimination and anti-xenophobia issues in a globalised world. Together with it, other subjectswill be brought up, such as: inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue, democracy, European awareness and citizenship orhuman rights.Training aims at transferring knowledge, expanding skills, shaping positive attitudes of the trainers and building mutualunderstanding between countries, despite their historical and cultural differences in order to raise awareness for the protectionof human rights and personal dignity. Together with increasing of human potential by providing learning opportunities to developpersonal skills and professional competencies.


Project is co-funded by the Youth In Action Programme of European Union.

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    Milos Matic (Saturday, 04 May 2013 12:11)

    The CoexEast Project was an international training course organized by polish NGO SMIT Creator, which took place in town of Bielsko Biala, near Cracow, Poland from 13-20 of March 2013. It was funded by European Union and European Commission, who supervised the project and its progress. The main topics of the seminar were anti-discrimination and anti-xenophobia issues in today’s societies. Based on that, we also learned how to start, conduct and maintain inter-cultural dialogue, where we went through different fields of social life, like political ideologies, political systems, religion, the issue of human rights etc. Apart from that, this project offered an increase our human potential in the domain of personal skills development and professional competencies.

    In this project 11 countries were involved, but 10 were able to come to Poland. Countries present were Serbia, Romania, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Poland as host country. Every country sent one team of 3 members as their representatives. In each of the enlisted countries there were local NGOs who had a job of forming their country’s teams, how they will do it, it’s up to them. Serbian NGO Creshendo, who was in charge of forming our team, offered the chance for anybody who is interested in the enlisted topics to apply. The only condition was that person needs to be younger than 26. Being part of this team was a great chance to, once again, represent my country in an important project like this.

    During the project we went through different types of workshops and lectures about specific elements of good and stable inter-cultural dialogue. Adding to that, we got the chance to visit Auschwitz complex where we saw what could happen when those dialogues do not exist. Cruel reminder of mistake we cannot let happen ever again.

    At the end we composed our own Manual for Inter-cultural Dialogue as a material and practical result of the whole seminar, where we putted together all the knowledge we got and results of our practical workshops. So we came back home richer for so much, with our geopolitical awareness awakened and skills to somehow improve our community.

    I’m really glad I had a chance to be a part of this project and got to meet unique people from whom I learned a lot. I believe these types of projects are very useful, especially for the youth in Serbia, because it will provide better information and contacts for them, so their experience can be used in getting our society back to normal.


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    Artur from Albania (Monday, 22 July 2013 18:51)

    "I felt very good, knowing other people, different culture, opinion, how much they are motivated to show and share their knowledge with the others."

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    Heleene, Estonia (Monday, 22 July 2013 18:52)

    "Feel like I should leave a note or smth... It was like superawesome project, you guys rock. This will do! =D"

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    Theo Cypr (Monday, 22 July 2013 18:52)

    "I really wish you to continue these great and successful projects and continue to provide opportunities for different cultures and countries to come together and enjoy such creative collaboartions."