Making a privilege for few an opportunity for all

01 - 08.03.2013

Podgorica, Montenegro



SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a PBA titled Making a privilege for few an opportunity for all co-ordinated by Association of youth with disabilities of Montenegro and held in Podgorica, Montenegro


Making a privilege for few an opportunity for all”, is a Partnership building activity that aims at fostering cooperation with organizations that work with disadvantaged youth and especially with youngsters with disabilities. The PBA will focus on crating synergies to build project ideas and activities aimed at empower youth with disabilities in order to facilitate their employability opportunities. A special accent will be put on the different policies that the countries governments run to facilitate the access to labor market from people with disabilities and with strong social and economic disadvantages. The aim of the PBA is to create and operative network of youth organizations that will connect and work to take successful policies to facilitate the access of disadvantaged youth (especially of youth with disabilities) to the labor markets. The examples will be reproduced and spread around through actions promoted by youth organizations. We will make use of the non formal methodology to facilitate the process of interaction among participants. The methods work in small groups, presentation of the activities, creative workshops, frontal presentation from the participants will be used to inspire and motivate 33 youth workers from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Poland and Portugal to work together in developing and on creating synergies to build project ideas and activities aimed at empower youth with disabilities in order to facilitate their employability opportunities. 


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    Agata Poznańska (Sunday, 24 March 2013 00:07)

    Week spent in March 2013, in Podgorcia on PBA, was one of the most interesting time of my life. Project ""Making a privilege for few an opportunity for all" made me realize how the situation of disadvantaged youth looks like in other countries and how can we deal with it. I had chance to share my ideas and experience with amazing people from 10 European countries, to attend many workshops and presentations. We visited beautiful, unknown for us places but above all, we had an opportunity to become more creative due to multicultural experiences. I'm sure that during time spent in Montenegro, we not only built partnerships, but also developed friendships.

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    Mateusz Górecki (Wednesday, 27 March 2013 21:41)

    At the beginning of March I had the opportunity to participate in an amazing project, "Making a privilege for few an opportunity for all" in Podgorica, Montenegro. The project was attended by participants from 10 countries, including e.g. Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Poland. The project was a great platform for the exchange of experience, not only in the field of the subject matter, but also a wide range of facilities and services between cultures. The project put in front of me not only opportunities, but also challenges, so that it became a real interaction between the participants, not only on a national basis, but also in Europe. These types of events are unusual base serving not only the creation of new forms of non-formal education, but also contacts and friendships, which are often able to survive a long time. Due to locate our project base within the center of Podgorica had the opportunity to better understand both the design methodology, quiet operation, and better integration.

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    Kacper Kulhawczuk (Thursday, 28 March 2013 18:41)

    Thanks to SMIT "CREATOR" I visited Montenegro as a participant of YiA programme event - Partnership Building Activity (PBA) called "Making a privilege for few, an opportunity for all" which was a 8-day very surprising and inspiring event. The event was held in the small village called Smokovec - 5 km to Podgorica and thanks to that we could focus on our workshops, discussions and aims. 10 countries were participating - Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Slovenia. After ususal ice-breaking games and expectation rounds we started with workshops about teambuliding, partnerships and understanding ourselves. Next days we focused on discussing differences in our countries - mostly about situation of disadvantaged people. We presented how disadvantaged people are excluded from the society, and not only disabled people, but also from minorities, poorer areas etc. One workshop we presented only disabled people situation - what is the law in our countries, are buildings adapted and how society treats disabled people. Last days we were presented how whole Youth In Action programme looks and works like. How to apply for an event, what are the rules and structure of YiA. Last two days of our PBA we focused on ... building partnerships. It was an aim of the event, and we tried to come out with ideas that we could realise within our organisations. SMIT was active and creative organisation and we found at least two new partnerships and/or projects. Whole week of Montenegro experiance was great challenge to ourselves and we all agreed that this event was uniqe and will have huge impact on us.

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