Gathering potentials – Developing sustainable partnerships: Struggling Youth Unemployment in Europe mutually

02 - 08.03.2013

Ključ, Bosnia-Herzegovina


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a PBA titled Gathering potentials – Developing sustainable partnerships: Struggling Youth Unemployment in Europe mutually co-ordinated by Dinaraforum and held in Ključ, Bosnia-Herzegovina


The PBA “Gathering potentials – Developing sustainable partnerships: Struggling Youth Unemployment in Europe mutually” is aimed to gather youth NGOs from programme countries and neighbouring partner countries from SEE to create stable partnerships for common youth activities in order to promote the personal, social and professional competence of unemployed youth, to share how to stimulate mobility and active participation of unemployed young people, at the same time positively influencing their employability.  The planned program gives the opportunity to discuss working experiences and strategies of NGOs in their work with youth, in order to give new impulses, to share possible ways to break the issue down and to come up with creative ideas and support for practitioners in the international youth field. The PBA will provide the occasion to share experiences, to foster sustainable and equivalent partnerships, to support capacity building, to contribute towards inventive projects by exploring new working methods and strategies, to improve the quality of future projects and to develop further activities. The methods used will be based on the principles and practise of non-formal education taking into account the needs, motivations and previous experiences of the partners and participants. Further the PBA will provide space for debate, for individual and group reflection, and encourage exchange of best practices. The debriefings of the common work and the achieved results will be accompanied by theoretical inputs and presentations that will complement the outcomes of the common work. Finally the project will support the participants to explore the opportunities of the YiA programme for the work with young people, to establish new contacts and create stable partnerships among organisations and to create new projects. 


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    Julia Renczyńska (Saturday, 23 March 2013 12:19)

    Struggling Youth Unemployment mutually, Kljuc

    For us, far away on the map citizens, South-East Europe is always something that we give a highly unexplored nature to. Thinking about the Balkans we unify the peninsula extremely, including all the countries in one category (briefly recalling the pictures and the idea of the "Underground" by Emir Kusturica ;)

    The BPA project "Struggling youth unemployment in Europe mutually" took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the only seven-day reunion finally came up the representatives of 16 countries. Most of them, due to the geographic location, could easily communicate using their native languages. Perhaps it is one of the features which adds to the common vision of Balkans as an uniform formation.

    During the daily regular meetings, we gradually built relationships and understanding. We talked about the mechanisms of the labor market, and the situation of the youth in each country.
    We analyzed both instytutional and personal errors by which the unemployment rate among young people is so high.
    Thoroughly explored the causes and tried to work out viable ideas that we, as young people, can establish to alleviate them.
    Variety of the reasons of an unemployed youth, but at the same time also vividness of different cultures, traditions, customs, mentality and culture was striking.
    Not just as for me (as a person from outside of the Balkans) but also for themselves, was worth understanding how many differences there are between them. We have built awareness of how their countries differ according to political situation which more or less affects the possibilities of development of young people, sometimes conditioning extremely large areas of their lifes.

    We have established an international dialogue and understood the importance of young activists cooperation, so we can fight for some changes.
    In addition, thanks to the training, we are enriched with knowledge of the patterns of creation and reporting procedures of EU projects. This allows us to start using the ideas that had been or can be developed through a partnership between the NGO's.

    It was my first contact with the initiatives of the "Youth in Action" program, but with the acquisition of the wider experience and knowledge in this field is certainly not the last. It is followed by the awareness that it’s neccesary (but above all - it’s possible) to make some personal commitments, contributing to make some positive changes.

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    Adam (Sunday, 24 March 2013)

    'Gathering potentials – Developing sustainable partnerships: Struggling Youth Unemployment in Europe mutually' was a seven days long meeting of NGO workers from all over Europe (though mostly southeast): Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Macedonia, Romania, Armenia, Estonia and Poland. We began with discussing main causes and factors of youth unemployment in our countries. To our surprise, it turns out that the situation in Poland is not that bad, when compared to other Eastern and Central European countries. The rates of youth unemployment in many countries can be as high as 50-70%. Young people struggle with many obstacles including nepotism and corruption. Problems common to all the countries include economic recession, which makes companies less willing to hire (especially young, unexperienced persons that require additional training before they become fully useful employees), inadequacy of higher education which leads to young people lacking skills that are needed in their work, and general pessimism over job prospects. Young people are also rarely given proper advice when it comes to choosing career paths.
    The most important part of the PBA was a preparation of international projects targeting the problem of youth unemployment. After a crash course in Youth in Action programme, we brainstormed for ideas and then split into four groups. Each group worked on a project proposal that will hopefully lead to cooperation between NGOs in different countries so that we can fight youth unemployment together.

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