Accept the game challenge!

Rabka-Zdrój, Poland

19 - 26.07.2013


SMIT "CREATOR" is happy to announce that our YE was approved! The exchange will be held in Rabka-Zdrój, Poland from 19 to 26 May 2013, and will bring together 40 young leaders, organization leaders and volunteersfrom Lithuania, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, B&H, Serbia and Poland.

The project ”Accept the game challenge!” is a multilateral 8 day long Youth Exchange which aims to bring together youngpeople and give them opportunity to explore their entrepreneurs qualifications through simulation games. Moreover it will giveyoungsters possibility to understand the process of game design under the Youth in Action program. As the result of thisexchange participants will prepare board game empowering their entrepreneurs skills. Through activities including group work,outdoor activities, interactive lectures, quizzes, games and workshops, the participants will have opportunity to build a toolwhich will help them to understand the importance of multiplying entrepreneurial skills. Furthermore by getting in touch with theother participants, they will broaden their horizons and improve mutual understanding within Europe.

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    The Greek Team (Wednesday, 12 June 2013 20:20)

    This youth in action programme was a unique and unforgettable experience. Through the content and the activities of the programme we learned that everyone who has creativity and imagination can design his own board game with educational content. Furthermore, the examples of entrepreneurship taught us that our dreams can come true if we have faith in them. In this exchange seminar we met incredible people from different countries, and we realized that our cultures we have actually more similarities than differences. Finally, through the seminar we discovered our potentials and we developed the sense of responsibility and cooperation. We would like to thank SMIT creator for the opportunity that gave us to participate in this seminar and experience unique moments.
    The Greek Team

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    Elena Efremova from Macedonia (Saturday, 15 June 2013 10:34)

    This International exchange was a perfect opportunity for getting familiar and accepting various cultures, habits, ways of life. In addition, I had the chance to present my own culture and to find the common things with other cultures.
    One of the biggest advantages on this exchange has been certainly the chance of growing up as a person by accepting everyone as it is , by learning how to make a compromise and understand different points of view. Moreover, I participated in different types of decision making processes: as being part of a team, working in pair and sometimes taking responsibilities and making decisions by my own.

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    Turkish Team (Saturday, 15 June 2013 17:10)

    Firstly, we want to say we are very pleased to participated in ‘Accept the game challenge’ project in Rabka on 19-26th May. In Rabka, we found a multicultural environment and we had a chance to know different people from seven country. We learned other countries cultures, foods in intercultural nights and we increased our entrepreneurship abilities in different plays. Especially presentation about game design was so interesting for us. We tried to design a game and it was so valuable for our creativity. With project we understand the vastness and greatness of multicultural dimensions of European Union. Thanks to SMIT CREATOR- Poland team for their hospitality. We hope to meet you again in another project.

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    Natasza Nowakowska (Sunday, 13 October 2013 14:13)

    Until I did not take part in youth exchange - "Accept the challenge game" I didn't think that gaining the entrepreneurship knowledge might be both interesting and informative. I learnt that along with participants of the Polish, Macedonia, Greece, Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia and Albania during the workshop conducted by Grzegorz Gustaw and Anna Pieczątkowska.

    The youth exchange took place in Rabka-Zdrój, the southern Polish city, famous for its resorts and highland climate. From 19th to 26th May I had been developing leadership, managment, team-building and creative thinking skills - all which is needed to run your own business. Nowadays, work in an international and multicultural environment is becoming common phenomenon. According to this the cultural diversity of the project was certainly an advantage of this exchange.

    Within five days of workshops we have acquainted the knowledge about entrepreneurship basis. Through games and activities we have learned that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, and patience is the key to success. Based on the history of the famous businessmen who have achieved international fame and success we had to make performance - this exercise helped us to put oursleves in the role of entrepreneurs, get to know their motivations and consider the pros and cons of running your own business. The meeting with the expert and creator of games - Piotr Prokopovich was a great complement to workshops . He introduced us to the basic principles of the game design.

    The most interesting, but at the same time demanding part of the youth exchange was to design your own game. My group and I created a steampunk game whose the main objective is to get as many resources in the world as possible by making the right decisions and negotiate with other players. The game was designed to develop leadership, strategic and logistical skills. Other groups have focused on developing the creative thinking, working in a group and communication skills. Despite the fact that we did have little time to design games the results turned out to be efficient and suprisingly good.

    “Accept the game challenge” was an interesting experience. It helped me to understand the mechanisms related to entrepreneurship aspects. The idea of creating a game that can be useful in future work is very practical and efficient thing. Certainly, I want to promote this work method in the future.

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