Seeds of cooperation

11 - 18. 12.2012

Furnari, Sycily, Italy


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a youth exchange titled Seeds of cooperation co-ordinated by EprojectConsult and held in Furnari , Sicily. 


The project’s aim of “Seeds of cooperation” is to give the opportunity to participants to talk, through non formal methods, about environment, active citizenship, urban/rural development, Millenium Development Goals and also to create Park of Europe by planting trees together. The result of this Youth Exchange will be the production of useful guidelines about the themes above mentioned which will be sent to policymakers, local and national stakeholders.

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    Mateusz Cwetler (Sunday, 06 January 2013 23:31)

    'Seeds of Cooperation' Youth Exchange that took place in Furnari town on Sicily island in Italy was this kind of experience you can't forget long after you come back home. During that week, between 11-18 December 2012, we've learnt a lot not only about each other cultures, but also about environmental problems that Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Poland, as participating countries, have to face in everyday life. By non-formal education methods and tools we were teaching and learning from each other about eco-issues, presenting our national flowers and games or legends connected with them. But the most memorable moment was creation of international garden, by planting orange and olive trees - one for each participating countries - and hanging on them tag with wishes for Mother Nature. Exchange was also great opportunity to learn about Sicilian folklore, history and of course gave possibility to try worldwide famous sweet Sicilian oranges.
    'Seeds of Cooperation' was amazing experience which I really appreciated and would like to repeat in future. I recommend it as valuable project for those who will have opportunity to participate in next edition of it.

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    Jaroslaw Jasica (Sunday, 06 January 2013 23:33)

    "Seeds of cooperation" was a multilateral Youth Exchange which took place Furnari, Italy in December 2012. It was a great chance for me to meet young people from Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Spain and talk about environment. The main goal of the project was to bring people together from different countries in Europe and debate on environment, active citizenship, urban and rural development. The week spent in Italy was full of discussions about environment issue from our countries, games and other activities. I think we learnt a lot about nature preservation, climate changes and eco-friendly behaviors. The most important thing in this exchange was a possibility to exchange our knowledge and observations with other young people. I am absolutely convinced that after this project all participants are more aware of nature preservation and they will do their best to protect the environment in their countries.

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    Anna Prusko (Sunday, 06 January 2013 23:34)

    During Seeds of Cooperation Project I could touch sicilian culture through visiting interesting places, talking with people living there. Sicilian food is delicious and very different than Polish cuisine. Antipasti (starters) are really important in Sicily and so tasty. They have different type of Pasta (spaghetii). Pasta dishes are often served with different types of accompaniments or sauces but usually before main dish. I had opportunity to try limoncello, a lemon liqueur, during Cultural Night.

    I learned a lot about their history, geography, important places. People are really hospitable, open and warm. I became very familiar with Sicilian cultural and social live.

    While the Project we raised an environmental issues. During different games, presentations, workshops we talked about problems, expectations and solutions. We could easily compare situation in Poland to other countries. In the end of the Project we planted fruit trees.

    Thank you for the Project.

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    Agnieszka Bochnak (Sunday, 06 January 2013 23:35)

    Thanks to SMIT CREATOR I had the great opportunity to participate in the project „ Seeds of Cooperation” which took place in Furnari (Sicily) from 11th till 18th of December 2012. Apart from Polish group the project gathered people from such countries as Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Greece and Turkey. The aim of the project was to draw attention to eco problems in countries mentioned above. During this week we had a chance not only to bring closer the eco issue but also to get to know each other’s cultures and customs. The biggest advantage of this project was the use of non formal methods of education. By playing games, creating scenes or working in multinational groups everyone had a chance to learn something or share personal experiences. Day by day we were collecting the knowledge about environmental problems which now can be useful in sharing the eco topic in the local area. The project “Seeds of cooperation” was a wonderful adventure with great people from different countries. I hope the result of the project in the form of guidelines will bear fruit for the environment as well as the olive tree we have planted in Furnari.

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    Agnieszka Kusek (Monday, 07 January 2013 19:01)

    Youth Exchange 'Seeds of Cooperation', during the week between 11-18 December 2012, was a great opportunity to learn something not only about other cultures, but also about environmental problems of such countries as Spain, Greece,Lithuania,Italy, Romania, Turkey and Poland.
    We had chance to share our knowledge by preparing activities, for other national teams, about our environmental issues, national flower and all things connected with it. So we had a opportunity not only to learn but also teach by non-formal education methods. The culmination moment was creation of international garden by planting trees. Each of participating countries was planting one and hanging on them tag with wishes for Mother Nature. These trees are a symbol of our presence and active participation in the project, which will remain in Furnari.
    This great week spent on the island was possibility to meet Sicilian culture and cuisine. opportunity to try thousands of different pastas, listen to traditional band and taste juicy oranges remain long in my memory like people which I met there.

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