Youth for Arab Baltic Cooperation

19 - 25.11.2012

Vilinus, Lithuania


SMIT "CREATOR" members were participating in a seminar titled Youth for Arab Baltic Cooperation co-ordinated by Kulturos centras “In Actio”, and held in Vilnius, Lithuania.


This November Kulturos centras “In Actio”, together with other members of Lithuanian ALF

network is organizing event - Arab Culture Days. One of the main parts of this project will be

international seminar “Youth for Arab Baltic Cooperation”.

By organizing this seminar we seek to open new opportunities for youth or youth coordinators

from both regions to build new ways for equal cooperation, share our best practices and ensure

development of common activities.

During the seminar participants will have opportunity to share their experience and knowledge

on non-formal education, develop new skills for involving media and local society.

Aim of this project is to strength cooperation between Arab An Baltic sea Regions by:

Giving a space for NGO’s to meet in order to start and/ or strengthen cooperation

Preparing future cooperation activities /projects between regions

Stimulating mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue between regions

Providing with tools /methods and programs (Youth in Action, Euromed, ALF) for future


Detailed programme please see as separate document.

This seminar is a part of Anna Lindh Foundation Lithuanian network “Arab Culture Days”.


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    Mateusz Cwetler (Sunday, 03 March 2013 17:27)

    Seminar "Youth for Arab Baltic Cooperation" organized by Kultūros centras "In Actio", held in Vilnius on 19-25 November 2012 under the "Youth in Action" Programme was a very interesting project. Organizers skillfully combined the seminar with Days of Arab Culture, taking place at the same time in Vilnius. This created an unique opportunity to not only expand knowledge but also to get in touch with rich Arab culture, which resulted in the intensification and to facilitation of dialogue with the youth leaders representatives of the Middle East and North Africa, which was the main objective of the project. Taking part in various activities participants had the opportunity to not only get to know each other, but also discover so many similarities between seemingly very different cultures of each European countries that lie on Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Arab countries. The culmination of the project was unveiling of constitution of Užupis, independent republic located in the limits of Vilnius, in the Arabic language. Because of its theme the seminar was a great opportunity to reflect on the future of Europe from the perspective of two different cultures located around two distant seas. Such meetings allow us to better understand ourself and look favorably on otherness and differences. I deeply encourage everyone to take part in similar initiatives and reflections;)

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