Hug the life

14 - 19.10.2012

Near Izmir, Turkey


Our members were seen participating in seminar titled Hug the life , which is co-ordinated by Manisa High School and held near Izmir, Turkey.

Our aim in this project is to create an awareness among the young about the harmful effects of tobacco and drug addiction, to develop embracing precautions from tobacco and drug,to share the ideas and actions about this subject with the participants and to disseminate them like domino effect. This project will take place in Manisa and the seminars will last 6 days between the dates of 14- 20 October.The seminary will be given by the experts from universitiy,security directorate,health directorate,national education directorate. By this project,we try to make the youth a part of social life and strength the active contribution and offer a healthy life style as the priorities of 2012.There will be group activities, workshops, simulations, good and bad examples,question - answer activities, NGO visits, cultural activities. An internet web site will be prepared to reach the youth, youth groups and youth the youth from different countries and cultures. At the end of the planed activities participants will demolish the prejudices and develop the possible future partnership in new projects.

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    Ania (Friday, 02 November 2012 14:24)

    I had a great opportunity to participate in 6 days long project Hug the Life in Manisa( Turkey) which gathered 24 people from 5 different countries: Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Romania and Macedonia. The aim of the project was to spread ideas mainly about tabacco and drug addiction but also many other addictions popular nowadays among young people.
    Every day we started from morning session which was cunducted by very good trainer Berat where we discussed on different topics connected with the project. We also made some presentations to exchange our experience and knowledge.
    Although we were focused on the topic of the project we could manage in the same time to taste beautiful and unique turkish culture and visit a lot of interesting places. One of the most memorable visit was in Youth Center of Manisa where young people prepared for us musical and dance performances which after turned to be a small party in the rythm of traditional turkish music. After the show we could taste traditinal food from each country.
    Another interesting place which stayed in my mind is mental hospital of Manisa where we met with doctors, nurses and also with a person who used to be addicted to heroin. That was for sure very import ant experience in my life.
    I cannot menton that this project became so popular and important for local people that we could find our pictures even in few newspapers
    It is worth also to add few words about trip to Ephesus- ancient city, Sirince village and Izmir. Ephesus is incredible place wchich make a huge impression and for sure is one of the places which I recommend to see in Turkey. Although Ephesus and Sirince are so nice places still Izmir is my number one. Izmir is one of the biggest cities in Turkey and also one of the most beautiful. During our free time we could visit popular bazaar Kemeralti and walk near the seaside. Definitely it is the place where I will come back very soon.
    In my opinion project was perfectly organised, trainer was really the best and oragnisators should get a gold medal:)

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    Ewelina (Sunday, 04 November 2012 19:21)

    In today’s world addictions has become undeniable fact of people’s live and has become widely prevalent among young people. We can observe more and more types of addictions, not only to tobacco, alcohol and drugs, but also to Internet or even to fake suntan (solarium). No one doubts this process is accelerating, which means we should create an awareness among the young about the harmful effects of bad habits. That's why workshops or training courses about this topic seems to be very suitable to our reality.
    One of those was six days long project 'Hug the Life', which was organized in Manisa (Turkey) in the middle of October. The project gathered 24 people from 5 different countries: Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and Poland.
    During everyday sessions we had a chance to learn and work together via making some presentations and posters about different kinds of addictions. Teamwork not only made ​​it possible to explore the subject but also to know each other better. Most of the activities were funny but at the same time they were giving the possibility to acquire some knowledge and to share experiences.
    The organizers of the project also provided us with many opportunities to get to know the beautiful Turkish culture. During a visit in Youth Center of Manisa we had the opportunity to see a traditional Turkish dance, listen to Turkish music, and then taste food from different countries of Europe.
    One of the most memorable visit for me was in Izmir, where we had an opportunity to do some shopping at the Kemeralti bazaar and taste some regional food.
    Another event I found really interesting was sightseeing of Ephesus and Sirince. Ephesus contains the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean, which makes this place a big tourist attraction. In the nearby village Sirince we could taste wine, buy natural olive soap and enjoy beautiful views.
    Project 'Hug the Life' was in my opinion very well organized and successful, I learnt a lot and met wonderful people from all over Europe. Not only was the project full of interesting informations about addictions but also was a great opportunity to get to know different cultures. I'll definitely visit Turkey again!

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    Joanna (Tuesday, 27 November 2012 10:23)

    Ngo seminary about different ways of addictions was organized by Manisa Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi and it was their first project. To Manisa were invited also partners from Macedonia, Hungary
    and Romania.

    Program of seminary was very intensive: we had lectures and presentations usually in the morning in our perfect Silos hotel, and then meetings outside. We had a chance to see how institutions are
    working: psychiatric hospital, youth center, university, Imam Hatip Lisesi.

    In Imam Hatip Lisesi we could see how Turkish theological school works, how modern it is in the way of teaching, which devices they use . We could experience also amazing Turkish hospitality!
    Mothers of children prepared for us dinner, we could try traditional Turkish cuisine and Turkish tea.

    The hospital had many departments, we were walking around with explanation about particular treatment. In addiction department we listened about prevention and way of treatment from the
    doctor, nurses and ex-addicted person.

    Meeting at the university was also interesting . We had lecture about problem of addictions among youngsters in Turkey. After that we had meeting with rector of university. We discussed with him about exchange programs for young people.

    It was important to recognize the problem of addicted people in Turkey but also a great opportunity to immerse into the culture and see how it works from inside.

    We had amazing organizers… Teachers and people involved in the project took care about us, always smiled and helpful. Although it was the first seminar with international partners everything went
    perfect. There was special, warm energy between people, everybody felt comfortable with each other. I can’t forget about our trainer - Berat ! Great, positive, open-minded person!

    Apart from major meetings we had great trips around Manisa and other interesting places. I could listen ney master in cafeteria in Manisa. We had also cultural evening with performance of
    traditional Turkish dance and music in Youth center.

    Our trip to Izmir was amazing. Izmir is one of the bigest cities in Turkey with seaside and harbor where are mooring ships from Greece and Africa. We were free to walk, I took a ship to go to the other side of the city. We had a trip also to
    ancient ruins of Efez and Siringe, marvelous village with amazing landscape.

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