SANAT ENGELLENEMEZ - The Art Can't Prevented

10-18 April 2012
İstanbul, Turkey

SMIT "CREATOR" is participating in a youth exchange titled Millennium Lovers on the stage, which is co-ordinated by Cultur Bridge and held in Istanbul, Turkey.


26 young people and 5 leaders from Turkey, Sweeden, Italy, Estonai and Poland countries will join our Project and we as Exceptions are Exempted Group will host them. The Project will take place in İstanbul, continue for 8 days and during these 8 days we will do the music and art activities such as Rtym Atels, folk dances, theatres to make young people come together and be unite. 

By the cooperation that supplied with the other young people, will supply for them to do empathy and understand the disabled people better and that will prevent the social excluded. Also in our Project we will focus on the opportunities and rights and regulations for keeping the rights that supplied for the disabled people by the European countries, also by this way it will be supplied to people be aware of rights of disabled people.



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    Ewa Krusz (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:48)

    Istanbul - a city full of contradictions, multiculturalism, and mystery. In the climate of that incredible town we have had a training, which theme was the use of art in working with people with disabilities. Days passed us quite slowly, in a pleasant, stress-free atmosphere. Most of the activities that we were having during the day, were fun and designed to improve our knowledge, discussion and exchange of mutual experiences. A large part of the time there we have spent on theatre activities, through which we could feel like actors, forget about the world around and just play. This meant sometimes overcoming fears and forgetting their nationalities.

    During the training, we got to know problems of people with disabilities, as well as different ways of working with those people. I enjoyed the most group exercises, in which some of us had to play disabled people.

    An other valuable experience for me, was getting to know a blind man, his point of view of the world. Thanks to him I started to look a little bit differently not only at the problem of disabled people in society, but also at my own life.

    During the trip we had the opportunity to learn about various elements of culture of different nationalities - Italians, Latvians, Estonians and Turkish. We really enjoyed the free time together, during which we visited various parts of Istanbul.

    The training was not full of exercises though, but in the same time managed to contribute to a deeper familiarization with art - an international language. Also provided us, future educators, with a number of interesting games that can be used in work with disabled, as well as with healthy people.

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    Paweł Baster (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:49)

    What can be better than a week in Istambul? A week in a Istambul spent in big international group of young people. Colorfull city of different cultures, religions and languages was best place to host this kind of exchange. Young people from Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Turkey were working together for a week to improve our knowledge about disabled people.

    Art is a language that everybody knows, so it was the best choose for theme of our activities. Drama classes we had, were designed to change our perspective for disabled people. We got to know problems of these folks. Sometimes small things in our lives, are big problems for people with disabilities. That was a valuable lesson. We were acting in public places, streets, park, and even at a famous square. As a Shakespeare said: “the world is scene”. I can say, in Istambul it's true!

    We had the opportunity to learn something more about other countries. Every national group had a cultural party and learned us something about their history, culture, food and drinks. After trainigs we got time for talk and party with people from other countries. It was a great way for learning something about other people and cultures.

    At the trainings I learned a lot of things. Very usefull informations about people with disabilities. Now I know better how to treat them and how to work with them. Interesting games and activities that can perform in groups od people with disabilites, ordinary and mixed groups. It will be for sure very usefull in my future life.

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    Marta Kosowska (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:49)

    Going to Istanbul began with a surprise at Krakow's airport - delayed flight meant that the group was split. Me and Eve, after long negotiations, we received a spare seat in the plane. Late at night we reached the hostel, which was a very inspiring place, where you can meet very creative people. If I need to describe our stay in Istanbul with only one word it would be - "waiting". Time goes by there in a different pace: slowly, without haste. Despite the constant waiting for someone or something, I think it was a very successful trip - walking on crowded streets, demonstrations, spicy foods and most importantly, amazing people. Drama on the street, meant that we attracted attention to citizens of Istanbul, particularly children, who always accompanied us when we started our presentations. Lots of reflection and fun. Nights spent with traditionally brewed tea or other drinks, a concert of a Turkish rock band, dancing till the morning and visiting historical sites in Istanbul. But the most profound impression made on me a lesson with musical instruments, on which we were able to learn to play: the drums and drummers concert group consisting mainly of people with disabilities. However a few sentences won't give the climate of those moments that will remain for a long time in my memory.

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    Mateusz Cwetler (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:50)

    After coming back from Turkey I've asked myself was it only a week, because so many things happened during that time! 7 days full of fantastic events, pure joy and unforgettable experiences together with great participants from Turkey, Estonia, Italy, Latvia and us, Polish team, in one of the most magnificent places on Earth – ISTANBUL ♥

    But project "The Art Can't Prevented" was for me very important lesson of understanding and learning from each other. After hours of drama activities, group works, talks and exchanging ideas I discovered that disability doesn't mean exclusion. Day when we were singing and playing music with handicapped kids will remain in my memories for long time. This feeling of connection by music despite so many differences – language, nationality, age – was priceless. Spending time with disabled people made me realize how easily, with just a bit of good will, we can make their live better and brighter. I used to work with handicapped kids before, but it was in Turkey, where I become more aware of their needs and situation. Back in Poland I started to see them in a crowd and think how to make they everyday live easier.

    Another reminiscent moment was playing dramas on the street next to famous Galata Tower. It was unique experience. Overcoming our fears, language barriers and jitters to hear laughter of Turkish kids and see smile on faces of random pedestrians curious what's happening was the best prize for us. We were real actors in theater called Istanbul.

    Also organizers made their best to made or stay memorable and convinced us easily that Turkey is country of friendly people, rich culture and tasty food ♥ I'm sure there was nobody not willing to go back after this week. Teşekkür ederim guys!!

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    Aleksandra Gonder (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:50)

    I think the experience we all had in Turkey opened our eyes on the topic of disabled people. There is not a lot of better ways of confronting something than using art. Even if some of the participants were already interested in the topic of disability, this event gave us first-hand experience of the issues facing disabled people and taught us how a developed country like Turkey (and the countries of the other participants) deal with it.

    During our amazing week in Istanbul, we learned a lot about creating and maintaining intercultural dialogues, we also had to cross the borders of this profound topic, which some would find uncomfortable.

    Playing our roles and performing in front of Galata Tower, we made art, which made us feel that we were creating something new and totally amazing. We caught the attention of locals and tourists alike with our theatre workshops, these also helped us to open ourselves up and to bring our artistic souls, which everyone had, even if hidden deep inside, to the front of our consciousness.

    We met amazing people from all over Europe, seen places which we will never forget and experienced the unique sounds, smells and colours of a truly wonderful place.

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    Łukasz Kosowski (Tuesday, 21 August 2012 16:22)

    Istanbul has for me many meanings, also very personal ones. After „The Art Can't Prevented” project it gained some new, from which being closer to understanding people with disabilities is the main one.

    Few days of international and inter-cultural atmosphere not only opened my eyes on things, that normally wouldn't concern me much, but also allowed me to get to know myself. And above all helped me to understand how universal is the language of art. Not only it crosses borders of nationalities and cultures but also of health and age.

    Training prepared by the organizers was not perfect, but it allowed us to try many new, and useful things, which can be very helpful later on, not only in our work but also in life itself. The main problem, which appeared, during those days was the barrier of language, but – as I mentioned before – art was language universal enough to overcome every conflict.

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