Millennium Lovers on the stage

1 - 9 March 2012
Tunceli, Turkey

SMIT "CREATOR" is participating in a youth exchange titled Millennium Lovers on the stage, which is co-ordinated by Cultur Bridge and held in Tunceli, Turkey.



Millennium Lovers on the stage is held in Tunceli from 1 to 9 March 2012, and will bring together 30 young youngsters and organization leaders from Latvia, Poland, Spain and Turkey, which divided into multicultural groups will prepare projects under the program Youth in Action.



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    Tomasz Roth (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:52)

    “Millenium Lovers on Stage” is an international project which took place in Turkey from 1st to 9th March 2012. The aim of the meeting was to present by the groups from Turkey, Spain, Latvia and Poland different aspects of love in out cultures. Project was co-organized by SMIT “CREATOR”, which I represented.
    The goal of the project was to break spliting us barriers. The barriers of language, distance or stereotypes. To break limitations, sometimes we don’t even realise of. During activities we had possibilities to take part discussions, get to know better other countries. Every group had to prepare two presentations, first about the history and tradition of our country, second showing love in our culture. Latvian presented their self made film about legendary Rose of Turaida, who died in a name of love. Turkish group showed us the traditional wedding ceremony. Spanish presentation was about love as the “half-orange” as a symbols of happines and quest. We, Polish group tried to show that emotion in different meanings, like enchantment or “ordinary” love to other person. Every member of the project was involved in intercultural integration.
    Dyarbakir and Tunceli where the project took place turn out to be fantastic cities. They just charm everone with their attractions and atmosphere. We had not much time to visit, because of the activieties, but we tried to spend every moment sightseeing.
    Experience and friendships gained during project I will remember all my life. People I met helped me realise that our differences are not important. The most important thing is to find what unite us.

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    Magdalena Szkudlarek (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:52)

    The Tunceli project gave me a chance to meet wonderful people and make friendships for years, thanks to the fact that Polish group managed to break ices in very short time, we could focus ourselves on making relations with other groups. Due to the fact that I’ve been in Turkey many times there was nothing surprising for me (about culture, life style, religion etc) but I have never expected that I’ll be given a chance to meet such wonderful people so again thanks for that. So, in one word if there is a chance for this world for peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding among different cultures, this this kind of projects are the sine qua non condition of using this chance. Thank you all again:-)

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    Aleksandra Sułecka (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:53)

    This year’s journey to Turkey within the framework of the project named “Youth in action” turned out to be a real adventure. The main goal of this venture - culture integration - was put into practice by a number of common activities. A lot of emotions were raised by love scenes, created by each country, which also shown interesting culture and mental differences between nationalities. Perhaps the most integrating activity were culture nights, during which every country presented most important facts about them, prepared traditional dishes and music. These meetings changed very often into long parties with games, singing and playing guitar.
    The longest part of the project, which took place in Tuncelli, was also fullfilled with long walks around breathtaking pictures of mountains and football games and everything was in the atmosphere of freedom of action and leeway. Stay in Diyarbakir was also active and interesting, because we were sightseeing the town and knew the turkish culture better by attending the live concert with traditional turkish music, workshop about painting on the water (ebru art) or smoking waterpipe and drinking strong and sweet turkish tea.
    Turkish hosts have shown great tolerance, openess and kindness toward all participants. Also accomodation and food met our expectations and provided comfort. On the last day of the project the common evaluation of the whole trip was scheduled and the conclusion was very optimistic, because a majority of us came back to our countries enriched with new experiences, improved language skills, self-confidence and lots of beautiful photos from fascinating Turkey.

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    Jakub Cwetler (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:54)

    From 1st to 9th March lasted the project of intercultural exchange entitled: “Millenium loversch organized by “Stowarzyszenie Młodzieżowych Inicjatyw Twórczych” of commorancy in Cracow. The whole project took place in Tunceli and Diyarbarkir, on the east of Turkey.
    Subject area
    The main topic of the event was different concepts of love in individual countries of participants. The exponents within each participated countries: Spain, Latvia, Turkey and Poland tried to communicate information concerning the issue of love. What is important, every participant clicked the chosen theme of the keynote because it is an issue that we face every day in our lives and the form in which we were made to present this topic let us demonstrate our creativity and it had a variable highly integrational.
    Informal knowledge
    The ability of presentation cultural piths in allotted forms let the participants realization of such undertaking. All the nations who took part in the project were really spontaneous, creative and hard working. Every performance was totally different when consider not only form but style as well. This diversity made the performances fresh, lively and original. There were one in a thousand and everybody was keen on it.
    Activity of the participants in the project
    Everyone expended a lot of time to prepare his own presentation. We benefited from time included in the schedule but because of huge ambitions of the participants it was not enough. It was common that we resigned of our free time and we were using it to make our performances the best as it was possible. We were able to perceive the will of mutual help, making video cameras, PCs etc. accessible to each others. We were giving advices and we were gave ones what everyone found really useful and made us grateful to everybody. Nobody was complaining because the hunger of knowledge was the most significant.
    Individual development
    Beside of guaranteed activities prepared by the organizers, every of us was gaining knowledge on our own account. We made countless conversations about intriguing topics, we were learning native languages of others nationalities and also practicing universal ones like English and French. It came to fruition with gaining useful experiences and necessary abilities. Without any doubt, we can say that our development was on the highest level during the project.
    Intercultural dimension
    When it comes to me, choice of country like Turkey for the student exchange was really good idea. One of the reason is a cultural difference which absorbs but teaches as well. Everyone has discovered customs of Turkey in high extent. What was very important, we have learned a lot which contributed to fighting witch stereotypes. After the project we were thinking in a different way and we were able to verify everything what we had heard previously. We have changed our minds and in every case the change was made to positive idea.
    Coordinators, leading, evaluations
    As far as I am concerned, the coordinators of the project were suitably prepared to lead event like this one in Tunceli. Their will of help, commitment, kindness and giving the help hand constantly made us feeling comfortable and safe. It is important while considering the place of the event and cultural differences. They made their best to keep the timetable and to enrich attractiveness of the project. Timing and communication worked beyond reproach.
    I really appreciated form of evaluations made in the beginning (expectation round) and at the end of the project. Although, it is a formal part of the project it was done proficiently and nobody was bored while making the evaluation. Tutors discovered to which they should pay attention in the future to eliminate potential mistakes. Moreover, integration games lead by caregivers had positive influence on closeness of the participants and helped to reduce shyness.
    Recognition of the project
    As I have mentioned before, the choice of the place for the project was relevant. Beside all conversations made with participants we made a lot with inhabitants of Tunceli and Diyarbakir. We could have felt bonhomie and wish of good prosperity of the project on their part . Additionally, local media interested in our activity what took effect on estimation on the goals of the event within people from outside.

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    Katarzyna Kokocińska (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:54)

    Meeting new people from foreign countries makes life more interesting and worth living. This is a report of an international project which took place in Turkey.

    In March 2012 I had an incredible change to participate in a nine-day project which was organized in Tunceli and Diyarbakır located in the east part of Turkey. It was an international project for seven young people at age 18-25 Coming from such countries like Latvia, Spain , Poland and Turkey. The project was called ,, Millenium Lovers on stage” and the main idea of the project was showing some love stories by the particular representatives of all the countries, who were a part of this project. It was a very unforgettable experience for all of us and we had a good time during the final show which was preceded with many preparation on each side. During a culture night I got some new knowledge of Spanish, Latvian and Turkish people, who in a very interesting way presented and showed information about their country, culture, cuisine, religion and language. We could also try their traditional food and learnt how to dance flamenco, what was something special for me and I will always remember.
    Organizational skills of Turkey, as our host country, deserve for a recognition. Our Turkish friends showed us a lot of fascinating places in the cities where we were staying. In every situation we could always rely on their help.
    We immediately noticed that all the ordinary people living in Tunceli, where we spend our first six days, welcomed us very warmly and they were very happy about having us as their foreign visitors. Another place where we spend some memorable moments was Diyarbakır. We stay there for three days. The first day we went to admire the second longest walls in the world and learnt more about Turkish country during our event at the restaurant, where our hosts organized for us a Turkish night with a live music. The next day we visited a famous Turkish bathroom and had a bath with a massage. Besides that we had an opportunity to create Ebru ( Traditional Turkish water painting) and everyone could make his or her own piece of Ebru art. All the project was a wonderful adventure, which helped me better understand Spanish, Latvian and Turkish cultures. I’ve made a lot of new friends and I wish I could stay longer there. I would recommend it to everyone.

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    Patrycja Czernecka (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:55)

    The trip to Turkey organised by the Stowarzyszenie Młodzieżowych Inicjatyw Twórczych „CREATOR” turned out to be one of the best adventures I have ever experienced. The possibility I was given to meet such wonderful people from different parts of Europe and their culture was an amazing experience.
    National evenings organized by each group during which I had a chance to get familiar with history and customs of Latvia, Spain and Turkey let not only for group’s integration and but also for a cultural exchange. Because of these meetings I knew the legend of Latvian castle Turaida, tasted delicious Sangria and danced the national Turkish dance.
    Also, the love stories prepared and acted by each group was a great possibility to notice that although we express our love differently, still it is so special feeling that can not be limited by any boundaries. What is more it was a great chance to show off with creativity and fantasy that every group was full of. As it happens at theatre festival I admired the professional actors’ acting connected with the newest multimedia technical achievements.
    Visits in three so different cities as: Istambul – the greatest tourist attraction with such monuments as Hagia Sophia, Dyabakir – the informal capitol of not existed Kurdistan and Tunceli – a town surrounded by beautiful mountains reaching almost 5000 meter where life goes by on regular basis, gave me an opportunity to get a wider perspective on variety of Turkey.
    I recommend all of you to take part in such projects. Don’t hesitate! I won’t for sure

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    Mariusz Kasperkiewicz (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:57)

    An international project: "Millenium lovers on the stage" lasted from 01.03 to 09.03. 2012. The project was made in cooperation with Young Association of “SMIT CREATOR” and took place in Tunceli and Diyarbakır, cities located in east-southern Turkey.
    Representatives of four countries Turkey, Spain, Latvia and Poland participated in this event.
    The theme of the project was to present the different concepts of love in different cultures. Through the use of any forms like collage, art, theater, dance or film, the participants presented different aspects of love in modern world around them.
    During the courses organized by the Turkish party we had the opportunity to participate in discussions, games and exercises which helped participants in creating performances about different aspects of love.
    Activities, in which we participated helped us meeting the other participants,
    breaking the ice and the shyness, which was really important for the subsequent teamwork.
    Moreover, a big part of the exercises concerning general look at love and culture was carried on in mix groups by using games and discussion to look on the project from the perspective of participants living in other European countries.
    Participants engaging in the project have also directed their free time on practicing theater techniques and mutual assistance in the execution of their tasks.
    Discussions, breaking down of stereotypes concerning different countries and commitment of participants resulted in the final work, with four performances - three theater arts and one film - in which different groups have shown love in different ways.
    Each of group showed a lot of creativity, so in addition to traditional love stories of individual countries were also shown aspects of daily life, including love for God, family, and related problems, shown through the prism of the modern world.
    Project gave me the great opportunity to exercise language skills in Turkish English and Spanish language.
    Moreover exercises organized by the Turkish organization deepened my knowledge about the culture of the Eastern region of Turkey.
    It should be noted that the substantive preparation of the Turkish party was sufficient to lead the project. In addition, assistance, kindness and caring members of the host party turned out infinitely helpful in the country with different culture than Polish one.Turned out a language barrier from both Turkish side and kind geared and inhabitants of Tunceli and Diyarbakir good geared towards the project.
    Cultural adavantages and the geographical location of the towns in which we stayed were unusual kind variety of the project.
    In my opinion, all of the project’s assumptions have been realized, also during those 11 days, participants of event had a unique opportunity to learn how to look at culture, not only through the prism of their own background , where they live, but rather try to understand other cultures from different point of view.

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