Human Rights Education in Youth Work

18-25 February 2012 
Judaberg, Norway

SMIT "CREATOR" is participating in a training course titled Human Rights Education in Youth Work, which is co-ordinated by NiTiN and  held in Judaberg, Norway.


Human Rights Education in Youth Work will bring together 24 participants from 6 countries (Norway, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Poland and Romania). The Training course aims to promote the social rights, human rights and solidarity through volunteering and active citizenship of the youngsters by providing them opportunity to express their view, related to using human rights education and educational approach. The training addresses the need of

youth workers and youth leaders to be equipped with a new set of tools and methods to tackle social inclusion and human rights education, in order to integrate them into real work. It will also stimulate the use of the Youth in Action Programme as a tool to enhance the social inclusion, active citizenship and employability of young people with fewer opportunities and to contribute to social cohesion in general. 



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    Ewa Krusz (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:58)

    February 17, 2012, four happy, eager-minded, and excited young people from Silesia and Malopolska flew to Norway for training. After quite a long and adventurous journey (for many different means of transport - by car, by plane, bus, up to the ferry), they finally came to the place - a small Norwegian island, which only attraction was beautiful views and a pervasive silence. So nothing distracted us during daily activities at which we both learned and had fun.

    Course participants were people of all ages and from different countries: Germany, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Poland and Norwegia. During training, we have participated in various kinds of activities, such as creating a poster - the first pages of a magazine, which columns were the key issues in the field of human rights. As it soon turned out, in an international working groups, all countries face similar problems in social, economic and cultural matters. Then, together, we wondered which of human rights is being violated the most, and present the outcomes by putting them through drama. We also expresses our view of diversity in Europe, and considered the problem of religious minorities in our continent. Culmination and main point of training was conducting scenario of lesson prepared by 4 groups, designed for different age groups (children in younger school age, teenagers and students). And so we know the advantages and disadvantages of different political systems (mainly democracy), to meet the problems of modern education and to consider the best solution for them, learn the rational use of the media and a healthy diet. One evening, we were able to learn the habits, taste the food and laugh at the games of different nationalities; we had also occasion to visit a nice city – Stavanger.

    The training was for me a very valuable experience. First of all, because I met people from different parts of Europe and I discovered that, despite significant differences, we are alike in many things. With all the activities we have become familiar with human rights, which so often are violated throughout the world. All this in a wonderful, almost family atmosphere, full of joy and friendship. The only thing missing was a day off, which would give us the opportunity to visit beautiful Norwegian fjords. ;)

    I believe that such trainings are extremely developing in many ways, therefore I’d go to the next one, if I had such an opportunity. If someone is anxious, as I had been for the first few days, I encourage you to abandon your fears and take advantage of that unique opportunity to meet other people, new ways of working, and above all - yourself.

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    Marta Kosowska (Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:59)

    Most think that when you spend too much time with the same people you'll eventually feel bored, but it isn't true. We had a great time time, even though every mornig we saw exactly the same faces (only more tired after looooong days) but we smiled all the time.

    It was my second project and I feel that I want more. Every day on such trainigs one must think very fast, have a lot of strengh and big heart for everyone. In Judaberg I felt a little bit like in the fairy tail - beautiful views of the sea and islands outside the window, fresh, cool air, and people with heads full of ideas on how to create a better world... It wasn't 'Groundhog Day'.

    How much you can talk about human right? I do not know, but for sure one week isn't enough.

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